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    Kevino suggestion thread

    Hello i have a few things that i want to suggest. 1. Flower poker / auto gambling system that means it is like a trade you put your items and choose the gambling section and then accept to gamble, ( to gamble you need to open a gambler scroll that should cost around ( 1b cash ) 2. Add more pvm bosses like chaos elemental, cerberus. 3. add more custom items like ( elemental dagger, elemental staff, elementa crossbow ( chaos elemental could be dropping these items) 4. more benefits as a donator like ::Bank, ::veng ::Barrage, etc etc. 5 A price pot at edge that can be called ( scape war bot) that tells you the prices of every item as exampel a player says ( pc whip) then it should answer ( abbysal whip is around 10-15m and this item can be dropped from ( bla bla bla) and cost ( bla bla bla in the donator shop, pk shop) 6. make forums more active by rewarding players to use it, maybe like first one that reach 50 post with no spam post gets 500 donator points or something. 7 add ::onlinestaff so players can see when staff are online. 8. add Player trade pos that you can sell items and other players can buy it like a small grand exchange system. This is what i suggest please dont hate. @Steven @DarkMessiah @Holemess122 Kind regards Kevino
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    100 KBD KILLS

    This is my outcome after 100 KBD kills. im gonna continue until i get the pet & vissy, hope to get it before @DarkMessiah does ;D
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    Just got 200m Defence Xp on my Ironman :)