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    Hello everyone. Big things are happening. We are, and we will be gathering the old staff team back together. We are going to dump a big lot of money into advertising, this is possible because we have saved up a lot of donations in this. This means we are going to get a lot of new players, and we, the staff team is going to get some updates as well. We beg you all to be respectful and kind to all the new, and old players who will be joining back on the server. WE ARE GOING TO NEED YOUR HELP. In a very soon to come future, we will be updating as often as possible (preferably daily). If you have any bugs, fails, suggestions please do tell a staffmember, and they will direct it to Steven or Holemess.
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    Staff Ranks & Resposiblities

    Support Server supports are the lowest ranking staff members in Scape-War. A server support position can be referred to as a trial moderator position and should still be treated as a staff member. Server supports are limited in their commands - their main responsibilities are to help the community by answering questions, helping with clues, directing players, and ensuring that the community stays intact. Moderator The Server Moderator rank is the second-lowest rank a player can receive in the game. These individuals have finished and passed their Server Support trial, and are responsbile for moderating the game and enforcing the rules. A short description would be - Moderates the game and enforces the rules in-game. Game Administrator A Game Administrator handles major forum maintenance such as donator ranks, forum bans, warnings, and forum muted. In addition to forums they also play a key role ingame of Scape-War. game administrators are considered the second Highest ranking staff members and will handle major bugs and also cover the roles of the lower ranking staff team. They will also handle any dispute with other low ranking staff members. Community Manager Community Manager is the highest rank a normal player can earn. The main responsibilities of a Community Manager is managing the Scape-War Staff team as well as the Scape-War gaming Community. In addition to those vital roles the Community Managers is responsible for handling changes in the staff team (promotions/demotions). They are also handling administrative tasks., deals with higher-scale issues, and handles all staff reports, player unban/unmute and all punishment appeals. Also have power to ban/kick players from in-game Help Clan Chat and give ranks as well. Even though Community Managers don't have the powers of an Owner, this rank offers a helping hand for dealing with issues in his absence. Owner the Owner rank is worn by @Steven. He is the owner of Scape-War. This is the most powerful rank amongst the community and staff. An Owner is in charge of providing new content for the server, forums and keeping the server running as well as full control of the donations. They have no set restrictions or requirements. Developer The Owner will consider certain individuals who have specified their skills in abilities in regards to coding/development. A Game Developer is in charge of providing new content from suggestions into the game, fixing bugs, and the stability of Scape-Wars server. The ranks below are in order from Highest to lowest ranking staff members : Developer Owner Community Manager Game Administrator Moderator Support
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    Falcon's Staff Application

    Username: Falcon Time Played (full screen picture): Timezone: Central Standard Time (GMT - 5) Any outstanding infractions on your account?: Negative How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: 8 Hours a Day / 40 Hours a week Any past experiences?: Plenty of Support and Moderator experience across other RSPS's and even other games like SantosRP on GMOD which was pretty popular which I was an administrator on, and games like Arma III on Life Roleplay communities where players end up requesting staff every 5 - 10 minutes due to a rule break ingame. Do you have Skype?: I have Skype and Discord and TS3 What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: My strongest trait would have to be my maturity, it really helps with all of my other strong traits. My weakest trait would have to be my emotions towards people in real life which doesn't really affect anything ingame or over forums. Strength: I always have enjoyed helping people since I learn things so quick. I did it all through school helping classmates understand formulas and such. Weakness: I feel sometimes that I am perhaps to charitable, I can definitely tell from my real life financial situation, I have been to charitable towards others in my life and now I am left with virtually nothing. What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: Well, I have been addicted to this server for a few days now and have put in some serious hours every day, and atleast %50 of the time that I am online, there are 15+ players and no staff online and I would like to change that. I already know quite a bit about the server and am learning more every hour I spend on it and would love to be the one helping at night when no one else is. Even though I can also help when there is other staff online. What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: 1. One Quality necessary for a support is that you will need to know things that players might ask about. A good example might be the location of a monster or a price of an item. 2. Secondly, a necessary quality for a support is that you will need to have patience. As not all players are on the same level of maturity or understanding. You will have to be able to work through any problem someone might have. 3. Another necessary quality in a support is the actual want to help others. Theres no point in applying for a position thats main focus is helping people if you don't like helping people. 4. Also, there will be times when players get into an argument in which case a support should try to resolve this argument but to do so, I think a necessary quality is that the support member would have to be fair and see from both sides. OR realise that the argument is not meant for in-game chat and should be taken to the forums. 5. Lastly, A support team member should be active, your not helping anyone by being offline. What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: My long term goal is to help as many people as I can as the server grows to be many peoples favorite place to spend free time.
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    Official Price Guide

    Food Dark Crab 30k-50k Manta Ray 30k-40k Shark 20k-25k Karambwan 25k-35k Cooking Raw Dark Crab 25k-35k Raw Shark 15k-20k Raw Manta Ray 25k-35k Smithing Adamant Bar 16k-18k Adamant Ore 12k-14k Bronze Bar 5k-6k Coal Ore 3k-4k Copper Ore 2k-3k Gold bar 1k-2k Gold Ore 1k Iron Bar 5k-6k Iron Ore 3k-4k Mithril Bar 17k-19k Mithril Ore 10k-12k Steel Bar 8k-9k Runite Bar 22k-26k Runite Ore 18k-20k Tin Ore - 2k-3k Runecrafting Rune Essence 1k Pure Essence (Variable) Fletching & Firemaking Logs 1k-2k Oak Logs 2k Willow Logs 3k Maple Logs 3.5k Yew Logs 4k Magic Logs 5k-10k Dragon Arrow tips 3k-5k Dragon Dart Tips 5k-7k Potions Super Attack 10k-15k Super Strength 10k-15k Saradomin Brew 12k-15k Super Restore 10k-15k Super Combat 12k-15k Herblore Weeds Avantoe (Super Energy Potion) 8k-9k Cadantine (Super Defence Potion) 8k-10k Dwarf Weed (Ranging Potion) 9k-10k Guam (Attack Potion) 3k-4k Harralander (Energy/Combat Potion) 6k-7k Irit (Super Attack Potion) 4k-5k Lantadyme (Antifire/Magic Potion) 8k-10k Marrentill (Anti-Poison Potion) 4k-5k Ranarr (Prayer Potion) 9k-10k Snapedragon (Super Restore Potion) 9k-11k Tarromin (Strength Potion) 5k-6k Toadflax (Saradomin Brew) 12k-16k Torstol (Super Combat) 10k-15k Crafting Air Orb 10k-20k Ball Of Wool 2k-6k Battle staff 25k-30k Bow String 2k-5k Black Dragonhide Leather 25k-30k Blue Dragonhide Leather 15k-17k Diamond 30k-40k Dragonstone 2m-5m Earth Orb 8k-10k Emerald 12k-17k Flax 1k Green Dragonhide Leather 10k-12k Onyx 17m-20m Red Dragonhide Leather 17k-23k Ruby 30k-35k Sapphire 10k-15k Water Orb 7k-17k Wool 6k-12k Ranged Bolt rack 2k-3k Diamond bolts 6k-7k Dragon bolts 20k-25k Dragon darts 3k-5k Onyx bolts 15k-30k Ruby bolts 20k-30k Zulrah scales 3k-5k Prayer Baby dragon bones 5k-10k (2400 xp) Big bones 2k-4k (1440 xp) Dragon bones 35k- 50k (5760 xp) Dagganoth bones 70k-80k (6000 xp) Lava dragon bones 100k-120k (6800 xp) Weapons 3rd age bow 60m-80m 3rd age longsword 60m-80m 3rd age wand 60m-80m Abyssal dagger 200m-210m Abyssal whip 8m-12m Abyssal tentacle 65m-75m Abyssal bludgeon 2.9b-3b Ahrim's staff 3m-5m Armadyl crossbow 80m-100m Armadyl godsword 140m-160m Bandos godsword 100m Barrelchest anchor 10m-15m Elder maul 475m-525m Dark bow 8m-10m Dharok's greataxe 10m-12m Dragon axe 10m-20m Dragon claws 150m-170m Dragon pickaxe 10-15m Guthan's warspear 3m-5m Granite maul 10m-15m Heavy ballista 475m-500m Karil's crossbow 3m-5m Light ballista 400m Master wand 10m-15m Saradomin godsword 100m Saradomin sword 35m-50m Saradomin sword(blessed) 80-100m Staff of the dead 130m-145m Torag's hammers 3m-5m Toxic blowpipe 150m-175m Toxic staff of the dead 150m-175m Trident of the seas 40m-60m Trident of the swamp 100m-130m Verac's flail 3-5m Zamorakian hasta 100m-110m Zamorakian spear 100m-110m Zamorak godsword 100m Armour 3rd age mage hat(mage) 65m-75m 3rd age robe top(mage) 65m-75m 3rd age robe(mage) 65m-75m 3rd age range coif(range) 50m-65m 3rd age range top(range) 50m-60m 3rd age range legs(range) 50m-65m 3rd age full helmet(melee) 65m-75m 3rd age platebody(melee) 65m-75m 3rd age platelegs(melee) 65m-75m 3rd age kiteshield(melee) 65m-75m Ahrim's hood 3m-5m Ahrim's robe skirt 3m-5m Ahrim's robe top 3m-5m Arcane spirit shield 500m Armadyl chainskirt 50m-60m Armadyl chestplate 50m-60m Armadyl helmet 20m-30m Blessed spirit shield 125m-150m Bandos tassets 60m-75m Bandos chestplate 55m-70m Bandos boots 7m-10m Divine Spirit Shield 3.4b-3.5b Dharok's helm 10m-12m Dharok's platebody 10m-12m Dragon Full-helm 70m-80m Dharok's platelegs 12m-15m Dragon boots 8m-12m Dragon chainbody 6m-8m Dragon platelegs/skirt 3m-4m Dragonfire shield 35m-40m Elysian spirit shield 1.5b Eternal boots 60m-70m Guthan's chainskirt 3m-5m Guthan's helm 3m-5m Guthan's platebody 3m-5m Infinity boots 10m-15m Infinity Top 20m Infinity bottoms 20m Infinity hat 8m-10mm Infinity gloves 8m-10m Karil's coif 3m-5m Karil's skirt 3m-5m Karil's top 3m-5m Malediction ward 90m-100m Mage's book 20m-25m Odium ward 90m-100m Pegasian boots 60m-70m Primordial boots 60m-70m Ranger boots 10m-15m Rangers' tunic 10m-15m Robin hood hat 10m-15m Serpentine helmet 140m-150m Spectral spirit shield 475m-525m Spirit shield 25m-40m Torag's helm 3m-5m Torag's platebody 3m-5m Torag's platelegs 3m-5m Verac's brassard 3-5m Verac's helm 3-5m Verac's plate skirt 3-5m Rares Black partyhat 475m-525m Blue partyhat 200m Green partyhat 200m Partyhat & specs 475m-525m Purple partyhat 200m Red partyhat 200m Rainbow partyhat 475m-525m White partyhat 200m Yellow partyhat 200m Black Halloween mask 475m-525m Blue Halloween mask 90m-100m Green Halloween mask 90m-100m Red Halloween mask 90m-100m Black Santa hat 200m Christmas cracker 200m-225m Dicing bag 1b- 1100m Fox 475m-525m Inverted Santa hat 200m-225m Santa hat 100m Sled 500m Jewelry Amulet of fury 20m Amulet of fury (or) 50-60m Amulet of torture 200m Amulet of the damned(full) 60m-80m Archers ring 30m-35m Archers ring (i) 100m-110m Berserker ring 35-40m Berserker ring (i) 100m-110m Occult necklace 53-56m Necklace of anguish 200m Ring of suffering 200m Ring of the gods 40-55m Ring of wealth 1-3m Warriors ring 30m-40m Warriors ring (i) 100m-110m Seers ring 30m-40m Seers ring (i) 100m-110m Tormented bracelet 200m Treasonous ring 5-15m Tyrannical ring 5-15m Miscellaneous Eternal crystal 38m-40m Holy elixir 100m-125m Pegesian crystal 39-41m Primordial crystal 44-48m Tanzanite fang 140m-150m Magic fang 50m-52m Zenyte shard 200m Smouldering Stone 50m Mage Boxes 10-15m Xp lamp 5-10m
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    Username: HawtShawty (discord - Red - ) Time Played (full screen picture): https://gyazo.com/3c5dd3feb65ef54571ce952fdf41cb75 288 hours and counting Timezone: AEST - +10 Any outstanding infractions on your account?: None that I know of. I am known to start a bit of banter How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: I tend to play atleast 5-6 hours a day during the off-peak hours due to my timezone differences. Any past experiences?: I've owned multiple online game servers. - Games such as Arma 2-3 Ark. I ran an "Ultima Online server for 5 years when I was younger. Do you have Skype?: I do indeed and I'm more than happy to have all add me and message me outside of game for anything. SW.Hawtshawty What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: I'm very patient and understanding and a natural leader personality. I do not take crap from other or blatant disregard and disrespect for the rules lightly. Strength: I am naturally a leader, always trying to be the best I can be. I am outspoken, I like to get my point across and be heard. I am quick learning and love to broaden my knowledge of everything in my path. I have a deep love for Video games. Weakness: I am outspoken, get my point across can sometime lead to trouble. I am blunt, straight forward and have a brutal honesty. What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: I'm on a difffernt timezone, I've built a relationship with my fellow gamers on the server and have a mutual level of respect for everyone. What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: Focus keeping your mind on the mater at hand Intuition - knowing when things are about to go south and have the ability to stop things before they get worse. Growth Wanting a bigger and better community Hospitality- Greeting those and making sure they are accustomed to our ways Generosity - helping hand for those in need, is always important. What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: A better name for myself, learn more and new ways to help others and my self, to see the server grow with many more faces and become the best we can be. Thank you for taking the time to read my application. Hawt. See you ingame.
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    Prince Goth

    Few Suggestions

    Just a few small suggestions. it would be cool if the black slayer helm could get coded (kbd heads + Slayer helm) (Look how sexy it looks fam) Bonuses Hover over image for type Attack bonus +0 +0 +0 -6 -2 Defence bonus +30 +32 +27 -1 +30 Other bonuses Slot list +0 0 0% +0 Also it would be dumb lit if players could have skilling pets.
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    Full suggestion thread [21/05/17]

    When you join a server , you instantly get your eyes on different flaws that developpers can't see anymore, getting used to it. Here are my impressions. Profanity filter. As much as all the good intentions in the world are behind this filter, I think it's a bad idea. First, it goes against what i'd call liberty of speech. Often, swear words or slang expressions are much more friendly than agressive. Considering the ammount of staff, it can also easily be judged. Also, much more people will evade the filter by being even more insulting than they would of been in the first place. ( A filter on nigger is tolerable, not a filter on the F word ). Suggestion : Add a toggle on the filter, or disable it completly, or make it more reasonable. Retard/Fuck/fucker/fucking is acceptable in a friendly manner for everyone. The server shouldn't see us as twelve years old. ( Insert the « you're not my dad » meme here ) Teleports. Organisation comes first in a rsps. Are informations or areas easily accessible? It is the main question for most of the newcommers. Currently, the teleport system is understandable, but not efficient nor user friendly. Suggestion : work on an interface or a teleport tab to make our gameplay easier and efficient. Skills teleport Currently, woodcutting and thieving are switched. Suggestion : switch them back! Achievements display/Game journal As of right now, achievements display is chaotic and unnorganized. The game journal is barely spaced out, information, packed. Suggestion : Work on the interfaces, add categories in achievements or a custom interface. Loot display At this moment, an NPC gives the drop tables. He's hard to reach and not there when you need him. Suggestion : add a button in some interface to access it anywhere. Banking When you bank, you can't type in clan chat, because " it's a command " Suggestion: Fix that! Home npc's Captain Donnie will always remind people of bad servers. During a certain time of the rsps'es era , exilium sources or alikes featured him everywhere. He was emblematic of shit stability, excuse my language. Twiggy O'korn, even if she's the real npc, looks like a custom or a meme, it's awkward while the rest of the server looks serious and stable. Suggestion : Replace them ( Mostly Donnie!) Advertisement We have a NEW Rune-Server thread which gets alot of visibility and impacts the future of our server. We don't have one on Runelocus which is also an other great name in RSPS advertisement. Suggestion : Add a thread to Runelocus ( the same ) and give an incentive to reply on them. The more the better, more replies gives us a good look. It could be a forum post with both links in it. Voting Currently, ironmen can vote but not benefit voting. It gives a counter-signal : don't support us . Suggestion : allow them to access the shop or make a special ironman voting store. Generally speaking, the server looks good , is fluid, has nice people, and place for much improvement. Hopefully you will see in these suggestions the occasion to make scape-war a better game. Comment on which you agree or what you would improve!
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    Just started a 1B From scratch series on youtube, if you want to follow me along my journey feel free. Episode 1: If you have any ideas or suggestions for what I should do let me know! :) EDIT: Quick apology for the poor quality of this video, don't really know what went wrong when I rendered it but it came out like this. All my other videos are 1080p, and all future videos will be as well.
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    Herblore guide

    Herblore Guide Beginners To obtain herbs you can either farm them or buy them from other players. Cleaning Herbs If you did happen to farm your own herbs or receive grimy herbs this is the levels required to clean them. Herbs must be cleaned to be used in potion making. Here is a table with all herbs and levels required. Image Herb Level Experience Guam 1 150 Marentill 5 200 Tarromin 11 250 Harralandar 20 300 Ranarr 25 350 Toadflax 30 400 Irit 40 450 Avantoe 48 500 Kwuarm 54 550 Snapdragon 59 600 Cadantine 65 650 Lantadyme 67 650 Dwarfweed 70 700 Torstol 75 750 Making Potions After cleaning the herbs to make a potion you will need: ~ 1x Vial of water ~ 1x Clean "herb" ~ 1x Secondary You will need a potion (unf) and the secondary required to make the potion. I have proved a table below with potion, level, herb, and secondary required. Herblore Image Herb/Potion Ingredients Ingredients Level Experience Attack Guam + Eye of Newt + 3 1250 Anti-Poison Marrentill + Unicorn Horn Dust + 5 1900 Strength Tarromin + Limpwurt Root + 14 2500 Restore Harralander + Red Spider Eggs + 22 3150 Prayer Ranarr + Snape Grass + 38 4400 Super Attack Irit + Eye of Newt + 45 5000 Super Antipoison Irit + Unicorn Horn Dust + 48 5300 Super Strength Kwuarm + Limpwurt Root + 55 6250 Super Restore Snapdragon + Red Spider Eggs + 63 7150 Super Defence Cadantine + White Berries + 66 7500 Antifire Lantadyme + Blue Dragonscale + 69 7900 Ranging Dwarfweed + Wine of Zamorak + 72 8150 Magic Lantadyme + Potatoe Cactus + 76 8650 Zamorak Brew Torstol + Jangleberries + 78 8750 Saradomin Brew Toadflax + Crushed Birds nest + 81 9000 Super Combat Torstol + Super Set + + + 90 7500 I hope this all helped you and goodluck on your 99 herblore grind. Kingly regards, Kevin aka Quality
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    Vote shop Sugg

    Vote Shop- Maybe put in Barrows Items in there, Full Graceful, Agile Armour, 3rd age Armour Sets. Instead of GP maybe give Mystery Boxes or something Different to make people want to vote more. Melee Shop- Maybe Add Obby Maul and Berserker Necklace Supply Shops- Maybe add Sharks and Manta Rays to it, Also Stamina Potions. Clothing shops- Maybe add full Skeleton, Grim Reaper hood, Full Santa outfit. Lottery- Add a Lottery guy you can place Money with at the end of Each week a random player is drawn and gets all the money made that week for lottery? Placement holders- Would be Nice to keep a nice neat bank. Shops- Maybe up the Buying rate from 500 to 1000? would be easier to get runes instead of buying 500 at a time.
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    Hey can you please, fix battlestaff we cannot add orbs on them, and npc drops orbs and battlestaff so we should be able to build them for crafting xP, please answer me here or in-games.
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    update donated zone.

    hey all I'm london, just joined this server and decided to make donation cause i love it. *my suggestion would be. * build magic tree into donated zone so players can get easier xp with woodcuttting and faster. * allow certain donates do ::empty or access to the bank easier ::bank *expand the donated zone * different benefits for all donater ranks. * might have donate cape or something for some fun. thx hope u support my suggestions guys
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    Donor Area

    Hey all, Thanks for taking the time to come to the post and have a look, This is a suggestion I would like to push forward, Currently we have a donor zone, but it is lacking... In the picture i have added you can see that there are 4 side rooms that we are not using, these ares could house skilling plots, shops, monsters, anything really as long as it fits. any thoughts on this, if you agree and are a have donor status, what would you like to see in these areas if this was to be considered? Personally id love for it to be used for skill plots,shops and maybe even a market (if it was possible) Thanks for everyone's time :D please leave feedback, I dont bite :D
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    50% off donations till we buy ads!

    Hello! I'm buying Advertiserments soon if the raids will be added! The places list: RUNELOCUS 500$ RSPS-LIST PREMIUM 364 DAYS FOR 91$ + Banner (Month) 350$ = 441$ Rune-Server 150$ Arena-Top100 150$ Facebook 334$ Youtubers 250$ Proxys (Streaming) 200$ Summary will be 2025$ That is why I am doing 50% off donations till end of the month. Please, if you have chance to help the server out, then please, do it! After donation I am adding the points manually. Time to hit 200+ online - Best regards, The Scape-War staff team hope you donate as much as p
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    It is finally done.

    Took me 5 days and 19 hours of playtime. Developers, beware! A complete list of bugs is coming out soon!
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    Updates 15/05/2017

    Server Updates Fixed a bug where some accounts would stay online. Fixed price checking in shops. Fixed a bug where some npcs would not teleport when needed. Fixed Hunter skill on skill tab. Added Puro Puro impling hunting. Thanks, - Development Team
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    Updates 14/05/2017

    Server Updates Fixed essence mine. Mods can now use ip ban & mute. Cerberus now appears in the drop table. Fixed Black Demon stats. The correct attack style is now used when switching to Dharok's Greataxe. Fixed melee combat accuracy. All bank booths & chests are now fully functional. Added new skilling teleports. Fixed Defenders, Proselyte armor stats and requirements. Thanks, - Development Team
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    Rules For Staff

    Here at Scape-War, staff are the face of the server; they represent what every player should strive to be. Staff members must always abide by certain rules. Act like a staff member Staff members are held to higher expectations than normal players, as they are the ones who represent the server; they must act professional at all times and not let anyone 'get under their skin'. Recall that the ignore list exists for a reason. Punishment is a last resort Staff members are given special privileges that regular players lack. Remember that these are privileges, and can be taken away at any time. If a staff member acts inappropriately towards anyone else or abuses their power, they will be reprimanded by staff with a higher rank. Be helpful Your primary job as an Scape-War staff member is to help our (new) players with any questions/problems related to the server. Do not ignore any player who asks for help, even if you dislike them. Regarding the Support rank The Support rank exists mainly to help (new) players with any questions/problems related to the server. They are currently allowed to mute other players, however this should only be used in the event of someone spamming/advertising on Scape-War. However, an exception can be made if two players are arguing in public/clan chat and they have been warned at least twice (first warning, final warning, mute). Regarding activity All staff members are required to be active within both the game and forums. If you are going to be offline longer than 4 days you will have to post and inactivity thread in the staff discussion section of the forums. Punishment logs Punishment logs must be filled in once a punishment has been carried out. This is the only way other members of the staff team can track who is supposed to be punished and why. If punishment logs aren’t filled in and it is found someone has been punished actions will be taken against the staff member. Afking I would also ask that all staff members log out when they are not playing the game as if you aren’t afk and someone is pming you without a reply it may relay the wrong message. Communication It is important that staff members are easy to contact. I would ask that you each check your forum mail box at least once per day. It would also be highly beneficial to have a microphone for staff meetings etc.
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    Agree with dark, though i think we should wait, since you just came back from a long break. I wanna see that you are REALLY back :DD Other than that, i fully support you, and i enjoy your company and knowledge a lot +1
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    Kevino suggestion thread

    Hello i have a few things that i want to suggest. 1. Flower poker / auto gambling system that means it is like a trade you put your items and choose the gambling section and then accept to gamble, ( to gamble you need to open a gambler scroll that should cost around ( 1b cash ) 2. Add more pvm bosses like chaos elemental, cerberus. 3. add more custom items like ( elemental dagger, elemental staff, elementa crossbow ( chaos elemental could be dropping these items) 4. more benefits as a donator like ::Bank, ::veng ::Barrage, etc etc. 5 A price pot at edge that can be called ( scape war bot) that tells you the prices of every item as exampel a player says ( pc whip) then it should answer ( abbysal whip is around 10-15m and this item can be dropped from ( bla bla bla) and cost ( bla bla bla in the donator shop, pk shop) 6. make forums more active by rewarding players to use it, maybe like first one that reach 50 post with no spam post gets 500 donator points or something. 7 add ::onlinestaff so players can see when staff are online. 8. add Player trade pos that you can sell items and other players can buy it like a small grand exchange system. This is what i suggest please dont hate. @Steven @DarkMessiah @Holemess122 Kind regards Kevino
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    100 KBD KILLS

    This is my outcome after 100 KBD kills. im gonna continue until i get the pet & vissy, hope to get it before @DarkMessiah does ;D
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    Speed Fire Making(Quick Guide)

    alright to begin this you need too have logs and a tinderbox. go to your location tele's and teleport to varrock move to the square my character is on or close to. try not to start more west than my location. http://prntscr.com/g7u589 (location to start) http://prntscr.com/g7u5e3 (approx. end location) then simply walk north and rebank here ( http://prntscr.com/g7u5ku ) then teleport back to varrock and stand here ( http://prntscr.com/g7u5vb ) and resume burning them logs! best method I've found.
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    few new items in game

    Hey i got an idea to add few new items :) 1)Zaryte bow 2)Dragon warhammer 3)Trading post to home bank what do you all think?
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    Bro, Click This! ~

    I don't really know where to start. Since i have join this server everyone has been so respectful and have not seen hatred towards anyone. I would just like to personally thank all staff especially "Sanctimoniuim", this Bro of mine and many others is always there when you need him, he always knows the answer to anything you need to know. I would also like to thank this awesome community of Scape-War and the people who made it what it is today!! Kind Regards ~Kawaguchi~ <3
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    Dvineprodigy ban appeal

    Hope things work out for you Dvine. I know you put a lot of time and effort into this server.
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    Add ons

    Adding in a completionist cape would be a neat idea for them grinders Adding in karambwan fishing spot would be a good idea since it's good for pking and good combo food for pvm to adding in abbysal sire would be a feature that would maybe benefit some players on there boss grind Adding more bosses to the slayer master at dzone for like cerb or coding it in to count as kills for hellhound task In the future maybe look into adding in infernal cape Adding in a Super donor island and then a vip+ donor island with some features that would want more people to pay for which would benefit them
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    Sly Mountain

    Up the Buy limit

    We all know when buying stuff from the shops, Like runes, arrows, pots, and food it can be quite a hassle to buy it 500 at a time. What i am suggesting is that we bump up the buy limit to at least 5000 just so we don't have to sit there for 10 minutes trying to but enough runes to work well with spells or enough darts or arrows that we may need. If you could please do that, it would be a great help to the game. Thanks By, Sly Mountain
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    Sora's Staff Application

    Username: Sora Time Played (full screen picture): 9 days 3 hours Timezone: UTC +12 Any outstanding infractions on your account?: Negative How many hours are you able to do (day/week)?: 10-12 hours a day at least 80 hours a week Any past experiences?: i have played rs for at least 8 years and private servers ever since i can remember and i have been mod/head mod on a few servers because of the dedication i put into the server on just helping out the community. I also play sports which requires a team which is good in working with a staff team on strategies and improving the field to make the community a better place :) Do you have Skype?: I have Skype and discord :) What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: My strongest trait is that i am a team player which will come into play with my other strong traits. my weakest trait is probably that i can have my stressed days from study but this wont effect anything in game. Strength:Is no matter how i feel i will always be there to support and help players with problems or help with any questions because i find it so exciting to meet new people and helping them can maybe teach me something new. Weakness:Is that i am to nice like i need to start saying no because i have to worry about myself just as much as the next man but i dont want to be mean What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: well ever since i started this server i have been staying up to 1 am my time just to grind that experience, but i have notice that from 6pm my time to like 2 am there is no staff on, and i would also like to get some staff from nz/aus because it would benefit while other staff sleep/busy also in the last week i have gone from 4 days game play to 9 days which means i might have an addiction but this server is just to good.also it would be good to have staff on at this time for when new players come on. What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: always try your best to answer a question like how to train a skill or a price of item. patience because everyone is different always be keen to help no matter how your day is going Having to know when to step up when people are arguing and sorting it out to get the issue resolved just being active What do you hope to achieve in the long run?:in the long run i hope to just be there on the journey to see where the server takes us because at the moment it seems to be growing day by day and just making new friends throughout the server is a pretty cool experience Thanks for your time ;D Sora See you soon Brothers
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    Updates 28/08/2017

    Server Updates Fixed the bug with vote booth at home. Fixed Pest Control portals. Added Tormented bracelet into Donator Shop #3. Added new Kraken & Slayer stronghold. Cave Kraken's are no longer aggressive. Fixed Slayer tower doors. Fixed godwars dungeon maps. Fixed Dagannoth prime pet. Thanks, - Blake
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    A few ideas

    Firstly i think you should add in some sort of reward for hitting prestige 10 in a skill like 99 prayer unlimited prayer points in pvm or slayer x2 lucky drop when pres 10 Second you should look into bringing nex items into the game :) even though they arent 07 but maybe theres a way to get them in Third maybe look into bring in cape enhancements which would be cool or maybe a 120 cape at prestige 10 with privileges and lastly maybe bring in a luck drop chart for items so we can see what the drop rates are because im not sure if you have as the same as 07 Cheers Sora :)
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    twisted pure

    slayer helm needs buff

    As it stands the slayer helm offers a -6 magic bonus and -2 range bonus with no change in melee. yes it gives positive defence bonuses but the point of the slayer helm is to increase damage on slayer tasks not take damage away :)
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    We got everyone on the server to come together this evening for a crap ton of rounds of Pest Control! It was awesome seeing the community delve into a team minigame. Roodington, Zemesis, Clank (mr. b0nk), Gorilla and everyone else, it was fun guys :P
  34. 2 points

    Hey everyone!

    Hey there, Welcome to scape-war I'm glad you are able to find a server that suits your needs. If you need anything or have questions don't hesitate to PM me in game or here on forums. Happy leveling.
  35. 2 points
    Here is the Placement of the tournament. 1st Gohan 2nd Matt 3rd trj50 4th nuclear 5th mixnblitz thanks for playing boys. might be histing a different tournament soon ;) I will be hosting a dh tournament this Sunday july 9th. In three days time. The time hasn't been decided yet so be sure to follow this post for updates. The tournament will be free to enter and will be a single elimination. RULES Maximum of one sara brew Any spec weapon is alright(might change this if everyone can't afford claws/ags) Vengance is not required bit is highly recommended. it requires 94 magic and 10 earth 4 astrals and 2 death runes to cast. They will be deathmatches to prevent long fight sessions Safing doesn't matter because its a death match. A Dharok's set will be provided for you if you cannot afford one. PRIZE The part you really want ;) The prize will be a Lime Whip for first and an ags for second. REGISTER Comment below with your in-game name and ill add you to the roster.
  36. 2 points
    I'm going to sort all my bugs and suggestions per skill COMBAT Everything seems fine, except the max hit display on the equipment screen isn't accurate. RUNECRAFTING FIX THE BLOOD AND SOUL ALTAR! I had to craft 25k death runes for 65-99 and I did half of it on DXP. And maybe replace Mage of Zamorak near the bank at home? HUNTER Exp-wise it's pretty decent, easy 99. However imho I would decrease the amount of (baby)dragon bones givin by the dragon impling. Dragon bones have little to no value at all (I had about 5k baby- and 2k dragon bones from 83-99 hunter) because of this. AGILITY From 1-99 agility i got 28 Marks of Grace. To buy a full graceful set you need 260 Marks.. My suggestion: reduce the amount of MoG needed to buy a part (for example, if each part would be 3 MoG each, I would have about 85 agility to have enough marks). And agility tokens have little to no use (100 tickets, or 20 laps, give 20k exp extra). The rooftops look glitched aswell. THIEVING Great moneymaking skill, however it's too dull. Add more stalls (like the gem stall, which would help out with crafting aswell) and/or improve the Rogue's Den: the exp there is suuuperslow and you fail half of the time. Maybe add a pickpocketing zone at Rogue's Den? CRAFTING There are currently only 2 methods to level up crafting: make dragonhide armour, or jewelry. Since skillers can't get both of these without killing mobs they literally have to buy 99 crafting (unless they do it with flax but who the hell would do that). That's why a gem stall wouldn't be a bad option to implement! And a second suggestion: implement charging unpowered orbs and let us be able to craft battlestaves. A lot of bosses drop elemental orbs and battlestaves! SLAYER Exp-wise, great! However, the amount of slayer points we get after a task is a tad low. My suggestion is to get 15 points from a hard task (I had to work past 99 slayer to get a slayer helm). MINING Mining is a pretty tough skill to grind out. My suggestion: make the ores an infinite resource like the trees. The pace of mining ores is pretty decent. From level 90 you can 1-tick mithril ores which improves the exp per hour greatly. SMITHING Same as mining, a pretty tough skill to max (it was my last one aswell). If the ores would be an infinite source it would help out a lot more since we don't have to focus so much on mining a lot (1000 mith ores and 650 runite ores got me from 92 to 99 on DXP). If you can't make ores an infinite resource (or you don't want to w/e), at least increase the exp a little bit! FISHING Maybe raise the exp of fishing? I have 3K+ raw mantas i didn't use because i already had 99 cooking. OTHER Achievement list needs to be redone. A lot of achievements aren't completable: player profiles, trivia points, weapon game, lottery, exchange 1k items to piles(?), reset statistics(?), craft blood runes, mage arena points (there is no mage arena shop..) Heads can't be added to the Slayer Helm. It's always nice to have a cosmetic upgrade. Same for the fire cape on max cape. And imo, max cape should have its features, since it takes quite the time to achieve. :D If you use an amulet of glory on the fountain of rune it turns into a (6). But those amulets can't be used to teleport. Maybe place a spinning wheel and anvil in the furnace area at home? Lots of dropped items have no use (dragon tokens, chewed bones, ancient pages, sinister keys,..) I don't know if there's a something planned for those? But if not, remove them. A lot of new players keep on asking what the use is for those items, and each time we have to disappoint them. Infernal pickaxe doesn't work. Add an announcement when a player reaches max total level! (more to come?) It's sad to say but in overall we're just another RSPS with nearly the same bugs/glitches/... as any other RSPS. New players don't really stick too long because of that. I think the community here is great and if we had more frequent updates (don't know the current progress on upcoming updates), this could turn out to be a very good server! Note: this is just my opinion Note #2: Shout-out to everyone who donated to the Well of Goodwill, helped me a lot with maxing out! :D
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    The Matt

    Wilderness inactiveness

    In my personal opinion i just dont think players think wildy bosses are worth it. Best drops are dragon pickaxes, which are currently worth 20m because there is so many. Another reason is because the pk store isn't that great. You get 30 ish blood money per kill, an amulet of fury is 750pts. That means that fury is worth about 25 kills, which is quite a bit. Or you could grind thieving for 10 mins and get the 10m to afford the fury. I think we need to get either better drops from wildy bosses or upgrade our pk store to make wildy even worth going to. This is my personal opinion, I would love to know if this is what other players also feel.
  38. 2 points

    [ LIME WHIP ]

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
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    10$ GIVEAWAY!! - by Quitbow

    Awesome video thank you again for contributing to the server! :)
  40. 2 points

    few things

    Hello Toasted, Firstly, welcome to the forums! Secondly, thank you for taking the time to post these suggestions on the forums. These are great finds. To clear up the confusion with high/low level alchemy, the inventory gets scrambled to prove by the use of auto clickers/macros. Hope this helped :)
  41. 2 points

    My First pet

    Awesome pet bro!
  42. 2 points

    Event boss

    I wanted to recommend adding an event boss that spawns maybe every couple of hours, so it has a set time before it disappears if no one goes to attack it.. Its just something that can get the community of the server together at one point to kill the boss together for a specific reward like an event key or something that can be figured out later on. Maybe make more then one type of event boss so they can be different difficulties so we don't need like 10+ people or something every time one spawns. But obviously make the reward less if its an easier boss.
  43. 2 points
    I know I've posted a ton of suggestion threads already and I'm sure our devs have been overwhelmed especially since they are undergoing final exams. This post will be fixes and suggestions that not only me, but many players that I've talked with think need to be added before anything else. These won't be in ordered in order of most importance or anything. 1. Change home - I can't even count how many servers have edgeville as home. When new players join a server, and they see edge as the home on another osrs server, they instantly think "oh great, it's the same". We don't want players with this mentality. 2. Change skilling teleport concept- I've seen too many players ask where the slayer npc is and where the skilling spots are at skilling teleport. I think each skill needs its own teleport. This way, players won't get confused and frustrated. Many players will quit for silly and frustrating things like this. 3. We need to make things easier for players- Having to constantly replenish prayer and health can be extremely annoying for players. Therefore, I suggest adding a npc that replenishes hp and prayer at home inside the bank 4. Voting shop rework - Add items like ring of wealth, torso, defenders, 2 hour double xjp ticket, 1 hour double drop rate ticket, and more. Many players are lazy and seeing that they can get these items from voting every day not only helps them, but also helps us because these players may not originally vote. 5. Wilderness Overhaul- Adding wilderness key: This key will be dropped by ALL wilderness npcs in the wilderness. Once obtained, you can take them to the fountain of youth, southeast of magebank and you can dig. Once you dig, an npc will spawn, you kill it, and you get a random drop. Drops include cash, gilded, rare items like barrows, fury, pk supplies, resources, staff of the dead, etc. Wilderness boss drops: This is a HUGE thing that is needed. I'm always in the wilderness, but no one else is. To be honest, the wilderness bosses just flat out aren't worth killing. Sure, they drop dragon pickaxes... woohoo... THIS IS NOT OSRS. WE NEED TO BE UNIQUE PEOPLE. Therefore, I'm suggesting to add much better items to these bosses. For example, callisto can drop good melee gear. These could include, barrows, tassies, dboots, serp helm. Vetion can drop good range gear. For example, karils, acb, dbolts, onyx bolts, range rboots, robinhood etc. You get my point. Bloodmoney also needs to be dropped from wilderness bosses. Wilderness should be rewarding and active! 6. Mystery Box rework- Currently, many new players are joining the server because of the 5 free mystery boxes and then end up quitting instantly because the items they get from them are pure trash. I suggest reworking these boxes completely. I am not suggesting making them overpowered... Take out all of the cosmetics and troll items. Make the barrows not broken and make barrows items more common. Add in items new players need and will use. Whips, 30 super sets, 200 sharks, 30 prayer pots, etc. Also, 1/1000 chance of a rare item is pretty terrible... 7. Crystal key rework- Similar to mystery boxes, the loots from these are flat out discouraging. Take out the typical small coin loot and a rune item drop. Make things more exciting! Add items like colors for whips, infinity, raw supplies and skilling items (skillers will buy crystal keys and such), better cosmetics, unfinished pots. Crystal keys need to be dropped more often as well. It takes some time to get crystal keys then players are 99% of the time discouraged by the loot. 8. Make herb shop items noted: This is pretty self explanatory 9. Add a karabwam fishing spot at resource arena. Many people I've spoken to stay away from pking because there's no combo food! Add these asap please. could add these to crystal key drops as well. 10. Drop tables of npcs and Bosses- This is a hugely needed update. Before you argue with me, let me say this. I've said it before, but here you go. This is scape-war, not the real osrs. This isn't any other server. We want to be unique. Our drop tables on bosses and other npcs are horrid. No player wants to player a rsps and finally get the luck to hit a chance on the rare drop table, to only be rewarded with 5 snapdragon herbs.. For the sake of all that is holy, take out all troll drops from rare drop tables. These include all herbs seeds, bait, stones for crafting, cannonballs, rune items, skilling items, etc. You get my point. Rare and very drop tables should be rewarding, not discouraging. Add more cash loot, larger quantities of supplies like cooked food, potions, and rare loots of pk gear to bosses. This will surprise players and attract them to try out bosses! 11. Make skilling more useful- Skilling is a key part of any economy. Currently, herblore and thieving are the only 2 skills that can gurantee you money. I suggest making skilling a gurantee moneymaker. For instance, make raw resources sell for gold to stores. Make bars, ores, fletched bows, raw food, cooked food, gems, etc sell to gen store for a decent price. This will not only make people want to skill, but it set a price for raw resources to players that want to buy them. Also, make skilling activities give bloodmoney. This would give small amounts of bloodmoney, but maybe at a 1/25 chance or something. 12. Reduce prayer drain. It drains extremely fast currently 13. Add slayer helmet (e) and ring of wealth (i) to the game. The focus sight and hex crest will be dropped by bosses, or you can buy the entire item from slayer shop. Ring of wealth scroll will be dropped by bosses, loot from mystery box, or you can buy from slayer shop as well. These are both cool and needed items. 14. make boosted stats last longer. They drain rather quickly on here 15. Fix warriors guild. As of now, you have to get double defenders in order to get to the next tier. However, if you leave the doors, and go back in you don't have to do this. But, if you leave and re enter, it keeps costing you 100 tokens each time. 16. Give extra points for slayer streaks. For example, every 10 tasks completed, give an extra 25 points. Every 25 tasks, give an extra 50. Every 50 tasks, give an extra 100. 17. I know this will take some time, but player-owned-shops would be really cool to have. 18. Dying in safe zones- Make it so you don't lose items when you aren't in wilderness. Dying and losing your stuff can be quite annoying for new players, so eliminate this easy issue! This would also prevent players from losing items to dcs, dying at gwd and not getting kc back in time etc. So, it would cause less stress on the players and the staff! 19. Triple logging- triple logging at this state of the game would only help the server. Many items hve yet to be introduced to the game, but if people are allowed more accounts, some of these items may have the chance to get into the game easier. This early into the game, cash and items need to be available to ensure a good economy. Reward the most dedicated players! 20. Cash from slayer npcs- Decrease amount of cash from slayer npcs. With the amount of coins given to players from killing slayer npcs, the value of gp is going down and down and down. Reduce the coins from slayer npcs by at least 50%. This is a must! 20. Last, but not least, make pc easier! Currently, it takes a super long time to get it legitimately. I haven't heard of a player getting it without donating yet. Most of the time, the game glitches and the void knight dies very quickly. I suggest making the game winnable and then decreasing the cost of void. New players love void! @Blake @Steven @Anonymous
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    Hi, i'm Jake.

    Hey guys! My name is Jake, and I am 21 years old as of posting this, I have played Runescape Private Servers for a few years and thought this server looked (and sounded) absolutely amazing! Hopefully I can see you ingame soon. Thanks for reading my little introduction, if you want to know more about me or ask about something, shoot me a PM or just comment below.
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    Ultimate Money Making Guide [#2]

    Hope you enjoyed the guide, for detailed guides of specific monsters please just ask :) Cheers, - Aubury
  46. 2 points

    Got Exposed RSPS Progress Video #1

    Hope you enjoy the video remember to like, comment, and subscribe if you did :)
  47. 2 points
    1. Warrior guild is bugged. Currently, you have to get 2 defenders in order to move onto the next defender. 2. DEFENDERS DONT HAVE STATS 3. Send notification to player when their herbs are ready to be picked. QOL update would be nice 4. Change anti-bot for alching. The current anti-bot is flat out not needed. People can still bot with this method by filling their inv with notables and stackables. 5. Add insentives for not resetting task. Give exxtra points and/or make it so u can pick whatever monster you want for your task after certain amount of streak 6. BUFF MELEE ACCURACY. Currently, range is the most dominant method of pvming currently. For example, I hit constant 0s on black dragons with god melee gear, but i rarely ever hit 0s wth range. This is a common theme among almost all monsters. 7. Fix private off and on. When I turn prviate off, it should show that I am not online 8. Fix npc aggression. Many npcs are aggressive that aren't supposed to be. To be honest, almst every damn npc in the game is aggro and shouldn't be. Green dragons are a big one --- prevents people from pking 9. Fix teleing past certain level. Should only be 30 wildy if you use glory. Currently, home teleport is up to 30 wildy, not 20. 10. Reset repeated kills in wildy based on time or other variable rather the current system. 11. Increase amount of bloodmoney based on killstreak and target kill 12. Buff acb and claws. Acb hits just as high as rune cbow and the spec doesn't do what it's supposed to do like on osrs. Dclaws need to be more accurate and the system that controls its hits need to be looked at 13. Make crystal keys more common. There are very few good items you can get from this chest. 14. Check npc def bonuses. Many seem to have unusually high defence bonuses 15. Dclaws have wrong auto attack animation. It has dragon dagger 16. Fix target system. Currently, you can only get targets that are a few levels higher or lower than you. It should depend on what wildy level you are in. For example, if I am level 102 and am in 50 wilderness. I shuld be able to get a 126 as a target. 17. ADD MORE ITEMS TO SLAYER SHOP. I am at the point where the slayer shop is useless along with many other players. Items that could be added include: Void, dragon bone pack, mystery box, dragon bolt(e), onyx, whip, infinity boots (only way to get right now is pk shop), zamorakian spear, bonecrusher, and more. 18. Bloodmoney doesn't increase with donator rank which it is supposed to. 19. Target system glitched. Still shows target is in wildy even when they go to safe area @Blake @Steven @Dnite
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    1. Npcs including Nechs, metal drags all drop bars for smithing, but no npcs in-game drop noted bars. I think all of the bar drops need to be in noted from otherwise no one's going to pick them up... Also, since smithing is so slow, this would be a nice addition 2. Make salve (e) useful. As of now, like osrs, it only buffs damage to undead monsters which is practically useless on a rsps. My suggestion is increase the amount of slayer points it costs and make it function like a slayer helm except make it give even more of a damage buff. My second suggestion for this item, (if the first idea wasn't good), is to make the item either a donation or a lot of slayer points or a boss drop, and make it so you never hit 0s on slayer monsters or on any monsters. This might sound op, but really isn't if you must donate for it or make it hard to get. 3. Add wilderness keys (if there aren't already. I don't think there are) to boss drops and wilderness npcs in general. Add a chest in the wilderness that gives good loot. I can give suggestions on what items should be in this chest if we as a community decide to add it. 4. ADD A BANK/DEPOSIT BOX TO THE ORES AT SKILLING TELEPORT AND ADD RUNE ORE 5. Decrease ore respawn 6. Add karabwam fishing, especially at resource arena 7. Fix the furnace at resource arena (doesn't let you make bars) 8. Buff slayer monster drops. Slayer at the moment is pretty boring and bad money making (unless you got rng of course). My suggestion is to add more gem loots, skilling supplies, alchables to slayer monster drops. Because quite frankly, I'm getting tired of getting black swords, thread, and adamant helms. 9. Allow cooked food to be noted at the npc at resource arena rather just raw items 10. correct general store prices for items... Many good items sell for barely any gp... 11. This is a big one. Skilling at the moment (besides for thieving) is disgusting money making. By disgusting, I mean garbage. Herblore is useless because you spend an arm and a leg for the seeds, then the potions cost a mere 2k in the shop. Overall, bars, bows from fletching, amulets and jewelry from crafting, food, potions, ores, etc all need their prices increased. An economy where skilling, pvming, and pking are all good money makers is a good economy. An economy evolved around pvming is not a good economy.
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    Slayer Suggestions

    Would it be possible to add boss tasks to slayer? If it doesn't sound good maybe we could have a poll?
  50. 2 points
    Nice dude! I think the only silly changes for maxed DPS is third-age mage hat for magic with occult necklace, and also third-age vambraces for the range, other than that looks pretty good! Not sure if you can get rings imbued though? Nice, work really handy though. Cheers,