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    Herblore guide

    Herblore Guide Beginners To obtain herbs you can either farm them or buy them from other players. Cleaning Herbs If you did happen to farm your own herbs or receive grimy herbs this is the levels required to clean them. Herbs must be cleaned to be used in potion making. Here is a table with all herbs and levels required. Image Herb Level Experience Guam 1 150 Marentill 5 200 Tarromin 11 250 Harralandar 20 300 Ranarr 25 350 Toadflax 30 400 Irit 40 450 Avantoe 48 500 Kwuarm 54 550 Snapdragon 59 600 Cadantine 65 650 Lantadyme 67 650 Dwarfweed 70 700 Torstol 75 750 Making Potions After cleaning the herbs to make a potion you will need: ~ 1x Vial of water ~ 1x Clean "herb" ~ 1x Secondary You will need a potion (unf) and the secondary required to make the potion. I have proved a table below with potion, level, herb, and secondary required. Herblore Image Herb/Potion Ingredients Ingredients Level Experience Attack Guam + Eye of Newt + 3 1250 Anti-Poison Marrentill + Unicorn Horn Dust + 5 1900 Strength Tarromin + Limpwurt Root + 14 2500 Restore Harralander + Red Spider Eggs + 22 3150 Prayer Ranarr + Snape Grass + 38 4400 Super Attack Irit + Eye of Newt + 45 5000 Super Antipoison Irit + Unicorn Horn Dust + 48 5300 Super Strength Kwuarm + Limpwurt Root + 55 6250 Super Restore Snapdragon + Red Spider Eggs + 63 7150 Super Defence Cadantine + White Berries + 66 7500 Antifire Lantadyme + Blue Dragonscale + 69 7900 Ranging Dwarfweed + Wine of Zamorak + 72 8150 Magic Lantadyme + Potatoe Cactus + 76 8650 Zamorak Brew Torstol + Jangleberries + 78 8750 Saradomin Brew Toadflax + Crushed Birds nest + 81 9000 Super Combat Torstol + Super Set + + + 90 7500 I hope this all helped you and goodluck on your 99 herblore grind. Kingly regards, Kevin aka Quality
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    Crafting guide

    Welcome to my crafting guide Items you need: chisel,ring mold, gold bars. To begin use the monster teleport > cows ,and kill 2 cows and bring them to the tanner (skilling teleport>crafting). Once tanned, use a needle and thread (bought from skilling shop) on a hide and make leather gloves. At level 5 you can start making rings. you need one gold bar and a ring mold. use the gold bar on a furnace to make rings. At level 20 you can make sapphire rings using a sapphire, gold bar, and ring mold. Use the gold bar on the furnace to make the sapphire ring. You can get gems by mining the purple rocks at shilo village (location teleport>next page>shilo village. Cutting the Gems will also give you very good xp so bring a chisel. Here are the levels you need to cut each gem. Gem Crafting level Jade 13 Sapphire 20 Emerald 27 Ruby 34 Dragonstone 55 Onyx 72 Making different rings is the fastest way to 99 crafting. Just repeat the steps above for each gem. There are other methods of course but i believe this is the fastest. Also gets your mining xp up while your mining the gems. I bring a chisel with me to cut them as i mine them until I get a full inventory. Then bank and repeat until you reach 99 :) Hope the guide helped Feel free to comment if i missed anything . Thanks for looking at my guide :) -Retch
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    Crafting guide

    Very nice guide bro, will help all the new players :) more of these please
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    My Goals

    My Goals ~Hit 1B ~Hit 2B ~Hit 3B ~Hit 4B ~Hit 5B ~Hit 6B ~Hit 7B ~Hit 8B ~Hit 9b ~Hit 10b ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skilling (Max, Prestige to Max) PVM Hit 1k Boss Kills Hit 100 Bandos Kills Hit 100 Zulrah kills Hit 100 Vet'ion kills Hit 100 Venenatis kills Hit 100 Zammy kills Hit 100 Saradomin kills Hit 100 Arma kills Hit 100 Callisto Kills Hit 100 Barrel Chest kills Hit 200 KBD kills Hit 25 Other Bosses Kills Rare Collection ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Collect Full Partyhat set Collect Full H'ween Mask set Collect all 3 Santas Collect Rainbow, Black, and Phat with Specs Own Christmas Cracker Have 1 Rare Have 5 Rares Have 10 Rares Have 15 Rares Have 20 Rares Have 25 Rares Have 50 Rares Have 100 Rares Have Most Rares(?) Staking ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have 100 Wins Have 200 wins Have 500 Wins Have 1k Wins Win 100M in a single stake Win 200m in a single stake Win 500M in a single stake Win 1B in a single stake Win 2B in a single stake Win 5B in a single stake Win 10B in a single stake Win 20B in a single stake Win 50B in a single stake Win biggest pot on Scape-War once Player Recruitment ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruited 1 Newbie Recruited 2 Newbies Recruited 5 Newbies Recruited 10 Newbies Recruited most people on Scape-War Etc ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hit Standard Donor Hit Supreme Donor Hit Legendary Donor Hit VIP Donor Hit Demonic Donor Hit Sponsor Donor Hit $2500 Donated Talk Steven into giving me a custom Donor rank Achieve some kind of staff position Become Richest on Server sooner or later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope you all enjoy my goals list give me some feed back on what you think! :) ~~~~~DegenterX the Dragon Tamer