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    Perkys Into

    Welcome, Perky! Nice to meet you, hope we'll meet soon, haha ;)
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    Staff Application :)

    I like it, would like to see you online a bit more :=
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    Nope :( Just spirit shield...
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    Auex (The Goat)

    Welcome, Auex! Already had the pleasure, hehe ;)
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    Dzone 1. Spinning wheel in dzone, not a bad idea. 2. Maybe, but i'm not sure, if it gains this much players. Like we can see, very few play minigames here, community needs to grow a little, more active players, then we can talk about this. 3. I agree with @Dead Fury. 4. Yes, why not. Anyone 1. I agree with this one. 2. It should work now. 3. No, less xp-more money ;) ;) 4. Well, in my opinion we don't need it, stay to classics. (just my opinion) 5. Again at this point, i agree with @Dead Fury. 6. Haha yes, this should be added.
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    This might bring more skillers, like doing something together, having someone to talk to is way better than skilling alone. But yeah, shops which contain only stuff that will be needed to do something (for example fishing net for fishing, etc.) I support this! Very nice :)
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    Recieving Ranks

    In-Game name: Reiks Proof of rank:
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    Ironman and Bossing

    If someone continues to crash, grief or troll you at a boss to leach on drops, get screenshots, also of the chatbox if he says anything that indicates it, and set em to my dms and i will handle it #ironmenisdawae Btw its hard when we dont have different worlds n shit, and only so few bosses. A solution would be to make instances, for an entrance free of like 5m

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