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  1. Server Updates Fixed total experience on skill tab. Fixed experience counter. Added skilling randoms. Fixed Dragon halberd shop price. Fixed server's lag upon account saves. Fixed the Whip/DDS rule(Removed tent for now). Void no longer gives too much bonuses. Fixed AGS, Dragon mace, DDS & Whip's max hits. Fixed another client crash. Thanks, - Development Team
  2. Server Updates Fixed negative online time. Fixed an issue with mouse buttons. Added a delay for when opening mystery boxes. Added Bonecrusher. Added Imbued heart. Fixed ZGS special attack. Attack cape now grants unlimited tokens in Cyclops room. Fixed being unable to drink potions after drinking Beer. Anglerfish now heals up to 121 depending on your level. Fixed a client crash when using text effects. Added a few custom Santa hats, partyhats & H'ween masks. Fixed a client crash via yell. Thanks, - Development Team
  3. Server Updates Added snow. Added Twisted bow's effect. Fixed some bank chests that wouldn't open the bank. Added VLS special. Added Waterfiends to Kraken Cove. Added recoil effect for Ring of Suffering. Added Staff of the Dead special attack. Fixed Lime whip in Donator Store. Thanks, - Blake
  4. Server Updates Fixed the invisible Barrows chest. Fixed Corporeal beast teleport Added an investor rank. Added Genie random with 1/200 chance whilst skilling. Fixed Saradomin gwd entrance. Fixed farming patch objects. Fixed Necklace of anguish & Elder maul notes. Restricted some areas in the staff control panel. Thanks, - Blake
  5. Server Updates Fixed the bug with vote booth at home. Fixed Pest Control portals. Added Tormented bracelet into Donator Shop #3. Added new Kraken & Slayer stronghold. Cave Kraken's are no longer aggressive. Fixed Slayer tower doors. Fixed godwars dungeon maps. Fixed Dagannoth prime pet. Thanks, - Blake
  6. Server Updates Shop selling prices are now correctly displayed. Added thieving stalls to dzone which give gold only. Added Zenyte jewellery (creation, drops). Update jewellery making interface. Added some new items into donator shops. Added Lvl-7 enchant to magic spellbook. Added latest OSRS data (raids, skotizo, inferno, elder maul etc). Added shift-click drop. You can no longer send :tradereq: and :chalreq: in yell. Thanks, - Blake
  7. Server Updates Fixed the bug with gwd bosses not respawning. Fixed blood rune altar. Changed max prestige to 10. Removed bad words filter. You can now talk in clan chats whilst having an interface open. Mark of Grace is now only dropped in rooftop courses at a chance of 1/6. Fixed a bug with emblem selling. Bounties are now shown in chat when opening the Bounty shop. Barrows rewards are no longer broken. Thanks, - Development Team
  8. Server Updates Tanzanite helms now provide poison immunity and can now be charged. Added dice bag. Added Lunars magic interface back. Fixed Toktz-Ket-Xil equipment slot. Fixed Primordial boots requirements. Added Lime whip. Fixed some punishment commands. (Now work offline) All npc's now drop noted bars. Furnace in resource area now works. Fixed Druid's circle clue. The bankers in donator zone now have a "Bank" option. Ironman players no longer receive pvp drops. Thanks, - Development Team
  9. Server Updates Added ::staffzone command. Fixed Dice bag noting. Elite slayer tasks no longer cost dp. Added Demonic Donator rank. Toktz-xil-al no longer turns you invisible. Fixed some bugs in the wilderness. Thanks, - Development Team
  10. Server Updates XP drops are now always shown regardless of level/xp. Fixed gem rock mining in Shilo village. Fixed Location teleports page. Highered Lime whip attack bonus. Fixed Dragon & Infernal axe combat interfaces. Added Infernal axe + effect. Fixed 3rd age bow animations. Fixed wilderness multi-check. Thanks, - Development Team
  11. Server Updates Fixed some drop rates. Dzone fountain now restores hp & prayer. Dueling Whip/Dagger rule: you now must be wielding the same type of weapon. Increased fishing xp rate. Removed achievements that weren't completable. Lowered the thieving random achievement to 10. You can now use an item on looting bag to deposit. You can no longer attack Cave krakens without a task. Added Shift + click drop. You can now create fire & ava's max capes. Fixed gwd npcs prematurely respawning. Added ::jail & ::unjail commands for support+. Added ::staffzone. Fixed Max cape requirements. Thanks, - Development Team
  12. Server Updates Quest tab expansion: Made it scrollable. Added Bounty Points & Double XP duration into quest tab. You can now access drop tables via quest tab. Added clan drop notifications. Adjusted Lime whip value. Thanks, - Development Team
  13. How come? You need to make sure it's toggled on by clicking the lootshare button.
  14. Server Updates Fixed a bug with clan chat name changing. Fixed prayer bonus in prayer drain formula. Fixed Thieving & Woodcutting teleports. Fixed Ring of the gods (i) equipment slot. Fixed Bronze & Iron defender stats. Thanks, - Development Team
  15. Server Updates Added Demonic Gorillas. Added Light & Heavy ballista. Added Donator Shop #3. Changed Mystery box loot. Added Moparscape toplist to vote. Added Venenatis Fixed Prayer drain Thanks, - Development Team
  16. Server Updates Fixed a bug where some accounts would stay online. Fixed price checking in shops. Fixed a bug where some npcs would not teleport when needed. Fixed Hunter skill on skill tab. Added Puro Puro impling hunting. Thanks, - Development Team
  17. Server Updates Fixed essence mine. Mods can now use ip ban & mute. Cerberus now appears in the drop table. Fixed Black Demon stats. The correct attack style is now used when switching to Dharok's Greataxe. Fixed melee combat accuracy. All bank booths & chests are now fully functional. Added new skilling teleports. Fixed Defenders, Proselyte armor stats and requirements. Thanks, - Development Team
  18. Server Updates Added OSRS #129 data. Added Cerberus. Fixed invisible Lunar teleport. Added Lime whip into the Donator Shop #2. The Spinning wheel in Lumbridge now works. Disabled access to Donator Shop #2 for ironman players. Thanks, - Development Team
  19. Did you use the stethoscope available in the shop?
  20. Welcome!