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  1. Scape-War Updates Added Magic Arena Shop. Did loads of optimization to fix server lag. Fixed starter spam clicking bug. Fixed many bugs in clan chat. Fixed Pegasian boots & Primordial boots rc requirement. Fixed Amulet of avarice price. Fixed the bug with Platinum tokens disappearing. The players online interface can now display more than 50 players. Rock cakes no longer disappear on eating. Fixed the spam clicking bug on confirmation dialogues (Mithril seeds etc). Added Amulet of avarice effect. Fixed Amulet of fury stats (were too high). Fixed a bug where possibly some of the npc drops were not showing up. Fixed Zamorak robe top. Fixed a bug where accounts would stay logged in after connection time out. Fixed Zamorak & Saradomin wizard stats. Fixed Trident of the swamp charging. Trident of the swamp/seas now tell you the required runes when attempting to charge. Fixed godsword's special attack animations. Fixed a rune pouch dupe. Fixed a few agility obstacles hotspots (no need to manually walk up to). Fixed the shortcuts in Revenant caves. Ensouled heads can now be offered at the Dark altar. (Biblia at home for teleport) Fixed a bug with projectile attacks stopping you from attacking the targets from far who couldn't attack you. (Magic/Ranged) Added a Sinister chest at home. Added global announcements. Thanks, - Blake
  2. Scape-War Updates Added 2 variants of Dwarven rock cake: - Light one sets your hp to 1. - Dark one decrements your hp by 1. Added Magic shortbow scroll & Dwarven rock cake (light) to vote shop. Added Dwarven rock cake (dark) to the Resource Shop in Donator Zone. Fixed Wilderness teleports & Added Mage arena shop. Fixed a bug where there was no delay for certain consumables. Added Light & Dark infinity color kits (Kits are non refundable). Added Rune pouch. Added Craw's bow with full functionality. Made firemaking a bit smoother. Fixed the max capes which were unable to be worn. - Blake
  3. Scape-War Updates Fixed a bug with Make-over mage. Added Tzhaar-Hur-Lek's store to Fight Caves. Added Asgarnian Ice Dungeon with Skeletal Wyverns. Fixed Corporeal beast's drop table. Fixed a few bugs in the Party room. Packed new OSRS data. Added Revenants Cave. Added Ghrazi rapier & Avernic defender to Donator Shop #3. Added Bracelet of Ethereum. Added Craw's bow. Fixed King black dragon's entrance lair & objects(levers/ladders). Fixed a bug with ground items appearing twice (unable to pick up the other one). Thanks, - Blake
  4. Hi Blake.

    im new here and trying to play but it will not work for me...

    i have downloaded the scape-war.jar 

    and was woundering what program i need to run it whit?

    1. Blake


      With Java

    2. holyone


      tried it whit java and winrar/winzip

      nothing is working


    3. holyone


      just downloaded windows 10 and it looks like it works :D peace out :P


  5. Strange, the Alos client is no longer launching when I double click it's .jar (Any other server I have downloaded works perfectly) Unsure what could even be causing this, do you have a slight idea? ;o


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