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  1. Blake

    Scape-War Updates Added a new achievements interface. Added Boss kill tracker interface. Added Rock golem transformation feature. Fixed a Pest Control crash issue. You can now use fire cape on the Fight cave npc to sacrifice. Player drops on death are now kept for 30 mins. Added a market value for Zamorak d'hide. Removed Dragon tokens from Black dragon drop table. Added weapon poisoning (daggers). Thanks, Blake
  2. Blake

    Scape-War Updates Fixed Water altar. Added 3rd age axe & pickaxe. Added lots of new outfits to Donator shop. Added Bloodhound pet. Corrected antipoison immunity time. Added superantipoison, antidote+ & antidote++. Corrected Ava's accumulator's & other attracting items chance of arrow saving. Added all Charge Orb spells & Orb charging feature. You can now create battlestaves by using the corresponding orb on it. Added rune packs to Magic shop. Thanks, Blake
  3. Blake

    Scape-War Updates Removed 5m gold requirement from Vorkath teleport. Added Cerberus & TzTok-Jad to boss tasks. Fixed Venenatis hitpoints (255). You can now eat food & drink pots in the same game tick. Added Infernal max cape & hood (Can be created using Infernal cape on a Max cape). Fixed Grim reaper hood. Added Ring of wealth (i) (Scroll in bh store). Added Jad pet (1/100 when sacrificing & 1/50 when defeating Jad on slayer task). Added all coloured slayer helmets. Added Scythe of Vitur (L) & Twisted bow (L) - Lime recolors! Thanks, Blake
  4. Hi Blake.

    im new here and trying to play but it will not work for me...

    i have downloaded the scape-war.jar 

    and was woundering what program i need to run it whit?

    1. Blake


      With Java

    2. holyone


      tried it whit java and winrar/winzip

      nothing is working


    3. holyone


      just downloaded windows 10 and it looks like it works :D peace out :P


  5. Strange, the Alos client is no longer launching when I double click it's .jar (Any other server I have downloaded works perfectly) Unsure what could even be causing this, do you have a slight idea? ;o


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