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  1. Today
  2. thanks dude <3
  3. Support 100% Love Sora especially our duel arena sessions we use to have when i end up the victor <3
  4. I have a forum post that says about 12 or 13 things.
  5. Love these ideas man.
  6. Love this and the work you put into this suggestion.
  7. Great to see the support on the idea, thanks all.
  8. This happens with most / all skills - not just range, I've listed it above previously. Seems to be fixed as of today.
  9. Yesterday
  10. When you try to quickchat ranged level you get disconected
  11. More of a suggestion but agreed, I've posted a potential solution to buff up the speed of mining - here.
  12. Slayer could definitely do with some addition of content and changes to keep it interesting and fresh; The use of boss / slayer heads to re-color the slayer helm would be a great addition. I like the idea of the slayer helm upgrades for range and magic, feel like the points might need to be a little higher to balance it out. The magnet concept is cool. I feel like it could be listed in the slayer shop as a upgrade for the helm for X amount of points, alternatively rather than adding too many perks onto the slayer helm it could introduced slightly different. A ring of wealth (i) could be adapted to have this purpose and be listed in the slayer shop for X amount of points too. Also i plan on making a extended post on a custom boss which the idea of master slayer scroll could be incorporated into very nicely. Would be great if the slayer boss tasks could be extended to include more bosses that are kill-able on the server, including demonic gorillas (although not technically a boss, they are listed under boss teleport).
  13. Fishing Spots at fishing guildl there is none When farming you log out and in your herb glitches out no farming spots for tree seeds crystal seed has no use cant craft soul runes because no alter Agility should be buffed or add more rooftop courses mining is far to slow
  14. Achievements when you search profiles doesnt count, set account security details, Skeletal wyvern when will these be added?
  15. Cant get into the mining guild parts at mining teleport cant go into where you go for infernal cape area at mini games telport fight caves glitch when u stand outside gen store at home and click ladder you glitch above the map
  16. Cant use lumbridge craft wheel
  17. Since the skill guide update if you right click the quick-chat option on a skill it breaks the client 90% of the time, usually resulting in being disconnected or the client freezing.
  18. -Got Zenith and Beatz to use Magic Fang + Chisel + Trident of the Seas and it did not work. Now my Trident is broken (can not be equipped) and my fang is useless. -Dragon darts do not work (They hit like melee and don't even get used up) -Sometimes my inventory and all of my tabs disappear when I'm at fishing teleport bank deposit. Only fixed with client restart.
  19. Key master teleports can not go there. Can not drink super antipoison, antidote++ etc and Antidote ++ can not be make with zulrah scale (Herblore). Max cape can not use teleport.
  20. I was making diamond rings the other day and chose make X, everytime i try to do that it makes 4
  21. Hello Scape-Warians! Server needs your help. We all want bugsfree server. If you have something to share with me, please reply this post about the bug (single description) you know. We have to fix everything before we start running ads! NO SUGGESTIONS THERE! Best regards, Steven
  22. Thank you Reiks. Fix clue items, some make your head disappear Please tell me what items. I'll add them todo list.
  23. Thank you, added some todo list!
  24. Last week
  25. Agree
  26. I LOVE the idea to block out certain slayer tasks. Slayer master has taken millions from me for resetting tasks! Lol
  27. https://gyazo.com/f1b9890d0e21dcedb03d6d9960cb69f1 Black areas in buildings need fixed when doing agility
  28. Few suggestions that are really needed and would help server 1) Lock exp for individual skills for all pures and zerks out there. 2) Add New prayers to make wilderness and pvming for fun and enjoyable. 3) Add ancestral to Olm drop table. 4) Add more agility rooftop locations 5) Add motherlode mine or something like it 6) Add Tree Farming 7) Rune pouch to bounty hunter shop 8) Noted dagganoth bones in slayer shop 9) Colored Slay helm as well as ability to extend/block tasks 10) Enchanting bolts require runes whether you are wearing a staff with that rune or not 11) Fix Karils crossbow attack speed when on rapid 12) Fix Dragon dart xp. Currently when fletching you only get 1.8k per 10 and with dragon arrows you get 16k 13) Add Afk mining ore to the donator zone to where it fills your invy but at the same speed of how you would mine the normal ore. 14) Infernal cape so you don't have to donate for it. 15) ADD RUNE POUCH TO BH SHOP Thoughts? Any other suggestions post below please!
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