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    Dead Fury

    Recieving Ranks

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to get the forums in order so if you all could reply to this thread using the following format of your in-game name and a picture of your rank in general information which is found in the quest tab so we can get your proper ranks assigned to your account. In-Game name: Proof of rank: Thank you, Scape-War Staff
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    2 rares in 1 clue

    Holy lord, that's some nice luck :o
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    Yep, i'm in! I support this aswell :)
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    Updates 1/03/2018

    Great work!
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    Staff Update 2/28/2018

    Thank you, hehe! Congratz to you to @Dead Fury :) Aswell to @Gazza, @Dottel and @Dominate. Roll that shiiiiiit, ya meaan!
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    Recieving Ranks

    In-Game name: Reiks Proof of rank:

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