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  2. I like it, would like to see you online a bit more :=
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  4. Some great ideas there. The only one I dont fully support would be the mini game for donors only. As stated above from Fury, it just wouldnt be fair to those who cannot donate. Awesome, awesome ideas though man!
  5. Welcome to the server man! Hope you enjoy your stay, feel free to message me or any other staff if you have any questions.
  6. Hello mates, this is just a simple introduction of who I am and my experience with private servers. I am 21 years old, from New York and this is currently the only private server I play. Yes I do play OSRS too. Well, thats really it lol. PM me if you really want to talk or play in game sometime. Thank you!
  7. welcome
  8. oof that hit
  9. In-Game name: The BoSS Proof of rank: https://gyazo.com/1276c1b11293040f232975fd607aecca
  10. Last week
  11. Hello i get banned in 2017 i dont know why maybe u can unban me :D Thanks Game name T0m
  12. Awesome ideas, support 100%
  13. Nope :( Just spirit shield...
  14. Dang son, get it lol! Get any drops yet?
  15. It's just me solo smashing corp :P
  16. Welcome, Auex! Already had the pleasure, hehe ;)
  17. Welcome to the server man! If you have any questions feel free to message me or any other staff in-game/forums/discord and we will do our best to help you ^^. Enjoy man.
  18. Dzone 1. Spinning wheel in dzone, not a bad idea. 2. Maybe, but i'm not sure, if it gains this much players. Like we can see, very few play minigames here, community needs to grow a little, more active players, then we can talk about this. 3. I agree with @Dead Fury. 4. Yes, why not. Anyone 1. I agree with this one. 2. It should work now. 3. No, less xp-more money ;) ;) 4. Well, in my opinion we don't need it, stay to classics. (just my opinion) 5. Again at this point, i agree with @Dead Fury. 6. Haha yes, this should be added.
  19. Been on the server for about 2 days now, Not a forums kinda guy, But i created a account and introducing myself to the people who haven't seen me yet. Hoping for great adventures!
  20. i ment when doing smithing to make arrow heads, it only makes in sets of 10 atm
  21. Okay x500 is extreme yeah, but x100, x250, these are doable. Also "Obtain a fire cape x50" is kinda "Waste of time", but x10 is aswell doable. View player profiles isn't working for me, i don't know what about others, but yeah, if it's not working then this also should be fixed. Also i don't know anything about "Mage Arena Points x500". Has anyone done it? Does it works? Anyways, "Obtain a fire cape x50", "Complete Barb course x500" should be switched out, very boring and takes very long time tbh.
  22. This might bring more skillers, like doing something together, having someone to talk to is way better than skilling alone. But yeah, shops which contain only stuff that will be needed to do something (for example fishing net for fishing, etc.) I support this! Very nice :)
  23. when augury and rigour added!
  24. in otherwords ags now maxs like 83 instead of 120 :C?
  25. very much support
  26. i support, i think the donor zone should be bigger with more things for us
  27. streak bonus would help alot
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