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    Mystery Box Expansion + Improvement

    Mystery box expansion and rework The mystery box system in place currently is good and works well, it helps with many repetitive and mundane tasks / skills making them much more bearable. After receiving countless mystery boxes i feel like the system and concept could be expanded much further to make it even more interesting and engaging. My suggestions on how this could be achieved are listed below; they are ideas and concepts, would need balancing before being brought into the server. Tiered mystery box system By expanding the current mystery box system, into a tiered system with multiple different mystery boxes, could keep interest and excitement whilst players go about their game play. Having more elusive and rare versions of the mystery box, it can make players feel more rewarded and excite to grind out the mundane and perhaps "boring" activities on the server. Tier 1 - “Mystery Box” - Typical regular mystery box that is currently in-game. This should be remain the same and not be changed, it has a good drop-rate and is well balanced in terms of rewards that are given out from it (List of current mystery box items can be found here). Tier 2 - “Super Mystery Box” - A step up from the regular mystery box, when receiving a mystery box there should be a X% chance that is a super mystery box instead. I have three suggestions as for the rewards that can be received from this version of the box:- It could have the same reward table as the regular mystery box but just slightly increased chances of the rare and very rare items. It could inherit the drop table from the regular mystery box but have the common and uncommon rewards be increased to better supplies and also have additional very rare items added to it. Lastly it could just have a completely new drop table which would be nice to bring some different items into the game but would take much longer to develop and balance. Tier 3 - “Ultra Mystery Box” - A extremely rare version of the mystery box, i have two suggestions on how it could be introduced in to the server to keep things balanced:- Have it be locked to donors. This meaning that donors have a very small chance in receiving one of these instead of a mystery box - however regular players cannot receive one as a event / drop however they can be freely traded / sold to non-donors and opened by them. This method offers an additional perk to donors without completely locking regulars players out of the content. Alternatively it could be introduced as a very rare chance to be received by all players, whether they are a donor or not. Donors could be given a slight boost to the drop rate of the ultra mystery box however as to keep a perk for supporting the server. It could offer a guaranteed good item with a good chance of a rare item or very rare item. Additionally it could have extremely rare chance of giving some items that can only be obtained via credits and donating, whether they are the cosmetic ones or functional items, would be nice to have a way that these credit-only items can be obtained, even if its very rare. Additional Features + mechanics Aside from the suggested / proposed tiered system i have detailed upon, there are a few other mechanics and features i feel would be a good addition to the server: Mystery box counter - Much similar to a boss kill count counter that appears in chat upon killing a boss, it would be cool to see a mystery box open counter that appears in chat every time a player opens the mystery box (example - "You have now opened x Mystery boxes"). Mystery box distribution - It would be nice to see mystery boxes be receivable from a greater range of activities, a few notable ways that would be appropriate could be receiving them as a drop from slayer / bosses or upon completion of a mini-game. Opening Interface - Would be cool to have a interface displaying and listing all possible rewards a long with a button to loot them, having them stack-able would also be nice too.
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    Was thinking to share some ideas! Drop rate boost at weekends Double voting points at weekends More valuable items to voting shop, items that can be useful :) Placeholders in bank Kalphite Queen boss tele Lizardman Shaman 200m XP capes Fix clue items, some make your head disappear Vet'ion needs a fix aswell, as a slayer task it doesn't count kills + minions don't have drops Volcanic and Frozen whip mix to bounty shop Skill points to get new cosmetics, unique for skillers Spin wheel for daily logins, sweet rewards Drop guide rarity, for example Abyssal Whip { Rare (1/512) } A little list of suggestions, hope you like them and hope we get some added :) :) :)
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    Mystery Box Expansion + Improvement

    Appreciate the feedback, thanks for the support thus far. Hopefully the suggestion is received well.
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    Shooting Star D&D - Mining

    Shooting Star (Mining D&D) Currently in-game the mining skill is very linear and slow to train in comparison to most others. Having an extra alternative method to train mining would be great as well as providing an extra activity / method to bring rewards into the server. I'm suggesting that the shooting star d&d be added onto the server with some alterations to make it more "scape-war" style as detailed below. Mechanics & Alterations The shooting star should spawn in a random location every 2 hours. The random locations could be based off the original Runescape locations or alternatively they could be cut down to only spawn in 4-5 of the locations, to make it easier to access. The star could also have custom spawn locations added but probably not worth the dev time. The location of the star should be announced in a server broadcast when it lands, as to tell players where the star lands. A telescope could be added to the donor zone (::dzone) that will tell the donors where the next star will spawn before it lands, adding another donor perk to the server. In the original shooting star D&D, mining and collecting the star dust from the star is capped at 200. I'm suggesting this cap be removed completely allowing players to collect as much star dust as they want. The mechanic of trading stardust in after mining the star to the star sprite for the original reward of runes and gp should be changed to fit the server. I think it would be a much better idea to have the star sprite that appears upon fully mining the star to have a custom reward shop, using the currency of stardust to purchase items related to the mining skill. (See Rewards listed below) Rewards The rewards suggest and listed below are a vague idea and suggestion, the price of stardust per item would need to be balanced and tested. The rewards are also just ideas I've come up with i'm probably missing key items or equipment that could be added.. feel free to comment any rewards i've missed out that could be added. Ores - Copper and tin all the way through to runite ore, with the price of them increasing with the ore obviously. Prospector mining outfit - The outfit could be introduced to the server, the perks of the outfit could be changed or adjusted to make it more beneficial to get. gem and coal bag - Could be worth adding to the server, however not sure how much they would be used. Dragon Pickaxe Upgrade Kit (Or) - the ornamental upgrade kit for the dragon pickaxe could be added as a cool cosmetic :) Gems - Gems could also be listed within the shop for a reasonable price. Would love to acquire some feedback on the suggestion, i just feel it would be a great addition to the server that provides a extra activity to keep players engaged as well as also breaking up the boring and tedious mining training.
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    Slayer Ideas

    Slayer could definitely do with some addition of content and changes to keep it interesting and fresh; The use of boss / slayer heads to re-color the slayer helm would be a great addition. I like the idea of the slayer helm upgrades for range and magic, feel like the points might need to be a little higher to balance it out. The magnet concept is cool. I feel like it could be listed in the slayer shop as a upgrade for the helm for X amount of points, alternatively rather than adding too many perks onto the slayer helm it could introduced slightly different. A ring of wealth (i) could be adapted to have this purpose and be listed in the slayer shop for X amount of points too. Also i plan on making a extended post on a custom boss which the idea of master slayer scroll could be incorporated into very nicely. Would be great if the slayer boss tasks could be extended to include more bosses that are kill-able on the server, including demonic gorillas (although not technically a boss, they are listed under boss teleport).
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    Iron Dragon? Bye

    Sweet 73! :D Just a random PvM pic!
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    aee some of my suggestions are here <3
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    Zenith's Application

    Nice application :)
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    Double xp - Crybabies.

    I suggest that players period should be paying for double exp, the only exception for staff admins/owners to assist if the server is down for an emergency restart or crashes. I see alot of players in game complain that double xp should be up all the time, I think not... there are some players around including my self to activate d-xp if we need it or want it, but it shouldn't be expected of us to put it up for others.
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    200m XP capes

    Nice, why not! NOT BAD AT ALL! :)

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