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    Dead Fury

    Perkys Into

    Welcome to the server man! Hope you enjoy your stay, feel free to message me or any other staff if you have any questions.
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    I was just wondering around today I came upon a place that I believe would be a great area to either turn into a Donator Zone or Skilling area either way this would be a good place for one of those called Mos Le'harmless Teleport. It has a lot of space to put a lot of things in there for example. In the first image, The Red circle you would place a furnace inside there and an anvil on either side of the furnace. The Blue Circle you would put ore there all the way from Tin/Copper to Rune Along the side of the building and lastly the Orange circle you would put fishing areas ranging from shrimp/anchovies to manta rays but of course leave dark crabs where they are. https://imgur.com/a/Ya3I6 In this second Image is 1 of 2 possible places to put shops or could turn this into another skilling area, up for ideas on this part. https://imgur.com/kCXlAKQ This would be the second place https://imgur.com/tXMFzQ3 Now this late image would be the place for woodcutting, The Black circle is where you would put the trees ranging from Normal to Magic trees. And Orange circle would be where you put a bank booth. https://imgur.com/fR2MAuF I really feel like this would benefit the community. I think the donator zone we have right now is ok, but i feel like it could be a lot better. Now I know they are links but the post wouldn't allow me to add more than 1 image which brings me to my next suggestion, allow possibly up to atleast 5 images in the post.
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    Dead Fury

    thatonenub's suggestions

    I like most of these ideas except a few. I think if we have another mini-game we should not be limiting this to donors only. I don't see the point in having that, that would just be rude to the regular players who cant donate. I would like to see a few more ores at dzone, maybe some addy ores and a mith ore or two. But I don't think they should never run out. That again, would just be unfair to the non donators and take away from the grind of the server. You can already make all when doing arrows. Thieving exp is great the way it is right now, it doesn't take that long to get 99 thieving. As for the rest, I really like the ideas. Spinning wheel at dzone would make getting flax a lot easier, just have to pick it at the field and go to dzone to spin. I would like to see it announce when players get a rare drop, that would just be cool to look out for, but would also bring attention to those who are bossing in the wild as players could look for a specific drop by a certain boss which would make bossing in the wild a little more risky. Player owned shops would be just awesome. That would really help when trying to sell things, I would love to see this implemented. And for the last thing, I don't think there should be a bank at farming spots but a guy to note the herbs and such would be kinda nice. Doesn't really take away from the grind just a help with convenience. Nice ideas man!
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    Dead Fury

    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules Ranting; All negative threads and threads consisting of but not restricted to ranting/complaining are bound to the feedback section. Please post in the appropriate section. Threads directed towards other players; Posting threads directed at or about other players is strictly forbidden. This includes but is not restricted to threads to discuss a certain user/their behavior, threads targeting/insulting/slandering other users and any kind of derogatory threads. Please use Private Messages if you wish to give somebody a message. Trolls; A "troll" is someone who intentionally and persistently posts inflammatory messages about sensitive topics to bait users into responding or provoke a confrontation. The staff’s time is too valuable to be spent on trolls. If you’ve come here to troll and waste our time, then you will be disposed of. The staff has more important things to deal with and cannot be bothered to waste their time with you. This server and forum is to entertain and educate, not be a playground to kids. Inappropriate Content; I hope I do not need to put this on here but I will anyway, posting any sort of violent, pornographic, or offensive content is not permitted. Spamming; All unnecessary and irrelevant posts and topics is considered spamming, plain and simple. The rule is broken down into four parts. 1) Singles: Creating topics ANYWHERE with a single word, emoticon, or a strand of random numbers is considered spamming. 2) Grave-digging: When someone brings a “dead thread back to life” by posting on a very old thread. If this thread is more than 1 month (31 days), and a common thread (simple suggestions, feedback, rants, etc.) and someone decides to post on it, then it is grave-digging. 3) Bumping: Considered spamming in every section except “private” sections like Bug Reporting. It is simple, if your thread is good and should stay then other people will post relevant information and feedback on it. 4) Double posting on threads or making the same post in different boards is strictly prohibited and considered spam. Personal Information; Another rule I hope I don’t have to put out there but will anyway, posting anyone’s personal information without their permission is completely against the rules. Personal information is personal. This includes addresses (Home/Work/School/E-mail), phone numbers, pictures, videos, etc. Punishments are as follows; You will get warned twice before any further action is taken, remember these warnings are forever marked on your account and can always be seen by staff members. They do not vanish. After that we will restrict your account to being moderated, meaning when you post a thread it will not be made public unless a staff member has viewed it first verifying it is in compliance with the rules, the length of this punishment is to be determined by the staff member issuing the punishment. Following that you will be restricted from posting content period for a lengthy amount of time, again depends on the staff member issuing the punishment/severity of said situation. Then if you somehow manage to make your way to the last punishment or leak personal information, you will be banned from using this site. If your blatant disregard for these rules is bad enough it can result in an instant ban. Follow the rules as they have been stated above, these rules have been put in place to keep things running in a smooth and orderly fashion.
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    Forum Rules

    Thank you for putting All of this together man. Great piece of work!
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    Ejinnylord's Suggestions! 02/18/18

    I completely agree with #1 and #5 - we should be able to make bolts from scratch, especially for iron men. And a daily minigame bonus sounds perfect, and would be really helpful! The rest I'm a little indifferent about. I think it'd be cool to have a Player store, but I'm not sure it's needed. Same thing goes for the fallen star. I like the idea, but the beauty of mining is the grind. I kind of like that this server has stayed with the classic osrs feel, and I feel like some of this may be getting away from that. I do like the ideas, though. Great work coming up with these!
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    Rare drop (game chat)

    It is being added, but they areworking on a lot of stuff already. huge things are coming, and the drop notifier is not high on the list atm. But dont worry it is on the list already and it has been for long
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    PS. Its not like droprates for supplies Are bad. Personally i have gathered thousands og herbs, ores, gems, logs by pvming Yes But When you add a bank, you make a skill afk and its almost the same as being able to Buy imo however i do like the idea about having the shit stuffed in one place, But i Dont like the banks
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    True, Not so much as buying supplies but the area nonetheless could be a great place to chill and get your grind on with almost everything in this area for you to grind in.
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    Personally i do NOT like being able to Buy skilling supplies AT ALL, i Dont know If its because i have done the grinds several times now and i have personally dropped thousands of logs and ores for efficiency. But i think the mentality and the way our server is built, is that you have to make the grinds yourself as in osrs, With as little help as possible on a privateserver. EDIT: I know that many people, and myself back in the times play privateservers to get around the grinds and the struggles of obtaining their supplies for the levels. But as written, a lot of people stay on scapewar because they Can actually do shit and prove themselves without having to spend hundreds of hours maxing
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    Staff team by February 2018

    The owner Steven Co-Owner Sanctimonium Community Manager Holemess122 Administrators Gazza Raidokas Darkmessiah Adil Moderators Falcon Soar Dead Fury Supports Rehabs Superbvibe Sora Ions Lil Johnny If you have any questions towards the server or forums, you will be able to ask this lot. All these guys have been chosen to stand as the faces for the server, and are all people with great knowledge of the server.