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  2. Darragh

    They don't work either Unless it doesn't work the same as the accumulator idk. It doesn't save anything you fire.
  3. sharky222

    Hello this is a simple guide on how to vote on the server lets get started by heading to the vote page https://scape-war.com/vote/ you can also get to that site by type ::vote in game How to vote Once you get on the site you will see this screen type in your username then press enter Now you will see the above screen there is two ways of doing this either by opening up 1 link at a time or by holding the ctrl key and clicking on all 4 links you can move between the pages by pressing ctrl+tab https://gyazo.com/0f99074e11f548f22139b02d3db7b95d This is the method I use for voting but feel free to do it however you like to you will need to click the link due to this site not allowing gifs to be played Once you have voted on all the sites go back into the game and type ::voted Once you have typed that in it will check if you have voted then give you either 500k and 1 vote point per vote you do or it will give you double that if you do it on a weekend with double votes enabled. Vote Shop Once you have received your vote points you can go to almost any bank to find a 'Vote Toll' Right click on the 'Vote Toll' and click open store Inside you can find all of the current rewards from voting the best reward in my opinion would be the mystery boxes because it can get you some really nice rewards. Although other notable mentions would be the barrows gloves for only 5 vote points and assembler only 15 vote points. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this guide helped you and if it did make sure you like the thread and comment down below if you think I did anything wrong or could have explained it better make sure you let me know! Thank you for reading and I'll see you in the next guide!
  4. Going to be uploading guides for leveling skills and killing bosses. Any suggestions on which ones you want to see first?
  5. Last week
  6. sharky222

    I have the only viggoras mace so that part only effects me haha
  7. Darragh

    Not a big problem at all, but bandos on the server requires 70 defence to wear, on osrs its 65. Unsure if this was intentional.
  8. Sora

    Thanks for these updates we appreciate your work :)
  9. Blake

    Scape-War Updates Added bank placeholders. Revenant weapons now degrade properly. Fixed Investor rank benefits. You can no longer ::bank in the wilderness. Fixed wilderness obelisk teleports. Fixed a bug with pest rewards. Viggora's chainmace is no longer two handed. Thanks, Blake
  10. Darragh

    Good guide, obviously put a decent amount of time into making it. I'm sure people going for 99 hunter will appreciate it a lot! 👍
  11. Sora

    nice guide man :)
  12. sharky222

    Hello welcome to my hunter guide I have set up 2 methods of doing this guide the first method is watching the video below and referencing from this page or you can just read below and it will get you through it all the same in the video I give out pointers and such to help you get done more efficiently. Whichever you pick it up to you. Getting There To get to the puro puro field you will need to first open you skilling teleport click hunter then click go to teleport to puro puro Baby Implings: Level 1-22 From level 1 to 22 you will catch Baby Implings Young Implings: Level 22-28 At level 22 you unlock Young Implings you will want to catch both Young and Baby to get yourself to 28 Gourmet Implings: Level 28-36 At 28 you will have unlocked the Gourmet Implings you will want to catch all 3 implings whenever you see them for most efficient exp Earth Implings: Level 36-42 At level 36 you will unlock the ability to catch Earth Implings from here you no longer want to catch baby implings because it is exp waste. Essence Implings: Level 42-50 At level 42 you unlock Essence Implings in which you will be catching gourmet to Essence which from here on out and what you will be doing only catch the best 3 implings ignore the rest. Eclectic Implings: Level 50-58 At level 50 you unlock the Electic Impling in which you will be catching until 58 Nature Implings: Level 58-65 You will be catching nature implings from level 58 until level 65 Magpie Implings: Level 65-74 At 65 you will unlock Magipie implings which will be the last bad impling Ninja Implings: Level 74-83 At level 74 you unlock ninja implings I advise you to only catch these until 83 and the reason behind that is because ninja implings have a chance of giving you black dragonhides which at 84 crafting you will be able to make black d'hide bodies for some really good crafting exp. This is the fastest method in game to get to 99 crafting by far. Dragon Implings: Level 83+ Congrats on getting to 83 Hunter. You now have access to catch dragon implings, notable rewards from them are dragon darts (darts and tips), dragon bolts (finished and unfinished you will need to enchant them), dragon arrows (arrows and tips), and dragon bones I hope this guide helped you if it need make sure to reply down below I would love to hear from you guys let me know what you think or if there is anything I should correct in this guide. If you find that I am doing something wrong feel free to reply and let me know what's up. Thanks for reading, have a good day.
  13. Darragh

    Name: Darragh Username: Darragh Age: 19 Where are you from?: Ireland Time Zone: GMT +0 Ingame Time with picture: How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: Anywhere been 2 upwards to about 8 hours depending on the day, y'know real life things pop up here and there. Why do you want to be part of the Staff team?: I enjoy the server quite a bit, I'd like to see the server thrive by doing my part, I've already invested money and time into it. Now I'd like to contribute by helping enforce the rules and stopping toxicity wherever it might pop up. What are some Strenghts/Weaknesses you have?: Strengths My grammar and understanding of the English language is quite extensive ( I'd like to think so anyways. ) I have enough experience with both runescape, private servers and this one specifically to have a decent understanding of how things are done, as well as knowing the answers to many questions that new or old players may have. I'm not that serious but I know when is the time for messing around and when it is not the time. I'm usually online at different times around the clock, my sleeping pattern is pretty messed up so you might see me on all throughout the day and occasionally still playing during the early hours of the morning. I'm full of ideas. Weaknesses I tend to talk a lot. I haven't been staff in a little while so I'd need to familiarise myself with the commands again ( Shouldn't take long at all. ) Staff Experience: I have been various ranks on a number of servers over the years ranging from co-owner all the way down to support. I've ran servers of my own on other games which carries some information over into this as well. What are the qualities you have?: I'm quite Sociable, Active, Knowledgeable, Patient and I am understanding. Five Quality's a Staff member should have?: Active, Dedicated, Supportive, Social and Approachable. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: I would just like to do my part in helping the server grow and to ensure it continues to be fun and free of people giving players the wrong idea of the server and what it stands for.
  14. sharky222

    Here's an update on my time
  15. Darragh

    Thank god, the spinach roll thing was getting really annoying.
  16. Reiks

    Well done!
  17. Sora

    nice guide :)
  18. Sora

    ❤️ thanks mate
  19. Earlier
  20. Plain Jane

    TY SIR
  21. Blake

    Scape-War Updates You can now eat Spinach rolls. Added Viggora's chainmace & Thammaron's sceptre functionality. Fixed rev item's accuracy & damage bonuses. Changed the max amount of revenant ether storage from 16k to 17k. Fixed a Mystery box dupe. Fixed obelisk pillar animations. Fixed obelisk teleport end freeze. Fixed Blowpipe displaying arrow projectiles. Fixed Amulet of glory teleport requirements. Thanks, Blake
  22. sharky222

    Name: Trent Username: sharky222 Age: 26 Where are you from?: United States, IN Timezone: EST Ingame Time with picture: How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: 2-8 depending on the day Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: I feel as though this server is still in need of more staff members/helpers to help with the community. People see a staff symbol next to a players name and know they can be trusted. I want people to look for me and ask me questions so I can assist them. What are some Strengths/Weaknesses you have?: I am very self controlled, I have been staff on multiple rsps in the past ran my own rsps back in 2003-04 before I was notified by jagex to shut down my server. I have had a bit of gambling issues in the past but I don't think it will be an issue on this server, so far I have been able to say no to anyone asking me as long as I keep saying no I'll be fine. Staff Experience: I have been staff in multiple rsps in the past and have owned a server back in 03. On other games I have owned and co-owned multiple genre games as well as helped develop them using LUA. Although I haven't touched java since around 2006. What are the qualities you have: I am reliable, self-motivated, patience, and overall a great person to be around. Five Quality's a Staff member should have: Self-control, time to spend to help the community, patience, knowledge of the game, and perseverance. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted: I am looking to further help the community in any way I can. Not only in game by answering questions but also creating guides for skills and bosses on the forums and any other way I can think of possible. Other Info: I know as of yet I haven't done anything on the forums but for me to actually write guides I want to know what I am doing first. Meaning I want to have a lot of time put into a skill/boss for me to actually make a guide. i.e. Getting 300+ zulrah kills before making a zulrah guide while also posting a loot tab of what to expect roughly as rewards. Edit: Clarified more on what I meant in "Other Info"
  23. Plain Jane

    Nice guide man! Keep it up 😄
  24. baby

    My Vote also! Would be good to see/have a staff member from the Oceania region!
  25. twisted pure

    Agility Is a super easy yet boring skill. I just wanted to share some tips and tricks to make it a little easier for those who aren't familiar with it on this server. Thanks for checking the guide out and good luck skilling. To start the skill click on the skilling teleport and then click agility. Then press the 1st option "gnome course." Use the gnome course until level 35 at which point you should switch over to the barbarian course. Stay at the barb course until 52 and then decide to go to the wildy course or stay until 60 and then go to the seers rooftop course. I would stay until 60 and skip the wild. You will be at seer's from 60-90 agility. At 90 switch over to the final course "Ardy." TIPS and Tricks- 1st- If you want to trade in your agility tickets you can do so at the wildy agility course 2nd- If you want to get full graceful you can do so by collecting enough marks and going to the rouges den. The best way to do that is by using the minigame teleport to warriors guild. Note that you need 99 attack or strength or a combo of 130 in both of those to leave the warriors guild. So level 3 pures will need to teleport to falador and walk up. Also note that you need 50 agility and thieving to enter the rouges den. 3rd- final tip. while training from 60-90 leave the teleport page open, once you've finished the course simply teleport back to the seers course. This will save a lot of time. Also note that marks of grace glitch a lot. sometimes the mark will stay on the ground even though it was added to your inventory. Don't fret you still got the mark. Happy training 🙂
  26. Plain Jane

  27. Reiks

    You got my vote! 😃
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