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  3. Mathieew

    I support you in your application ❤️ You don't even need to try to be the perfect staff for scape war , your already are💪. Your in the same time zone as me and I can say and swear on me that your the one that make me stick to scape-war ! Thanks for your time boyyy 🙂 Good luck
  4. Mathieew

    Knowing you mercher skill , its wont be long for you to get all the item you listed 😄 Hope to see that new infinit set fast ❤️ good luck ! Mathieew.
  5. Mathieew

    What A nice idea🤯 ! The base of a community is helping each other as the best as we can , whatever rank you occupy. Ranking a new community manager will send all the news incoming to the same and unique person witch is going against my first sentence. What is all new players got the ranking of a new player for like 10 hour or so 💡? Every player will be able to identify and try to help as much as they can this new incoming Padawan ❗
  6. DRAGON CLAWS❤️ Dragon claws : one of the weapon with the most notable special attack that I seen is osrs. Hitting 4 time his opponent in less than a second make this A VERY POWERUL pk weapon. All that being said, I don't think its normal that this weapon can 1 shot you when you correctly geared and praying against melee. Its now impossible for players wildy side, that is slaying monsters or doing anythings else , to finish their task. Crossing a players with d claws is a insta-Dead situation😣. OSRS WIKI : Against players, the highest sequence is 42–21–10–11, totalling up to 84. (NON GUEARED OPPENENT). I Seen more thank often special attack going up to 115-150 hp in total. Lets try to balance the wildy together💪, Thanks ! Mathieew
  7. Mathieew

    BONJOUR🖐️ ! Lets take the fastest road , my real name is not mathieew but Jeremy. I live in Rivière-du-loup Quebec Canada ( you did not heard about it ? Don't look on google map , ist not listed,). Already 23 years old. And yes im still playing OSRS private server several hour a day 😄 Why did I choose a fake name ? : To make a difference between social media and reality. My born language is French so that's why I started my introduction by sayin : ''Bonjour!'' (google translation result French to English : ''hi !''). So remember to forget me if some English weird spelling error is made by my keyboards 😇. Lets make a difference between every other introduction , now Right now👊. -----------­ (Next sentence is only for the one that accept joke of any kinds. be awared🙉). I hope to not see you in game , Not crossing your road. There always a chance that we might be crossing our eyesight resulting in somethings that can grow up to fast for Us even for the community. Love u all 👨‍🦲❤️ Jeremy ------ Mathieew.
  8. Yesterday
  9. iProtect

    thats a good idea.. i vote for that 🙂
  10. Iron Rekless

    I have a suggestion/idea for making it easier for staff/community managers to attend to new players. What if when a new player joins, a message pops up stating the name of the community manager/staff stating that if they need help/have questions, they can send a personal message to the community manager/staff. Might not be the biggest of changes, but in my opinion it would make it way easier for staff to keep up with who is new and not. Greetings Reklessly!
  11. LadderGoat

    Good luck mate
  12. iProtect

    Goodluck buddy 👍😜
  13. iProtect

    Thanks you for the update 🙂
  14. Goals / Status Skill-Related Goals: Achieve 200m exp in all combat skills: Attack [p5/10] Strength [p5/10] Defence [p6/10] Range [p0/10] Prayer [p1/10] Magic [p0/10] Hitpoints [p6/10] Slayer [p1/10] Achieve 200m exp in all gathering skills: Hunter [p0/10] Mining [p0/10] Fishing [p0/10] Woodcutting [p0/10] Farming [p0/10] Achieve 200m exp in all production skills: Runecrafting [p0/10] Herblore [p0/10] Crafting [p0/10] Fletching [p0/10] Smithing [p0/10] Cooking [p0/10] Achieve 200m exp in all misc. skills: Construction [p0/10] Agility [p0/10] Thieving [p0/10] Firemaking [p0/10] Gear-Related Goals: Obtain full Graceful set [6/6] Obtain a Dragon Defender [1/1] Obtain an Abyssal Whip [1/1] Obtain all six Barrows sets: [3/6] Ahrim's set [2/4] Dharok's set [4/4] Guthan's set [4/4] Karil's set [2/4] Torag's set [3/4] Verac's set [4/4] Obtain an Amulet of Fury [1/1] Obtain an Amulet of Torture [0/1] Obtain an Ava's Assembler [1/1] Obtain a Draconic Visage [0/1] Obtain a Serpentine Visage [0/1] Obtain a Tanzanite Fang [0/1] Obtain a Magic Fang [0/1] Obtain a Dragonfire Shield [1/1] Obtain all five alternate-coloured Slayer Helmet (i)s: [0/5] Obtain full Infinity set [0/5] Obtain Ranger's Boots [0/1] Obtain all three boot-upgrade stones from Cerberus: [0/3] Pegasian Crystal [0/1] Eternal Crystal [0/1] Primordial Crystal [0/1] Obtain an Avernic Defender [0/1] I'll finish this soon, as I'm still deciding what other goals to add. This will be updated as I make progress!
  15. H Y P E R

    welcome bro :) hope you'll enjoy server as we all do !
  16. H Y P E R

    since skotizo is released, uncut dragonstone will price drop. will be easy to get 99 crafting :)
  17. Last week
  18. LadderGoat

    Easiest way getting to 99 crafting is making fire battlestaves imo. Also i'm not sure how the xp system works, but i think the xp is just multiplied by a certain amount. Don't know if uncut diamonds provide the same xp as black vambs in osrs, but if so, then everything is calculated how it should be.
  19. Capt JayZ

    level 79 black vambs are giving the same xp as level 43 cutting diamond jewel. Finding incredibly hard to train crafting to 99 due to this.
  20. LadderGoat

    Welcome to the server mate, i hope you enjoy your stay 🙂 If u need any help, feel free to pm me ingame.
  21. LadderGoat

    Thanks for the awesome update again 🙂
  22. Dottel

    Thanks for the updates 😉 appricate it
  23. Fetus

    Hello everyone. My in-game name is Fetus. I recently moved to the mid west US, and decided to check out the server on my down time. I think i'll be sticking around for awhile. Feel free to add me and start a conversation!
  24. Blake

    SERVER UPDATES The last selected teleport is now reset on logout. Added Skotizo boss. Added Tweening (smooth animations). Fixed the 'View' button on POS results. Clan chat: - You can now promote/demote offline players. - Ranked members now get demoted upon banning. - Fixed the display of both of the lists (ranked/banned). Added Abyssal Sire to the boss kill tracker. Added missing bone data (Can now bury every bone found in-game). Fixed combat following: now always runs up to the target. Added global rare drop notifications! Thanks, - Blake
  25. Bread

    Make varrock armour 1 require 1 Defense instead of 30 like it's in osrs.
  26. lukeashworth

  27. Please disregard this post, I have posted it to the proper location.
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