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    ~~Detailed Woodcutting Guide~~

    Woodcutting is a very simple skill that can be started by buying an axe from the skilling supplies at home, And then teleporting to the skilling area. A dragon Axe can be obtained from Dagannoth's Kings or brought off a player. They can also be obtained though a Mystery box. The current price of a dragon axe is around 5-15m and ranges a lot. The levels you can use each axe is as followed. Bronze / Iron = 1 Woodcutting Required Steel = 6 Woodcutting Required Black = 11 Woodcutting Required Mithril = 21 Woodcutting Required Adamant = 31 Woodcutting Required Rune = 41 Woodcutting Required Dragon = 61 Woodcutting Required To start off you will need an Iron or Bronze Axe. The best way to bank is to use the Bank deposit box on the skilling island located right next to the maple trees as shown below. Remember do not bank your inventory here if you are not wielding the axe as you can not withdraw items from here like a normal bank booth. You will then need to start cutting down normal trees , known as Evergreens. They give 500 xp per log cut. This means to get to the next tree you will need to chop down 6 Logs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oak Trees Oak Trees require 15 Woodcutting to chop down. They give 750 xp per log cut. You will need to cut down a total of 14 Oak logs to get to the next tree level. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Willow Trees Willow trees require 30 woodcutting to cut down. They give 1,350 xp per log cut. You will need to cut down a total of 36 Willow logs to get to the next tree level. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maple Trees Maple trees require 45 Woodcutting to cut down. It is highly recommend to use a rune axe whilst cutting these. They give 2,000 xp per Log cut. You will need to cut down a total of 106 Maple Logs to get to the next tree level. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yew Trees Yew Trees require 60 woodcutting to chop down. They give 3,500 xp per Log cut. You will need to cut down a total of 268 Yew Logs to get to the next and final Tree level. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magic Tree Magic Trees are the final tree you should be finishing 99 woodcutting on. They give 5,000 xp per Log cut. It is recommend if you can get one to use a dragon hatchet cutting these. You will need to cut down a total of 2364 Magic Logs to obtain 99 Woodcutting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ QUICK SUM UP Logs Required for 99 : Normal - 6 Oak - 14 Willow - 36 Maple - 106 Yew - 268 Magic - 2364 Total logs required for 99 Woodcutting - 2794 Logs. Thanks ~~Wondering~~
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    1. Npcs including Nechs, metal drags all drop bars for smithing, but no npcs in-game drop noted bars. I think all of the bar drops need to be in noted from otherwise no one's going to pick them up... Also, since smithing is so slow, this would be a nice addition 2. Make salve (e) useful. As of now, like osrs, it only buffs damage to undead monsters which is practically useless on a rsps. My suggestion is increase the amount of slayer points it costs and make it function like a slayer helm except make it give even more of a damage buff. My second suggestion for this item, (if the first idea wasn't good), is to make the item either a donation or a lot of slayer points or a boss drop, and make it so you never hit 0s on slayer monsters or on any monsters. This might sound op, but really isn't if you must donate for it or make it hard to get. 3. Add wilderness keys (if there aren't already. I don't think there are) to boss drops and wilderness npcs in general. Add a chest in the wilderness that gives good loot. I can give suggestions on what items should be in this chest if we as a community decide to add it. 4. ADD A BANK/DEPOSIT BOX TO THE ORES AT SKILLING TELEPORT AND ADD RUNE ORE 5. Decrease ore respawn 6. Add karabwam fishing, especially at resource arena 7. Fix the furnace at resource arena (doesn't let you make bars) 8. Buff slayer monster drops. Slayer at the moment is pretty boring and bad money making (unless you got rng of course). My suggestion is to add more gem loots, skilling supplies, alchables to slayer monster drops. Because quite frankly, I'm getting tired of getting black swords, thread, and adamant helms. 9. Allow cooked food to be noted at the npc at resource arena rather just raw items 10. correct general store prices for items... Many good items sell for barely any gp... 11. This is a big one. Skilling at the moment (besides for thieving) is disgusting money making. By disgusting, I mean garbage. Herblore is useless because you spend an arm and a leg for the seeds, then the potions cost a mere 2k in the shop. Overall, bars, bows from fletching, amulets and jewelry from crafting, food, potions, ores, etc all need their prices increased. An economy where skilling, pvming, and pking are all good money makers is a good economy. An economy evolved around pvming is not a good economy.
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    Alpha Q

    New suggestions

    Here are some suggestions for you guys ! 1. Deposit bank: at “Skill teleport” we have like 2 deposits (1 for fishing and the other one for all!) I think with an other one at mining area can be good! 2. More item for slayer NPC: the only objective atm for slayer its slayer helm. We need to make a slayer helm (e), Full slayer helm and the color slayer helm. 200 points for slayer helm that decent. The attachment can be 500 more for full slayer helm so 700 total, 1000 for color ( 1200 total ) We can have benefice for all stage of slayer helm. 3. Monster location ( exactly for every mobs) ----- I can do it 4. A lot of players ask me advantage for donator! Atm there’s nothing and maybe that can change. 5. Skilling shop ( outfit ) or achievement give you item like “cut 4000 maple logs “ and you got woodcutting outfit. 6. NPC for maxed cape and add comp cape with achievement for comp. 7. Decrease drop from boss just a little bit for reg. Players and let donator with ATM drop rate. That can make people pay for more drop rate 8. Imagine a shop for pvm people! Not everybody like pk and get pk to make money... Now we can have a Mobs Shop that mean, every single monster gave you points ( slayer monster ) like 1/5 chance to have 1 points from easy task, 1/ 4 from medium and 1/3 from hard task. 1 item can be like 1k. 9. Fix a price for 1$ = ***M cause with that we can make a real price guide 10. Add trivia game 11. Add minigame (no idea ATM) 12. Highscore!
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    Wtf 26k

    Doing what i do

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