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    Yo guys Brid here i will do weekle events contest for players from now on iron mans can partecipate aswell so don't hessitate. For the first contest its all about the fashion. The flex on players. Send me on discord a picture of you in youre most good looking outfit. The winner recieve 100m cash. we will consider how hard it is to get those items en if youre rich or not so how u have to obtain them or effort you put. You get a bonus if you get nice surroundings pets etc. gl her are some examples.
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    Lol damn, i guess over 2 years of dedication to this server and always on daily means getting demoted even though i've only been support for 2 years xD. Guess i'll just carry on and still grind corps though as my goal is to get full set of divine. RIP though
  8. LadderGoat

    They do for me, try one of these links: https://scape-war.com/bin/Scape-War.jar https://scape-war.com/bin/SW_Win.zip
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    Both Downlaods dont work
  10. Dnite

    Blake hasnt been on the forums since 6th jan Kappa
  11. Suggestions/Bug Fixes (Next Update) - Skotizo killcount broadcast message. Currently it's not being broadcast every 10 kills. - Fix killcount broadcast message. Shows 10 kc when you have 11 kc. - Make scythe hit 3 times on every melee-able GWD room boss/minions. (Not the minions in the dungeon itself). - Make "Quickprayer" detect if u disable prayers manualy. Right now, if u disable prayers manualy while they were activated by clicking the Quickprayer icon, the system still think the quickprayers are on. This will result in having to click twice on the icon to reactivate them again. - Broadcast active trivia every x minutes. Not everyone knows they have to write ::trivia to check if there's a trivia active. - Add taskbar inside client: * Website: ° Forums ° Highscores ° Vote ° Donate * Guides: ° Price Guides ° Skilling Guides ° PVM Guides * Discord: ° Connect * Report: ° Power abuser ° Player ° Unban/unmute appeal - Install afk kick timer of 30 minutes. People bankstand for over 4 days right now. - Remove or relocate elemental bosses as they are not active right now: Options: * Remove them and make revenants or chaos ele drop zuriel's. * Relocate them closer to eachother * Make a teleport for them so u don't have to walk all the way there. * ... - Make telekinetic grab work. - Reduce the amount of bots in the wilderness. Suggestions/Bug Fixes (Next Update Part 2): - Make Kraken profitable again: * Add Dragon Harpoon to droptable. (Give same stats & abilities as osrs) * Increase drop rates slightly. - Add chinchompa hunting (Red & black). - Add uncut gems (10-20 noted) to olm droptable. - Remove x-mas theme from website. - Slightly increase gp from thieving stalls. (5k each stall?). - Make clue scrolls tradeable (now only tradeable through POS). - Add raids 2: * Just as olm, create party and instantly fight boss. * Add virtus, pernix and torva to the drop table. * Add scythes to drop table (only colored ones) (same drop rate as chaos ele though). * ... - Facebook page has been deleted, recreate the page and make ads on facebook. That's how i found out about scape-war. - Remove ranks from forums: * Game Administrator (Regular administrator is game admin aswell) - Add ranks to forums: * Investor rank. - Let discord & forums detect amount donated (auto-set rank) - Collection log is bugged. Gets reset upon relog.
  12. LadderGoat

    rip dem specs 😞
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    Fellow Belgian, big support
  16. LadderGoat

    Since all current supports/mods are inactive, or afk when online, i'd like to reopen my staff application and volunteer as support.
  17. LadderGoat

    Delete your cache folder located mostly at C:\users\username\Scape-War. Reinstall client and try again.
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  19. Uzumakibango

    Give better item on clue scroll
  20. Rebel

  21. supreme

    to be fair i also dont remember seeing you in-game
  22. Screedr

    Username: Ummagumma Punishment reason (if applicable) Literally no clue Punishment type: Account disabled Additional information: Received items from a player. People who were at same giveaway are still online with their items they received
  23. LadderGoat

    https://scape-war.com/forum/index.php?/profile/865-laddergoat/ my join date explains.
  24. Dvnmow

    I've literally never seen you before either, so no to you. LOL.
  25. Soxx's Mega Skilling Guide Hello everyone, and welcome to my mega skilling guide. As I've logged about 30 hours on the server, and spent most of it skilling, I feel some resources for skilling guides are lack luster. Hence why I'm making this guide! I will most likely be utilizing some of the recommendations from other guide, with due credit, but will adding my own information, opinions, and assets. If you have any comments, requests or suggestions, please leave them below! Thieving First skill I started when joining Scape-War was Thieving. It's extremely profitable for early game and be exactly what you need to purchase that starting gear or resources for boosting your other skills. Thieving is extremely straight forward. You steal items from the stall to gain exp and also in turn can sell those items to the Thieving Shop NPC for some GP as well. Listed below is a screenshot of the stalls which are located just north of Home/Edgeville Bank. Going from right to left (A - E) are the tiers of shops which require higher Thieving levels and provide more valuable items to be sold to the shop. Leveling Shop A) Level Required: 1 - Exp Granted: 900 - Item: Sliced Banana - GP Value: 5K Shop B) Level Required: 25 - Exp Granted: 1500 - Item: Cake Tin - GP Value: 10K Shop C) Level Required: 50 - Exp Granted: 2100 - Item: Gold Ring - GP Value: 15K Shop D) Level Required: 75 - Exp Granted: 2700 - Item: Magic Stone- GP Value: 20K Shop E) Level Required: 85 - Exp Granted: 3750 - Item: Rusty Scimitar - GP Value: 25K Extras Thieving Pet - Rocky Rewarded randomly when completing Thieving activities. Like other pets, the is a very small chance to receive him. Skilling Outfit - Rogue Set Obtained from stealing from wall safes found at the "Cooking" teleport in the skill stab. Provided 2.5% bonus exp. (Further details on how to obtain Rogue Set found in this post by GotK with more in-depth instruction on how to obtain the pieces.) Woodcutting Extremely straight forward skill which is important if you wish to gather resources to train other skills like Firemaking and Fletching. To begin, grab yourself an Iron and Rune axe from the Skilling Shop and if you've started your journey on Scape-War with Thieving or other means of money making, I would definitely recommend picking up a Dragon axe from the Grand Exchange NPC in the Edgeville Bank. They typically sell for about 30M each. Leveling Step 1) Proceed to open your teleport GUI and go Skilling > Woodcutting > Thumbs Up icon to teleport to Seers Village Here is where you're going to be doing all of your woodcutting grinding. Every tree you need to level is within a short walk from the bank. Step 2) Begin chopping you trees moving up each type of tree until you reach the highest tier to complete your 99 grind. Tree Details Regular Trees Level Required: 1 - Exp Granted: 1000 - Required Amount: 3 - Location: South Seers Village Bank Oak Trees Level Required: 15 - Exp Granted: 1500 - Required Amount: 8 - Location: South Seers Village Bank Willow Trees Level Required: 30 - Exp Granted: 2700 - Required Amount: 18 - Location: North Seers Village Bank Maple Trees Level Required: 45 - Exp Granted: 4000 - Required Amount: 53 - Location: North Seers Village Bank Yew Trees Level Required: 60 - Exp Granted: 7000 - Required Amount: 134 - Location: South Seers Bank In Church Yard Magic Trees Level Required: 75 - Exp Granted: 10000 - Required Amount: 1183 - Location: South East Seers Bank Near Range Arena Extras Woodcutting Pet - Beaver Rewarded randomly when chopping trees. Like other pets, the is a very small chance to receive it. Skilling Outfit - Lumberjack Set Obtained from prestige stop at a total of 24 points. Provided 2.5% exp boost. (Older guide with some more misc. info by wondering located here.)
  26. LadderGoat

    Never seen you before, no.
  27. Username: dvnmow Time Played (full screen picture): (Will Attach At Bottom) Timezone: Eastern Standard Time Any outstanding infractions on your account?: No Sir How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: Day, varies sometimes 4+ sometimes a few moments; Weekly i try at least over 10 hrs Any past experiences?: I've held one staff position on another server years ago, i do not recall what it was though. I also used to code/own a server for a very brief amount of time. Do you have Skype?: Yes, I do. What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: Strongest trait: Being extremely calm at all times ---- Weakest trait: Using too much vulgar language sometimes Strength: Understanding, Cool, Calm, Collect, Thoughtful, Knowledgeable Weakness: Language, Bad Sleep Schedule, Occasional Motivation Difficulties, Difficulty Keeping To One Task On RS What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: I want to see people succeed, and walk the path together. Must always be humble and help others when you have already achieved a level they have not made it to yet. I love to help people and make sure that they are having an enjoyable time and learning what they can so they can help someone else down the road. What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: 1.) Knowledge 2.) Kindness 3.) Understanding 4.) Faith [in yourself to do the best job you can] 5.) Attentive What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: My main goal would be to max my account and maybe work my way up to Admin and/or Community Manager. Extra information: I absolutely love this server and play as much as i can, i unfortunately work third shift for my job so my sleep schedule is extremely wacky and some days I am way too tired to play much but I am constantly checking Discord to see whats happening on the server. I also want to just thank you for reading and considering this staff application, I really hope I score! 😄 Edit: Updated photo
  28. Tripp

    Add to Iron man give 21k xp
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