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  4. Every exam is a step on the ladder of your life. Do well so that you have something rock solid to hold it all together. Good luck! And very nice news, good job!
  5. Hello and welcome dude :)
  6. Hello and welcome!
  7. Welcome alex, feel free to pm me ingame "Berserx"!
  8. Hi all! My name is Alex and I am so happy to be here to make friends with you guys! Alex, my company Tonkin-Travel: Vietnam Travel Agent: https://www.tonkin-travel.com/
  9. EDIT: It's also just come to me that there have been many players who have asked me what's happened. I think for any future updates, there should be a 'pop up screen' when you log in. This would outline any changes that have occurred and keep players informed with the server and a simple "x" in the corner to close it. The reset today could have said: "UPDATE NEWS: Welcome back to Scape-war. Update: 03.05.2018 Due to issues with the economy, all player's banks have been reset and wiped. We hope this will help the server grow in the future as there will not be any issues with large amounts of gold in one specific location. Players who have donated, will receive their donation points back to spend as they wish. If you have any questions, feel free to contact "Steven" or any other staff members. Thank you for your cooperation, Scape-war." Coeus Jaeger
  10. Hi all, There have been a lot of issues recently about this eco-reset. I was all in favour of the reset at the start. I came online to find Blake stood in the bank and everything on Jaeger, my ironman, had gone. Blake explained that the eco had been wiped clean and I thought it was a great idea. I started the grind, got my first 800k and bought gear. I went to barrows and got some starter gear and finally got the first new whip in the game. Previously on my ironman I had full Arma, full Bandos, god swords and other valuable items I had personally grinded for. But this fresh start seemed okay. I was slightly annoyed because I'd lost everything but happy because I wanted to see everyone in rune armour and odd bits of barrows and dragon at the very start again on equal footing. However, this is when the massive issue occurred. After a few hours of grinding I noticed that everyone who had donated in the past 3 months received their donations back, and could instantly rebuy the gear they had previously lost. We had people standing in the bank, back to dicing in full third aged and buying elys and other items. I understand that these donations have cost people money but then I started to think ... Have we really, efficiently, reset the economy? My answer and many others agreed that it hadn't. People who had played on the server for days and hours, and who had not yet donated, got cleaned. They had nothing to show for days and hours of playtime. However, people who had played for only a few hours, received their Bandos armour and god swords back. Now I understand that people have paid money for these items and donation points and to take that away from them would be scamming or even fraud. But I feel like this eco-reset was rushed and poorly executed. Personally and I'll reference "Obbyz" here, we agreed that donation items should be locked to an account and simply untradable. Donation items should be for personal use. Any gp brought into the game should be through internal sources only. For example, monster drops and skilling. This would control the economy more, yet still giving donators the chance to receive items quicker to use to fight monsters or kill bosses. Players had also not been given any time to obtain 99 skills before the reset, using resources they had gathered and simply not given time to adapt to the huge change of their items being lost. To me, this is simply unfair. I've seen around 5 active players quit now because they were shocked with who received items back, and quite honestly, how the economy turned back to being diced and people standing around the bank again. Personally, I feel like these players have been kicked down. They should have received something for their efforts on the server and their votes on a daily basis to make new players join. In my personal opinion, more time should have been spent looking into the economy and looking at the true issues: Gambling Hoarding Inactive players All of these factors resulted in an economy where nothing grew and new players couldn't obtain items, as the richest players 'snatched' them up. Before this reset, these issues should have been addressed, now I have suggestions to prevent or tackle some of these but I'm not going to go into that. My final point and the one that's been the biggest problem for me: IRONMEN: I spent a considerable amount of time grinding my items on my Ironman. I had the different Godwars boss armours and other resources. When I saw people receiving donation items I felt like it was incredibly unfair. As an Ironman, I had not contributed to the economy in anyway, apart from putting some money into the well. Now for my items to be removed and to gain nothing back, when I had obtained everything myself, is unfair. I had been penalised for something I had no control over, being an Ironman. Yet I was worse off than anyone else on the server. I had lost all of my items, couldn't trade with people and now I was seeing people walking around in full Bandos, how has this been effectively thought out? I'm writing this on behalf of all Ironmen and Ultimate Ironmen. We want our items back or at least the items that took us the longest to get. I.e - Armour and weapons. I think that's the least we could receive since none of this has been in anyway our fault. I have been incredibly active on the forums and in game on Jaeger, welcoming new members and actually making new players stay because I actively talk to them, some of them whom have also donated. I feel like none of this has been taken into consideration and it has just jumped to this conclusion that hasn't been discussed with anyone or more members of the community. What I want: Ironmen to receive items back. Ultimate Ironmen to receive items back. Players who had not yet donated, to receive some sort of compensation and acknowledgement for helping the server so far. An actual discussion and suggestion thread, to look into improving the server with not only staff members, but active members of the server. More community and support staff. - Players with a small symbol (I believe it's an "i") This would act as an information desk for new players to ask questions. Almost like Player mods on osrs. Coeus Jaeger
  11. I want to talk to you about this Steven. Pm me in game.
  12. Yayyy!!! :)
  13. Thanks for this one! :)
  14. thanks for the update
  15. this is a good idea for a new beginning :) lets build and grow and make this server great goodluck everyone
  16. Dear Scape-War Players, We decided to reset the economy. Donators can get their points back by using command ::claim (only these who had donated in past three months). I'm glad that I have 3 exams left and summer is near. Plan is big: going to spend 5000$ on ads, if I'm done with the college. Also great news: Scape-War got 1 year old and it's good gift for server to start from fresh. Trade Dupe got fixed. Dont hate me. Sorry and thank you for understanding! Best regards Steven
  17. Hey bro, please make sure to contact with me. =)
  18. I'm sorry dojojojojobud, happy birthday!
  19. it was my birthday two days ago and noone cared enough to come :)
  20. =)
  21. Name: Dean Username: Primal Age: 22 Where are you from?: England (Unfortunately) Timezone: BST: +0 Ingame Time with picture: 10 Days, 5 Hours ( I don't tend to AFK if i'm logged in ) https://ibb.co/egObdc How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: I can spend around 7-10hr in-game Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: I honestly just want to help the server out as much as possible, Try to help out other players, especially the new players that join, try and keep them happy online. What are some Strengths/Weaknesses you have?: Strengths: Lots Of Runescape experience, So i know a lot about the game, and a lot about this server in particular I'm English, So i'm able to speak to everybody in game with perfect grammar. I'm awfully helpful. I'll go above and beyond to keep everyone happy And i'm very quick to answer people back (very useful) Staff Experience: What are the qualities you have: Always helpful I know exactly what to say to somebody who needs a answer And the other qualities below. Five Quality's a Staff member should have: Well mannered and polite General knowledge of the server Be able to show authority when needed Understanding certain situations and defusing certain problems "The customer is always right" What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted: I hope to achieve to make this server better. In the long run. Just adding this in. I feel that we need more staff on here. So i feel i would slot into that nicely.
  22. Hell yeah mate!
  23. It does more!
  24. Nice didn't know that little thing is that strong :p
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