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    Was thinking to share some ideas! Drop rate boost at weekends Double voting points at weekends More valuable items to voting shop, items that can be useful :) Placeholders in bank Kalphite Queen boss tele Lizardman Shaman 200m XP capes Fix clue items, some make your head disappear Vet'ion needs a fix aswell, as a slayer task it doesn't count kills + minions don't have drops Volcanic and Frozen whip mix to bounty shop Skill points to get new cosmetics, unique for skillers Spin wheel for daily logins, sweet rewards Drop guide rarity, for example Abyssal Whip { Rare (1/512) } A little list of suggestions, hope you like them and hope we get some added :) :) :)
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    Sora App

    Name: Nathan Username: Sora Age: 21 Where are you from?: New Zealand Timezone: GMT+12 Ingame Time with picture: Also before full reset i had 46 days ingame time played :) How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: 10+ Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: because i want to help grow this server and i have been around since mainly the start of scape war and have seen it grow so much and i love playing this game and telling my friends about it and just meeting all these new people on the server is great :D also i have been here in the bad times and good times and have always been welcomed here with a great community of loyal players you guys know who you are but its just wonderful to see where this server is going :) What are some Strengths/Weaknesses you have?: i am very knowledgeable about the server and can answer questions when needed and im a very positive person :D, always willing to hear what you have to say :) Weakness language barrier sometimes i find it hard to understand someone and im working on this but its really cool to learn new things right. Staff Experience: i was previously staff on scape wars and have been mod on a few other servers What are the qualities you have: i love to interact with people its so amazing hearing where people are from, im also very generous i am always willing to spend the time to help a new player out the best i can finding best training options or money making etc or even older players Five Quality's a Staff member should have: patience people work at different speed levels so this is key knowledge know the right information is good so then can help players out being on enough to help out people and putting in the work being respectful of people easygoing and fun to insure that players have the best possible experience while playing scape wars What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted:help the server grow and see the community grow and welcome all new players and old ones to and just be the best me i can with helping out in anyway possible. i feel that undertaking a role like this would be like helping out a new family here on scape wars to growing to be the best community we can be :)
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    Shooting Star D&D - Mining

    Shooting Star (Mining D&D) Currently in-game the mining skill is very linear and slow to train in comparison to most others. Having an extra alternative method to train mining would be great as well as providing an extra activity / method to bring rewards into the server. I'm suggesting that the shooting star d&d be added onto the server with some alterations to make it more "scape-war" style as detailed below. Mechanics & Alterations The shooting star should spawn in a random location every 2 hours. The random locations could be based off the original Runescape locations or alternatively they could be cut down to only spawn in 4-5 of the locations, to make it easier to access. The star could also have custom spawn locations added but probably not worth the dev time. The location of the star should be announced in a server broadcast when it lands, as to tell players where the star lands. A telescope could be added to the donor zone (::dzone) that will tell the donors where the next star will spawn before it lands, adding another donor perk to the server. In the original shooting star D&D, mining and collecting the star dust from the star is capped at 200. I'm suggesting this cap be removed completely allowing players to collect as much star dust as they want. The mechanic of trading stardust in after mining the star to the star sprite for the original reward of runes and gp should be changed to fit the server. I think it would be a much better idea to have the star sprite that appears upon fully mining the star to have a custom reward shop, using the currency of stardust to purchase items related to the mining skill. (See Rewards listed below) Rewards The rewards suggest and listed below are a vague idea and suggestion, the price of stardust per item would need to be balanced and tested. The rewards are also just ideas I've come up with i'm probably missing key items or equipment that could be added.. feel free to comment any rewards i've missed out that could be added. Ores - Copper and tin all the way through to runite ore, with the price of them increasing with the ore obviously. Prospector mining outfit - The outfit could be introduced to the server, the perks of the outfit could be changed or adjusted to make it more beneficial to get. gem and coal bag - Could be worth adding to the server, however not sure how much they would be used. Dragon Pickaxe Upgrade Kit (Or) - the ornamental upgrade kit for the dragon pickaxe could be added as a cool cosmetic :) Gems - Gems could also be listed within the shop for a reasonable price. Would love to acquire some feedback on the suggestion, i just feel it would be a great addition to the server that provides a extra activity to keep players engaged as well as also breaking up the boring and tedious mining training.
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    Sora App

    Know's a lot, great person to talk to! +Reputation =)
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    aee some of my suggestions are here <3
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    blitz's Application

    Nice app :)
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    200m XP capes

    Hello all, I was thinking 200m xp capes would be cool. Basically if you get 10th prestige in a skill, and then grind it to 200m xp, you would get a cape. Perhaps similar to the level 120 capes currently in RS3. I believe this would provide some incentive for people to "truly master" a certain skill, and be able to show off their accomplishments. :) Questions, comments, concerns? Much love, -M

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