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    M1llz Applications

    woooooohhh ! 100%
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    Plain Jane

    Some Ideas From M1llz

    nice! I support this,
  3. 1 point

    Some Ideas From M1llz

    nice work m1llz
  4. 1 point

    Some Ideas From M1llz

    should be nice add new swagg item in vote shop !!!
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    Vote what you like to see ingame.

    to be honest we need more fashion scape gear xD
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    Vote what you like to see ingame.

    and runecrafter outfid for rc! staffs would be nice too give rc a little boost :D
  7. 1 point

    Vote what you like to see ingame.

    voted! seriously liking this post. i think it would be nice if the votestore would get an update ( u can remove the rogue but the rest would be sick and we should get lumberjack or mining outfid to boost xp an hour, like when u wear full u get 10% more xp when u wear 1 piece u get 2.5% etc
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    My app

    +1 for my part !! 😄 good luck bud 🙂 !!!
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    User: Zyrilx I'm a nub, but if you let me pick something i might not be a nub anymore :) p.s. LF> sugar daddy ;)
  10. 1 point
    Hydro, and cuz i'm more active than other people and a poor pleb ❤️ Aaaaaaand because you're my brother.
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