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    Name: James Username: Mog Time Xd Age: 23, will be 24 in April 2019. Where are you from?: I am from Queensland Australia. Timezone: GMT + 10 Ingame Time with picture: How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: I'm on and active fairly often! I'm available at any time of the day, and whenever needed. I play roughly anywhere between 4-8 hours a day, almost every day of the week. Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: I often have great suggestions for future updates and beneficial ideas for the server. I will always go out of my own personal way and time to aid any new or regular player with any help that they may need. I'm highly active and very quick to help everyone and anyone whenever they're in need. What are some Strengths/Weaknesses you have?: (STRENGTH) I have a rather creative imagination with things that I think can help the Community, Staff and most of all help our Server grow. I'm also very understanding if and whenever a problem were to occur within the server. If a rule was broken in any way shape or form, I would go about my Staff Duties the right way to deal with the situation rather then jumping the gun and abusing my rights. (WEAKNESSES) In my own honest opinion, my only weakness is to see our server downfall, or to see anyone within the community having a hard time. Which then would lead back to my strength and positive side of helping to resolve any situation. :) Staff Experience: I was a Moderator roughly 3 years ago on a server named "Pk Honor", I served my duty well as a Moderator there and was always reliable. I've also had experience as an Admin/Support person many years ago on a server named "Arma-Scape". I was the leading Admin and Support call person for over 2 years. What are the qualities you have: I have great knowledge and a great understanding of whatever duty I may need to do, and how to resolve problems. As I also said above I'm really creative and can constantly come up with almost any ideas or future updates to help benefit our beautiful server. I will always put the community and the server first before myself. I'm also very understanding and will always listen to whoever needs help and I will always have an answer for whatever questions they may have. I also have a very great knowledge of our server. I also am constantly in the "help" cc so whenever a person may need help, I am there to answer their questions for them. :) Five Quality's a Staff member should have: A staff member should be active, Respectful of all and any players/staff members, Be able to resolve an issue or come up with a solution to fix the issue, A staff member should know when to use their abilities/rights and when not too, and a staff member should also have a great understanding of the game and what the community needs. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted: I hope is to fulfill my duty, and continue to watch this amazing server and its beautiful community grow more and more every day. I also hope to achieve respect from my fellow players as I will always return the respect. A respectful community is a good community.
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    Flower Poker Guide + Rules

    Hot or ColdOther name(s): H/CGeneral Gist: H/C is probably the biggest flower-game. You can find hosts spread out between all worlds saying Hot/Cold x2.Hot or cold runs off the the concept of hot and cold colors. After you've placed your bet, you'll say either "hot" or "cold." The host will plant the flower, and you'll either win or lose.Step by Step: 1. Find a TRUSTED host. Hosts offering x3 are generally scammers.2. Place a bet with your host.3. After the bet is placed, decide whether you want to bet on a hot or a cold flower.4. Pay careful attention to the host planting the flower and see whether you win/lose.5. If you win, collect your money, if you lose, better luck next time!Hot Flowers: Cold Flowers: Host Wins: Replay: Frosty FlowersOther name(s): FFGeneral GistLike Hot and Cold, Frosty Flowers also runs off the concept of Hot/Cold flowers, but unlike Hot/Cold you do not call your flowers. Once you've placed your bet, the host will plant the seed and if it's a cold flower, you win. Hint the name "Frosty Flower."Step by Step1. Find a TRUSTED host. Hosts offering x3 are generally scammers.2. Place a bet with your host.3. After the bet is placed, the host will plant the flower.4. Pay careful attention to the host planting the flower and see whether you win/lose.5. If you win, collect your money, if you lose, better luck next time!Frosty FlowersNot-so Frosty FlowersX3Flower PokerOther name(s): FPGeneral GistUnlike Hot and Cold/Frosty Flowers, FP is not based on the concept of the hot/cold flowers, and the person betting also plants seeds. It's played basically the same as real poker.Step by Step1. Find a TRUSTED host. Hosts offering x3 are generally scammers.2. Place a bet with your host.3. After the bet is placed, you will most-likely walk to a less-crowded area with the host to play.4. You will each plant 5 flowers.5. Compare the flowers to each other, 2 of the same color is a pair, 3 of the same color is a pair of 3, 2 set of the same color is 2 pairs, etc. Black and White flowers is an auto win.6. If you win, collect your money, if you lose, better luck next time!Autowin Flowers:ABC FlowersOther name(s): ABCGeneral GistLike Flower Poker, ABC isn't based on the direct color of the flowers, but the name. Each flower has a specific name assigned to it and you want to get the flower's name closest to A.Step by Step1. Find a TRUSTED host. Hosts offering x3 are generally scammers.2. Place a bet with your host.3. After the bet is placed, both you and the host will plant 1 flower.4. Look at the host's and your's flowers and check which one is closest to the letter A.5. If you win, collect your money, if you lose, better luck next time!Flowers and LettersFlowers go from best to worse.Black *BlueOrangePastelPurpleRainbowRedWhite *Yellow* = Most clans don't use Black/White as they are too rare. They instead offer prizes when these are planted, and the flower is re-planted immediately.
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    Vote what you like to see ingame.

    Comment your suggestions down here what should be added🤔
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    Vote what you like to see ingame.

    Hello Modstep! Firstly I want to thank You, Modstep! Good work and congratulations of #Promotion to moderator. Glad to see players, who trying to make this server brilliant. As far as I know, the new edge will be added (new home), player owned shops are 80% ready. Soon we will get those updates and then we will start flying! :) Thank you again for the great work! Much love and good spirit. Best Regards, Scape-War Owner Steven
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    We need your help!

    I've said this in previous posts, but i really think if you add moderately hard wilderness bosses that gives the big risk = big rewards factor can give an instant boost of activity in the wilderness. Wilderness strykeworms or something, idk.
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    Mog Time Xd

    We need your help!

    Wilderness Activity I believe something that could get our server active and have a decent player base is an Active Wilderness. Not everyone is into pking, but I believe with enough hard work, we could really have a wonderful Active Wilderness where a lot of people would focus their attention towards. We have bossing/raids/pvm etc, and yes we have a Wilderness, but we need something like an update, or new items etc to be added to get the Wilderness hype! Thus making the Wilderness active and possibly attracting more players!
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    My app

    +1 for my part !! 😄 good luck bud 🙂 !!!
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    User: Zyrilx I'm a nub, but if you let me pick something i might not be a nub anymore :) p.s. LF> sugar daddy ;)
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    Hydro, and cuz i'm more active than other people and a poor pleb ❤️ Aaaaaaand because you're my brother.
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    Ally's Suggestion

    First of all, I think there should be a new ::home like this http://prntscr.com/lg4q1z and new shops http://prntscr.com/lg4q75 and fix barrows and get hp stamina and more http://prntscr.com/lg4qa9 and the last thing i want to say is can we change coins into pk points or blood money? and like this we can attract more players to this game <3
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    Ally's Suggestion

    Coins to pk points/blood money is no go for sure, reason because of that is, pk points/blood money doesnt work like this. They are meant to get by PKing. The home thing is kinda cool. Would love to see that. And i belive barrows works. Not sure since i havent used barrows atall.
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    Thank you guys for the support and having faith in me! I really hope that I do get the opportunity to become the Community Manager. I will do absolutely everything to help all players and help our server grow. It would mean a lot to me to be given the opportunity of being the Community Manager. No one will regret it. Mog Time is always here to help! <3
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    Agree , i would see you in our staff member!! i m pretty sure you can do a great job, we need staff who are actif on server to be honest ! we need someone who know what he doing and where we go with the community. and u look to know where to go and what to do.can help alot if you have much experiance! i alway see you to try helping player and staff !!! im glad to see you in staff member in futur :D !!! 120% agree this apply.!
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    I see you online pretty often and active ingame, I support your move to become staff and would be a great Community Manager. +1 from me.
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    Modstep's Application.

    a must in game! Always respond on questions where ever what ever, stupid or even clue guides its all in one package :D
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    Plain Jane

    Modstep's Application.

    Support! Keep up the good work! :D
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    Plain Jane

    [Locked] Mystery Box Item List

    -Mystery Box- The Mystery Box is an item which contants several different items of many rarities. The Box is a great item for those who are feeling lucky. The Mystery Box can be purchased from several stores: (SHOP - PRICE w/ currency) 1. Vote Shop - 5 Vote Points. 2. Donator Store #3 - 100 Donator Points. 3. Prestige Shop - 1 Prestige Point. ITEMS WITHIN THE MYSTERY BOX: COMMON ITEMS: 1x Rune Platelegs 1x Rune Platebody 1x Rune Chainbody 1x Rune Plateskirt 1x Rune Full Helm 1x Rune Med Helm 1x Rune Sq Shield 1x Rune Kiteshield 1x Rune Dagger 1x Rune Boots 1x Rune Plateskirt (t) 1x Rune Plateskirt (g) 1x Rune Shield (h1) 1x Rune Shield (h2) 1x Rune Shield (h3) 1x Rune Shield (h4) 1x Rune Shield (h5) 1x Rune Helm (h1) 1x Rune Helm (h2) 1x Rune Helm (h3) 1x Rune Helm (h4) 1x Rune Helm (h5) 500x Rune Arrow(s) 175x Rune Knife 350x Blood Rune(s) 350x Death Rune(s) 500x Nature Rune(s) 1x Black d'Hide Vambrace 1x Black d'Hide Body 1x Black d'Hide Chaps 1x Black d'Hide Set 1x Red d'Hide Set 1x Blue d'Hide Set 1x Green d'Hide Set 1x Amulet of Strength 1x Amulet of Glory (4) 1x Mystic Hat 1x Mystic Robe Top 1x Mystic Robe Bottom 1x Mystic Hat (Dark) 1x Mystic Robe Top (Dark) 1x Mystic Robe Bottom (Dark) 1x Mystic Hat (Light) 1x Mystic Robe Top (Light) 1x Mystic Robe Bottom (Light) 25x Super Strength (4) 25x Super Strength (3) 25x Super Attack (4) 25x Super Attack (3) 25x Super Defence (4) 25x Super Defence (3) 30x Super Restore (4) 30x Super Restore (3) 30x Prayer Potion (4) 25x Super Potion Set 15x Super Combat Potion(s) (4) 20x Saradomin Brew (4) 200x Manta Ray(s) 200x Shark(s) 125x Dark Crab(s) 125x Cooked Karambwan(s) 1x Rune Defender UNCOMMON ITEMS: 1x Dragon Med Helm 1x Dragon Sq Shield 1x Dragon Dagger (p) 1x Dragon Spear 1x Dragon Longsword 1x Dragon Battleaxe 1x Dragon Mace 1x Uncut Dragonstone 1x Dragonstone Ring 1x Dragon Platelegs 1x Dragon Plateskirt 1x Dragon 2h Sword 1x Verac's Helm 0 1x Verac's Flail 0 1x Verac's Plateskirt 0 1x Verac's Brassard 0 1x Torag's Helm 0 1x Torag's Platebody 0 1x Torag's Platelegs 0 1x Torag's Hammers 0 1x Karil's Coif 0 1x Karil's Leathertop 0 1x Karil's Leatherskirt 0 1x Karil's Crossbow 0 1x Guthan's Helm 0 1x Guthan's Warspear 0 1x Guthan's Platebody 0 1x Guthan's Chainskirt 0 1x Ahrim's Hood 0 1x Ahrim's Staff 0 1x Ahrim's Robetop 0 1x Ahrim's Robeskirt 0 1x Dharok's Helm 0 1x Dharok's Platebody 0 1x Dharok's Platelegs 0 1x Dharok's Greataxe 0 1x Dragon Boots 1x Dark Bow RARE ITEMS: 1x Abyssal Whip 1x Amulet of Fury 1x Barrows Gloves 1x Spirit Shield VERY RARE ITEMS: 1x Ring of Wealth 1x Dragonfire Shield 1x Dragon Full Helm 1x Dragon Chainbody 1x Seers Ring 1x Archers Ring 1x Warrior Ring 1x Berserker Ring 1x Tanzanite Fang 1x Magic Fang 1x Fire Cape 1x Steam Battlestaff 1x Black Unicorn Mask 1x White Unicorn Mask 1x Abyssal Tentacle 1x Saradomin Sword 1x Dragon Defender
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    Ally's Suggestion 22

    Hello, everyone, I'm here to help you brothers I'll give you some tips to get players. 1st first, you should have 3 donators like this http://prntscr.com/lg5w6x 2nd a new donater store you should donate to get donater points http://prntscr.com/lg5weq http://prntscr.com/lg5wj0 3rd donater pets http://prntscr.com/lg5wra 4th and we should have some mystery boxes like these http://prntscr.com/lg5wxg http://prntscr.com/lg5x6y 5th and a gambling zone http://prntscr.com/lg5xhl http://prntscr.com/lg5xkl 6th and there should be a teleport wizard http://prntscr.com/lg5yas 7th and a brand new skill tab http://prntscr.com/lg5yt2 and when we press atk so we can lvl up easier not by going to rock crabs to lvl up and that's some hard thing and that's all I want to say thank you for reading and I will post more later hope you love my suggestions and am 1000000% sure you will get more players if you do these updates!
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