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    Support Server supports are the lowest ranking staff members in Scape-War. A server support position can be referred to as a trial moderator position and should still be treated as a staff member. Server supports are limited in their commands - their main responsibilities are to help the community by answering questions, helping with clues, directing players, and ensuring that the community stays intact. Moderator The Server Moderator rank is the second-lowest rank a player can receive in the game. These individuals have finished and passed their Server Support trial, and are responsbile for moderating the game and enforcing the rules. A short description would be - Moderates the game and enforces the rules in-game. Game Administrator A Game Administrator handles major forum maintenance such as donator ranks, forum bans, warnings, and forum muted. In addition to forums they also play a key role ingame of Scape-War. game administrators are considered the second Highest ranking staff members and will handle major bugs and also cover the roles of the lower ranking staff team. They will also handle any dispute with other low ranking staff members. Community Manager Community Manager is the highest rank a normal player can earn. The main responsibilities of a Community Manager is managing the Scape-War Staff team as well as the Scape-War gaming Community. In addition to those vital roles the Community Managers is responsible for handling changes in the staff team (promotions/demotions). They are also handling administrative tasks., deals with higher-scale issues, and handles all staff reports, player unban/unmute and all punishment appeals. Also have power to ban/kick players from in-game Help Clan Chat and give ranks as well. Even though Community Managers don't have the powers of an Owner, this rank offers a helping hand for dealing with issues in his absence. Owner the Owner rank is worn by @Steven. He is the owner of Scape-War. This is the most powerful rank amongst the community and staff. An Owner is in charge of providing new content for the server, forums and keeping the server running as well as full control of the donations. They have no set restrictions or requirements. Developer The Owner will consider certain individuals who have specified their skills in abilities in regards to coding/development. A Game Developer is in charge of providing new content from suggestions into the game, fixing bugs, and the stability of Scape-Wars server. The ranks below are in order from Highest to lowest ranking staff members : Developer Owner Community Manager Game Administrator Moderator Support
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    Staff team by February 2018

    The owner Steven Co-Owner Sanctimonium Community Manager Gazza Administrators Raidokas Dead Fury Moderators Falcon Soar Supports Sora Dominate Reiks If you have any questions towards the server or forums, you will be able to ask this lot. All these guys have been chosen to stand as the faces for the server, and are all people with great knowledge of the server.
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    Rules For Staff

    Here at Scape-War, staff are the face of the server; they represent what every player should strive to be. Staff members must always abide by certain rules. Act like a staff member Staff members are held to higher expectations than normal players, as they are the ones who represent the server; they must act professional at all times and not let anyone 'get under their skin'. Recall that the ignore list exists for a reason. Punishment is a last resort Staff members are given special privileges that regular players lack. Remember that these are privileges, and can be taken away at any time. If a staff member acts inappropriately towards anyone else or abuses their power, they will be reprimanded by staff with a higher rank. Be helpful Your primary job as an Scape-War staff member is to help our (new) players with any questions/problems related to the server. Do not ignore any player who asks for help, even if you dislike them. Regarding the Support rank The Support rank exists mainly to help (new) players with any questions/problems related to the server. They are currently allowed to mute other players, however this should only be used in the event of someone spamming/advertising on Scape-War. However, an exception can be made if two players are arguing in public/clan chat and they have been warned at least twice (first warning, final warning, mute). Regarding activity All staff members are required to be active within both the game and forums. If you are going to be offline longer than 4 days you will have to post and inactivity thread in the staff discussion section of the forums. Punishment logs Punishment logs must be filled in once a punishment has been carried out. This is the only way other members of the staff team can track who is supposed to be punished and why. If punishment logs aren’t filled in and it is found someone has been punished actions will be taken against the staff member. Afking I would also ask that all staff members log out when they are not playing the game as if you aren’t afk and someone is pming you without a reply it may relay the wrong message. Communication It is important that staff members are easy to contact. I would ask that you each check your forum mail box at least once per day. It would also be highly beneficial to have a microphone for staff meetings etc.
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    AGAIN! 2 in 1 hard clue

    O cmoon, that's so sick and twisted!
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    Yep, i'm in! I support this aswell :)
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    Perkys Into

    Welcome, Perky! Nice to meet you, hope we'll meet soon, haha ;)
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    Recieving Ranks

    In-Game name: Reiks Proof of rank:
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    Ultimate Money Making Guide [#2]

    Hope you enjoyed the guide, for detailed guides of specific monsters please just ask :) Cheers, - Aubury
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    wexferd's application

    Username: Wexferd Time Played (full screen picture): Computer Space is full, can't really upload the pic. 9 days; 8 hours. Timezone: Eastern Any outstanding infractions on your account?: None How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: 1-8 hours a day depending on how my schedule looks Any past experiences?: Other small servers, never as staff though. Do you have Skype?: I do. What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: Strength: Easy going, like to help out when I can. Weakness: I sometimes dive a little too deep into things, trying to fix things on my own can cause a headache for others. What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: I enjoy continually helping others, growing the community in a positive manner, enforcing rules that need to be enforced... even when a bug or bug abuse is brought to my attention outside of the public realm. As I stated before, I'm easy going and like to help out. Leave it better then you found it. What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: Quality Community, Accountability, Respect, Enforcement, FUN! What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: Help the community and server strive!
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    Imo something has to change.

    Support. You won't know me. I was around for around a month pretty much 24/7. I was well-known. I dropped my bank to the community and left. At the time, I felt the choice of staff was poor... Despite some of them being genuinely great people, they weren't knowledgable about the game, and some were arrogant and it was their way or you'll get muted for disagreeing. The ex-community manager Holemess was a prime example. Somebody disagreed with something he did so he got offensive, and when the person got offensive back (as he didn't play to be spoken to like a child), he was muted. Unfortunately, whether it has changed or not, staff are more bothered about sitting at home and saying hello to everyone who joins rather than actually playing, organising events and moderating when appropriate. Many (such as Dead Fury, no offence - take this contructively as you have a good heart and mean good only), would threaten/punish players for swearing/flaming. Although this is not good in small communities, it's a part of the online world these days. If people are racist etc, ok... but people disagree with eachother and maybe flame a little; it's just part of a community.. everybody can't be forced to get along. As for the updates part; I completely agree. There's so many suggestions without an answer from actual developers. I understand Dead fury, and even a few other staff have replied to some threads saying support etc.. But once again, without meaning to offend, despite being an admin, what good does 'Support' mean from Dead Fury when he has no say in updates etc, and is purely a community admin only... Developers need to start to reply, speak to the community, ask them what they want/require... The players are players for a reason, because they want to be there... The happier they are, the longer they'll stay and the more people will stay because of a larger eco/player-base.... Short-term donations are good, but long-term if you listen to players, donations will be great. I've not played in around 6 weeks, since the day I said I wouldn't play again until I see change. I haven't seen change and therefore won't log-on. However, I do check the forums 4/5 times a week... but threads like this suggest to me nothing is changing. Would be sad to see this honest review deleted, but i've donated $50 of my cash and played long enough to base an opinion. Hopefully it's reacted constructively and not offensively. GL, maybe i'll return one day.
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    Imo something has to change.

    Alright, so I've been here for almost 2 weeks and i have noticed some things. And i say what i think and i don't like to bullshit around. You either like it or not, but that is just my opinion. - Past 2 weeks i've been playing in this server i see people come and go, and the main reason they leave is because there is nothing do once you play for awhile. To fix this kind of thing is to keep server updated atleast once every week/2 weeks are they either small updates or huge updates, atleast keep the server updated, and take Player Suggestions hear. I'm not sure how many developers are there in server, i have seen 3 i'm not sure tho, but if we do have 3 developers then its not hard to keep the server updated. I know it from my own experience cause i had a well running server 3 years ago. Another thing is Streaming in Twitch.. i mean yeah its a great idea and you might get players into the server like this, but i'm sure that they wont stay for long. And if you have that much time to stream @Steven then why don't you work on updates instead of that, i've seen pretty good suggestions from players that server needs and imo it's not hard to code these stuff in and i'm sure the Player base will raise. For the 3rd time, i say its only my opinion, you either support it or not. Keep it up, i'm enjoying the server, but could enjoy much more. :) Greetings from Modstep.
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    Wilderness In General

    Here's my opinion Wilderness store: Decrease the store prices. Remove infinity set, easy to get as drop and also in slayer shop. Remove Spirit shield. Instead of normal rings (zerker etc) why not add imbued rings? I feel like we also don't need rune def nor barrows gloves there. Add fighter hat. Add Odium and Malediction Ward. Add Armadyl maybe? Add all godswords? Bounty Shop: Remove looting bag, easy to get from NPC's, no use in there. Decrease prices? Add Light/Dark infinity ornament kit Add Spirit and Blessed spirit shield? Add Barrows sets. Add Imbued heart?
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    Welcome to the server man, glad you like it! If you go to the quest tab, it shows the uptime at the top... the bonus skill changes every hour according to that timer.
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    Chicken be

    Wilderness In General

    Maybe let wildy bosses drop random brawling gloves or put random brawling gloves in wildy shop? Im not really a pker but more xp would get me in wildy more often. Or a wildy slayer master with more slayer points. Just my little contribution
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    I was just wondering around today I came upon a place that I believe would be a great area to either turn into a Donator Zone or Skilling area either way this would be a good place for one of those called Mos Le'harmless Teleport. It has a lot of space to put a lot of things in there for example. In the first image, The Red circle you would place a furnace inside there and an anvil on either side of the furnace. The Blue Circle you would put ore there all the way from Tin/Copper to Rune Along the side of the building and lastly the Orange circle you would put fishing areas ranging from shrimp/anchovies to manta rays but of course leave dark crabs where they are. https://imgur.com/a/Ya3I6 In this second Image is 1 of 2 possible places to put shops or could turn this into another skilling area, up for ideas on this part. https://imgur.com/kCXlAKQ This would be the second place https://imgur.com/tXMFzQ3 Now this late image would be the place for woodcutting, The Black circle is where you would put the trees ranging from Normal to Magic trees. And Orange circle would be where you put a bank booth. https://imgur.com/fR2MAuF I really feel like this would benefit the community. I think the donator zone we have right now is ok, but i feel like it could be a lot better. Now I know they are links but the post wouldn't allow me to add more than 1 image which brings me to my next suggestion, allow possibly up to atleast 5 images in the post.
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    Good luck with the goals man, Interested to see how this thread turns out xd
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    Dead Fury

    Forum Game

    How long can you hold your breathe and press x? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Dds Facial

    Welcome, i might ask even some questions bout graphics design, log in soon!
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    Dead Fury

    Recieving Ranks

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to get the forums in order so if you all could reply to this thread using the following format of your in-game name and a picture of your rank in general information which is found in the quest tab so we can get your proper ranks assigned to your account. In-Game name: Proof of rank: Thank you, Scape-War Staff
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    Dead Fury

    Discord Changes

    Hello all, I have recently made a few changes to the discord that I think we will all enjoy. I have simply added a new bot that comes with some very nice features. Of course the most important is the moderation that comes with this bot, such as when you are in need of assistance you would type !calladmin (message). But what I think you will all enjoy is the new xp system that is on the discord now and the gambling system. You can go to the casino channel and type !profile to setup your profile then !daily to get your daily money of min. 100 or max. 10,000 and gamble away with !gamble (whatever number). You can purchase things from a shop on the server using !shop which will load it into your dm. You can also give rep to players or take away their rep by using !+rep or !-rep. The last thing is this handy little feature that will making doing giveaways a lot easier for you. You can go into the discord server under giveaways and type !giveaway and you will be promoted with mibro wanting you to use a message for the giveaway then give it a reaction. Then those who react with that reactions then enter the giveaway and can be picked at a later time with !pick (emoji used) then it will automatically and randomly pick someone to win the giveaway. Hope you all can enjoy the discord just a little bit more ^^. Thank you, Scape-War Staff
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    I was wondering if it would be a possible idea to add the Zamorak Mage who teleports you to the abyss to the Donator Zone. I don't know if this would be an OP suggestion and would obviously make Runecrafting considerably faster but I think it's a good addition seeing as there's not a lot to do there however that in itself is a good thing imo. It will still remain a very manual skill to grind. http://prntscr.com/imiofe What do you think?
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    rip me getting it twice if this goes through
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    Staff Update 2/28/2018

    Thank you, hehe! Congratz to you to @Dead Fury :) Aswell to @Gazza, @Dottel and @Dominate. Roll that shiiiiiit, ya meaan!
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    Updates needed

    This server has potential and I was told there would be weekly updates when I joined. Since then there has only been 2 that have done just about nothing with content and bettering the game. These are some things that would increase content and things that need to be fixed. Tormented Bracelet can be worn as a ring. Toxic blowpipe spec doesn't always heal. There is no abyssal sire. New prayers released. Granite maul with clamp doesn't work. Cerberus requires no slayer level. Kbd lair goes straight to boss, theres no ladder to mid point for pking. Bankholders/Bank broken when searching. No hunter option on lamps. Callisto/Bandos just pray and get out of melee range and your invinsible. Toxic items not requiring and scales. Ring of suffering cant have recoils added. These are updates we need to worry about. Not fixing a dragon halberd price in a shop.
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    Slayer Points Very Slow.

    I'm a slayer fanatic myself and getting 1000 points in 1 week wasn't a problem, but I think that the way it is in rs at the moment would benefit a lot of players. 5xPoints every 10th task 15xPoints every 50th task
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    Staff Application :)

    I like it, would like to see you online a bit more :=
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    Dead Fury

    Perkys Into

    Welcome to the server man! Hope you enjoy your stay, feel free to message me or any other staff if you have any questions.
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    Nope :( Just spirit shield...
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    Auex (The Goat)

    Welcome, Auex! Already had the pleasure, hehe ;)
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    This might bring more skillers, like doing something together, having someone to talk to is way better than skilling alone. But yeah, shops which contain only stuff that will be needed to do something (for example fishing net for fishing, etc.) I support this! Very nice :)
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    Dead Fury

    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules Ranting; All negative threads and threads consisting of but not restricted to ranting/complaining are bound to the feedback section. Please post in the appropriate section. Threads directed towards other players; Posting threads directed at or about other players is strictly forbidden. This includes but is not restricted to threads to discuss a certain user/their behavior, threads targeting/insulting/slandering other users and any kind of derogatory threads. Please use Private Messages if you wish to give somebody a message. Trolls; A "troll" is someone who intentionally and persistently posts inflammatory messages about sensitive topics to bait users into responding or provoke a confrontation. The staff’s time is too valuable to be spent on trolls. If you’ve come here to troll and waste our time, then you will be disposed of. The staff has more important things to deal with and cannot be bothered to waste their time with you. This server and forum is to entertain and educate, not be a playground to kids. Inappropriate Content; I hope I do not need to put this on here but I will anyway, posting any sort of violent, pornographic, or offensive content is not permitted. Spamming; All unnecessary and irrelevant posts and topics is considered spamming, plain and simple. The rule is broken down into four parts. 1) Singles: Creating topics/posts ANYWHERE with a single word, emoticon, or a strand of random numbers is considered spamming. 2) Grave-digging: When someone brings a “dead thread back to life” by posting on a very old thread. If this thread is more than 1 month (31 days), and a common thread (simple suggestions, feedback, rants, etc.) and someone decides to post on it, then it is grave-digging. 3) Bumping: Considered spamming in every section except “private” sections like Bug Reporting. It is simple, if your thread is good and should stay then other people will post relevant information and feedback on it. 4) Double posting on threads or making the same post in different boards is strictly prohibited and considered spam. Personal Information; Another rule I hope I don’t have to put out there but will anyway, posting anyone’s personal information without their permission is completely against the rules. Personal information is personal. This includes addresses (Home/Work/School/E-mail), phone numbers, pictures, videos, etc. Punishments are as follows; You will get warned twice before any further action is taken, remember these warnings are forever marked on your account and can always be seen by staff members. They do not vanish. After that we will restrict your account to being moderated, meaning when you post a thread it will not be made public unless a staff member has viewed it first verifying it is in compliance with the rules, the length of this punishment is to be determined by the staff member issuing the punishment. Following that you will be restricted from posting content period for a lengthy amount of time, again depends on the staff member issuing the punishment/severity of said situation. Then if you somehow manage to make your way to the last punishment or leak personal information, you will be banned from using this site. If your blatant disregard for these rules is bad enough it can result in an instant ban. Follow the rules as they have been stated above, these rules have been put in place to keep things running in a smooth and orderly fashion.
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    Forum Rules

    Thank you for putting All of this together man. Great piece of work!
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    Lil Pamja

    Ejinnylord! Hey War Scapers

    Hey mann see you in-game a couple of times will have to go bossing or something enjoy the server homiee
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    Ejinnylord! Hey War Scapers

    Welcome! Saw that you got a Tanzanite Fang from a mystery box earlier. Good welcoming gift I'd say lol.
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    Ironman and Bossing

    If someone continues to crash, grief or troll you at a boss to leach on drops, get screenshots, also of the chatbox if he says anything that indicates it, and set em to my dms and i will handle it #ironmenisdawae Btw its hard when we dont have different worlds n shit, and only so few bosses. A solution would be to make instances, for an entrance free of like 5m
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    Dead Fury

    Ejinnylord! Hey War Scapers

    Welcome to the server man. Hope to see ya in-game sometime!
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    Ejinnylord! Hey War Scapers

    hope to see you ingame welcome to the server dude! If you ever need help just ask in help cc or pm me if im online or any other staff members :D
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    Dead Fury

    Slayer Points Very Slow.

    I believe the slayer points should stay the same but I would however like to see a streak system implemented. Every 10 get like 2x or 3x slayer points then every task after that give a few more slayer points. Also imbued heart is on its way to being added but idk what in way it'll be involved.
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    PS. Its not like droprates for supplies Are bad. Personally i have gathered thousands og herbs, ores, gems, logs by pvming Yes But When you add a bank, you make a skill afk and its almost the same as being able to Buy imo however i do like the idea about having the shit stuffed in one place, But i Dont like the banks
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    True, Not so much as buying supplies but the area nonetheless could be a great place to chill and get your grind on with almost everything in this area for you to grind in.
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    Personally i do NOT like being able to Buy skilling supplies AT ALL, i Dont know If its because i have done the grinds several times now and i have personally dropped thousands of logs and ores for efficiency. But i think the mentality and the way our server is built, is that you have to make the grinds yourself as in osrs, With as little help as possible on a privateserver. EDIT: I know that many people, and myself back in the times play privateservers to get around the grinds and the struggles of obtaining their supplies for the levels. But as written, a lot of people stay on scapewar because they Can actually do shit and prove themselves without having to spend hundreds of hours maxing
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    Love u miss u
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    Welcome to the server mate!
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    [Locked] Staff Ranks & Resposiblities

    Great post Nuclear, well explained. awesome job +1
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    The Matt

    New Lottery Idea

    Hey guys, I'm looking for feedback and some suggestions to add to my idea of adding a lottery to Scape-War! Over the past couple weeks i've been noticing that there is so much Scape-War credit items flowing around the server, causing the items to crash in price. My idea to solve this would be adding a Lottery! I would take all the bets in-game, whether the price for 1 ticket be 100 points, or 1k points has yet to be decided. I would start a 1-100 list , meaning only 100 tickets could be sold. After this week long collecting of tickets i would roll a dice in-game and see who the winner was. A certain percentage of the total collected would go to the winner, and the rest would be taken out of the server. I'm looking to see if you guys would like to have this in the server, and how much you think tickets would be worth. Thanks for taking the time to read this! -Matt
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    Hello Scape-War community. Today I have decided to open up the staff application section of the forums. I will review all applications with a fine comb and find suitable candidates to join our staff team. Now as expected there are some requirments to apply for staff alongside a format which should be used. Any applicants that don’t meet the requirments or don’t use the designated format below will not be considered and instantly declined. I hope that anyone who decides to apply for a server support position does so with the up most maturity and profesionalism. Below are the minimum requirments to apply for a server support role: 1. Members must NOT bring an application towards ANY staff member for a vouch, support, look-over, etc., and this includes being declined as well. If we decline them - leave it. 2. Members must wait a week before posting another application. 3. Members must have a minimum of five days play time (provide picture of your play time in your format). 4. Members must have Discord to communicate. 5. Members must not have outstanding or serious infractions on their account (e.g. being muted, banned, etc.) 6. Members must not have ANY infractions on the forums (no exceptions and overrides rule 5). Please use the format below in your application: Username: Time Played (full screen picture): Timezone: Any outstanding infractions on your account?: How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: Any past experiences?: Do you have Discord(required)?: What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: Strength: Weakness: What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: . What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: What do you hope to achieve in the long run?:
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    Rules For Players

    THE RULES 1. No offensive language You may not insult a person or a group of people, whether this be in-game, on the forums or outside Scape-War. This applies to both public and private conversations. 2. No scamming or luring You may not deceive a person in order to steal their items or abuse their trust through lies or false promises. If a person is found to scam an item from another person, they will get banned. Scams are always discovered through our extensive logging system, so don't even try. Luring is the act of making other people enter the wilderness, with the other party not being aware that they are at risk of losing their items when doing so. This is not allowed. Regarding the duel arena, a player who actively scams another player in the duel arena will be sanctioned, provided there is valid evidence. Make sure you are aware of the staking criteria and are comfortable staking your wealth. Exceptions where this will be voided are "Giveback" situations. This is where one party has either disconnected or has been affected by latency issues. This will also require valid evidence since this is something a player should be aware of before staking. If a player force logs themselves in order to try and use the "Giveback" notion, their account will be banned for scamming. 3. No hacking Nobody is allowed to access accounts without the authorization of the account holder, except administrators or staff members who have been authorized to do so by an administrator. Just like scamming, hacking an account is always discovered through our logs so it's pointless to try. Players who hacked an account will get banned. 4. No bug abuse It is forbidden to make use of a bug or glitch within the game to get free items or gain an advantage over other players. Any bugs must be reported to the staff team, you may even receive a reward for reporting it if it's an important bug. Same as scamming and hacking, because of our logs there is no point in trying to abuse a bug. Players will get a warning if they abuse a bug. If they fail to cooperate, they may recieve a ban. 5. No spam or disruptive content Pointless messages are not allowed on the forums or the yell channel. However, messages that most others find funny and aren't disrespectful are allowed. Disrupting one of the public chats or yell by quickly and repeatedly typing a message is also not allowed. Posting vulgar, offensive or sexual pictures on the forums counts as 'disruptive content' and may result in severe punishment. Double posting on the forums may be considered spam unless you had a good reason to bump up a thread. You're not allowed to yell about fake giveaways that would entice players to spam Private Message players or staff in-game. 6. No advertisement It is forbidden to advertise a website, product or RuneScape Private Server, both in-game and on the forums, unless you have received authorization from an administrator to do so. The administrator must have publicly posted his approval on the forums in order to prove you have been authorized to advertise. It is however allowed to publicly talk about common websites (youtube, twitter, reddit, twitch.tv, facebook, etc.) without prior approval, as long as it doesn't violate any other rules. 7. No botting Players caught using a bot, autoclicker or macro tool will be banned on sight. Using a modified client will also get you flagged as a bot. Gaining XP or items while being AFK falls under the same punishment. When your account is performing a task, you must always be present to respond to random events or when a staff member reaches out to you. 8. No real world trading It is forbidden to trade Scape-War items or accounts outside the game. It is also forbidden to trade other items or accounts from other sites on Scape-War. It is, however, allowed to trade in-game items for services you provide to others on the forums. 9. No negative and harmful behaviour It is not allowed to continually post, chat, or yell negative and non-constructive criticism, spread hatred, harass, or continually argue with others. We understand everyone has a bad day from time to time, but players who continually display negative behaviour may receive a punishment or even be permanently removed from the community. 10. No player or staff impersonation You may not pretend to be another real person or pretend to be related to another person if this is not true. 11. Obey staff members When a staff member tells you to do something, or to stop doing something, you must abide. If you believe you are being wrongfully treated by a staff member, then report this on the forums in the report a staff member section. However, if it turns out that the staff member was in their right, an additional punishment may be issued. 12. Giving away mass wealth Giving away mass wealth in instances such as "drop parties" and trading will not be acceptable. This is because this causes a large economy shift which will ultimately change prices. Mass giveaways are normally considered anything above 500 million GP or ITEMS. If you are enticed to do a mass giveaway, please notify a member of staff so they are able to assess the situation. 13. Using Alternate accounts (Alts): The following circumstances are where alternate accounts can't be used. If a player is using multiple accounts to attack the same boss monster then that will be counted as an offense. If a player is using multiple accounts in the Wilderness for whatever reason, the player will get both accounts banned depending on the severity of the infraction. Players are allowed to use multiple accounts during mini-games and skilling. 14. Account sharing: It is ilegal to share accounts with ANYONE this includes if you have the account holders permission to use the account. The reason this is being implimented is to avoid foul play within the wilderness or problems inlcuding transfering items that aren’t wanted to be given away and training stats that don’t want to be trained. It is also difficult for us to track account usage for security when more than one person has access to the account. We have full access to login logs so will be able to track this very easily, don't think you'll get away with it. Punishments: Breaking a rule may result in either a warning or a punishment. Punishments vary according to the nature of the offense. Repeat offenders will receive more severe punishments than people who haven't committed offenses before. Worst punishment: (IP-ban and permanent removal from the community) DDoS attacks Serious death threats Mass hacking Mass scamming Mass botting Attempting to shut down Scape-War Advertisement Continual negative and harmful attitude Repeatedly committing offenses listed below Severe punishment: (IP-mute, account ban or severe jail) Hacking Scamming Racism Posting disruptive content Threatening to DDoS Real world trading Gambling Botting Bug abuse Impersonation Refusing to cooperate with staff Negative and harmful attitude Repeatedly committing offenses listed below Mild punishment: (Mute or minor jail) Offensive language (flaming, baiting, insulting, hatred, …) Trolling Repeatedly committing offences listed below Minor punishment: (Temporary mute) Spam Luring Negative attitude Vulgar language Best regards, - Steven

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