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    Melee: Head: Serpentine Helm Neck: Fury Necklace Cape: Fire Cape/Completionist Cape Chest: Bandos Chestplate Weapon: Abyssal Tentacle Shield: Dragon Defender/Dragon Fire Shield Legs: Bandos Tassets Boots: Primordial Boots Ring: Berserker Ring Gloves: Barrows Gloves Ranged: Head: Armadyl Helmet Neck: Fury Necklace/Glory Amulet Cape: Ava's Accumulator/Completionist Cape Chest: Armadyl Chestplate Weapon: Armadyl Crossbow Shield: Odium Ward Legs: Armadyl Chainskirt Boots: Pegasian Boots Ring: Archers Ring Gloves: Barrows Gloves Magic: Head: Ahrim's Hood/Infinity Hat/ Farseer Helm Neck: Fury Necklace/Glory Amulet Cape: God Capes Chest: Ahrim's Robetop Weapon: Master Wand/Ancient Staff/ Trident Of The Seas Shield: Arcane Spirit Shield Legs: Ahrim's Robeskirt Boots: Eternal Boots Ring: Seers' Ring Gloves: Barrows Gloves Please tell me what you think about it and if i need to make any changes - Clockwork
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    Chewzie's staff application

    +999 got my vote. Good luck!
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    update donated zone.

    hey all I'm london, just joined this server and decided to make donation cause i love it. *my suggestion would be. * build magic tree into donated zone so players can get easier xp with woodcuttting and faster. * allow certain donates do ::empty or access to the bank easier ::bank *expand the donated zone * different benefits for all donater ranks. * might have donate cape or something for some fun. thx hope u support my suggestions guys
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    Nice dude! I think the only silly changes for maxed DPS is third-age mage hat for magic with occult necklace, and also third-age vambraces for the range, other than that looks pretty good! Not sure if you can get rings imbued though? Nice, work really handy though. Cheers,
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    Zenyte's Staff Application

    Nigga did you really just added screenshot of you helping people ? LMFAO
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    Chewzie's staff application

    Sorry dude. hardly see you in game and im online ALOT, and when you do there is not much interaction with the community. There has been times I have seen people ask you directly questions in regards to items or general help and there was no reply. If this was to change then yes you would have my vote 100% but until then I would have to stick with my "-1 vote" Really sorry.