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    Helloooo, I made the server it own community for plug.dj URL: https://plug.dj/scape-war Plug dj is a site where people can make their own playlist, and be the dj, every person in the room will hear the music you will play, share your music taste and come to listen! :)
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    Donor Area

    Hey all, Thanks for taking the time to come to the post and have a look, This is a suggestion I would like to push forward, Currently we have a donor zone, but it is lacking... In the picture i have added you can see that there are 4 side rooms that we are not using, these ares could house skilling plots, shops, monsters, anything really as long as it fits. any thoughts on this, if you agree and are a have donor status, what would you like to see in these areas if this was to be considered? Personally id love for it to be used for skill plots,shops and maybe even a market (if it was possible) Thanks for everyone's time :D please leave feedback, I dont bite :D