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    Staff team by February 2018

    The owner Steven Co-Owner Sanctimonium Community Manager Holemess122 Administrators Gazza Raidokas Darkmessiah Adil Moderators Falcon Soar Dead Fury Supports Rehabs Superbvibe Sora Ions Lil Johnny If you have any questions towards the server or forums, you will be able to ask this lot. All these guys have been chosen to stand as the faces for the server, and are all people with great knowledge of the server.
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    Dead Fury

    Guess who's back, back again

    Well it was nice meeting you and talking with you. Hope you choose to join back completely but hope to see you ingame again! Welcome back Falcon.
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    dragonstone enchant spell

    In the default spellbook, one of the first few spells can be used to enchant bolts.
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    Wohooo Tanzanite fang

    Congratulations Witt Lowry! Good luck on future drops mate! Cheers, DarkMessiah