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    3/02/2020 Drop Tables Rework: The Drop tables have received an overhaul. All of the drop rates are now visible and the new interface simply offers a smoother experience. Monsters now have a right click "Lookup" option for drop tables. Donator Zone Upgrade: Added Prayer & Occult altars. Added Global Herb patches (Legendary+ status required): - They contain herbs up to Kwuarm. - They have a timer of 15 minutes. - There is a total of 4 patches. Stardust shop changes: - Runite bar: 80 => 20 - Adamantite bar: 50 => 10 - Added Mithril bars for 5 stardust. Gambling: - You can now plant flowers much quicker. - Flower grow timer changed from 2 => 1 minutes. - The clipping in gambling area has been fixed. - Fixed the bank in gambling area. Battle Royale: - Kills are now correctly updated. - The cupboards and drawers are now functional again. Inferno: - Fixed the object visuals for the final boss. - The invisible npcs on wave 4 have been fixed. - Completion reward has been changed from 1M => 2.5M. Other stuff: Elite void now works with Void ranger helm (g). Superior dragon bones can now be added to POS. You no longer receive multiple very rare drops. Hill Giants no longer drop nor announce "rare" adamant arrows and such. You can now create an Ava's assembler by using a Vorkath's head on the Ava's accumulator. You can now eat Curry. Fixed the bonuses for Ferocious gloves. Fixed the Kill A Cow achievement. Bonecrusher necklace now buries bones when the necklace is equipped (Used to only work when in inventory). Added attack, hunter and construction to bonus skills. Fletching now uses the quantity selection interface. Added redwood trees & logs. Corrected the experience for burning Magic logs. Fixed Amethyst crystal mining. The Room Creation menu in Construction has been fixed. Fixed an issue with the login screen causing huge memory usage. Fixed the fps drops that occurred on a max zoom out level in fixed mode. Thanks!
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    Scape-War.com Community Survey FILL OUT HERE: https://forms.gle/98vMapc9k4xPCgje8 or shorturl.at/ezDEM ** Win $100 USD, $20 USD, or win one of TEN $10 Bonds In-Game! ** By participating, you will be entered into a giveaway for $100 USD, a secondary prize of $20 USD will be handed out. A total of ten bonds will be given out to ten individual other winners at the end of this survey. (Paypal Required, or you can request a Server Donation in the same amount!) We want to hear from ** YOU! ** - Is there anything we can do to improve our service to you? How about some additional content you've been wanting? Hey, maybe you just want to tell us how your day is going, and that you love grinding with us! We want to know it all, fill out the survey by clicking the link at the top that will take you to our Google Form survey. Thank you for participating in advanced! Only those who enter their In-Game Username at the end will be entered into the Giveaway. If you would like to submit anonymously, you may skip your in-game username but unfortunately will not be entered into the Giveaway. Survey is expected to last a minimum of 30 days, pending results and potentially extending based on new players, developer desires, and to allow as much feedback as possible from our Veteran and New Community Members. Enjoy the grind! ~ Scape-War.com Management & Staff (Forwarded from the #event's Discord Channel)
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    Great idea lads, keep it up one day we'll be on top 10 for RSPS!
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