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    Lil Pamja

    Ejinnylord! Hey War Scapers

    Hey mann see you in-game a couple of times will have to go bossing or something enjoy the server homiee
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    Ejinnylord! Hey War Scapers

    Welcome! Saw that you got a Tanzanite Fang from a mystery box earlier. Good welcoming gift I'd say lol.
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    Ejinnylord! Hey War Scapers

    Welcome to the server bro. If you need anything feel free to message me in-game. IGN: Magicbro
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    Dead Fury

    Ejinnylord! Hey War Scapers

    Welcome to the server man. Hope to see ya in-game sometime!
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    Ejinnylord! Hey War Scapers

    hope to see you ingame welcome to the server dude! If you ever need help just ask in help cc or pm me if im online or any other staff members :D

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