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  1. Blake

    Scape-War Updates Fixed a welcome screen crash. Fixed a bug that sometimes turned you invisible after teleporting. Added Ring of Nature, Ring of Coins & Ring of Stone functionality. Fixed Hitpoints skill guide's header text. Fixed platinum tokens. Fixed loads of item values (Kept on death). Corrected Abyssal bludgeon's spec effect & increased damage. Added skilling pets. Shops can now contain more items and display a scrollbar. Fixed projectile offsets such as Kraken etc. Added Vorkath boss. Fixed an issue with players stuck in clan chats. Added an interface for Mystery box. Fixed a bug with Pest control where a single game would last forever (Players unable to join). Added Ava's assembler to Vote shop & Vorkath's drop table. Corrected arrow attracting equipment chances of arrow retrieval. Organized Slayer shop & changed a few prices. New items added: - Justiciar armor - Sanguinesti staff - Guardian boots - Scythe of Vitur - Imbued god capes (Same way to obtain) Redid Donator shops. Fixed a bug with dialogue options were players were able to click them multiple times. Thanks, Blake
  2. Hi Blake.

    im new here and trying to play but it will not work for me...

    i have downloaded the scape-war.jar 

    and was woundering what program i need to run it whit?

    1. Blake


      With Java

    2. holyone


      tried it whit java and winrar/winzip

      nothing is working


    3. holyone


      just downloaded windows 10 and it looks like it works :D peace out :P


  3. Strange, the Alos client is no longer launching when I double click it's .jar (Any other server I have downloaded works perfectly) Unsure what could even be causing this, do you have a slight idea? ;o


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