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    Dead Fury

    Discord Changes

    Hello all, I have recently made a few changes to the discord that I think we will all enjoy. I have simply added a new bot that comes with some very nice features. Of course the most important is the moderation that comes with this bot, such as when you are in need of assistance you would type !calladmin (message). But what I think you will all enjoy is the new xp system that is on the discord now and the gambling system. You can go to the casino channel and type !profile to setup your profile then !daily to get your daily money of min. 100 or max. 10,000 and gamble away with !gamble (whatever number). You can purchase things from a shop on the server using !shop which will load it into your dm. You can also give rep to players or take away their rep by using !+rep or !-rep. The last thing is this handy little feature that will making doing giveaways a lot easier for you. You can go into the discord server under giveaways and type !giveaway and you will be promoted with mibro wanting you to use a message for the giveaway then give it a reaction. Then those who react with that reactions then enter the giveaway and can be picked at a later time with !pick (emoji used) then it will automatically and randomly pick someone to win the giveaway. Hope you all can enjoy the discord just a little bit more ^^. Thank you, Scape-War Staff
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    thatonenub's suggestions UPDATED x2

    Selecting hunter from xp lamps is something I definitely agree with been caught out by that a couple of times ;) Banker at crafting tele, not exactly game changing but I suppose would make tanning hides a lot less painful so I agree. Super antifires I personally don't agree with just cause I don't feel it's really necessary. Dragons are easy enough as it is. New bosses I'll always be happy with, just takes a lot of time to put in place. Poll system would be a great addition before any major updates. Updating PK shop, again, great idea, what kinda thing would you like to see there though? Could be something we could poll for! Being able to buy more from shops just a quality of life improvement sounds good as well. Over all decent ideas.
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    Staff Update 2/28/2018

    Thanks for the post. I'm sure there'll be more changes coming soon so people should keep their eyes out for that!

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