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  2. Reee

    Welcome to the server! Me and you seem to have some similar interests, hope we can make a pretty good friendship!
  3. Yesterday
  4. LadderGoat

    Hi man, Good to see a new face here. Hope you enjoy your stay and your gf leaves you alone from time to time, got the exact same situation bru 😛
  5. Revohlution

    Hey all, I figured I should make an introduction so maybe I could actually get to know some people. I am 22 years old and my name is Tyler. I have been playing RuneScape and RSPS's on and off since I was in 5th grade. I haven't really tried to make friends on RS or and RSPS for about 5 years, so I don't talk very much. However it gets boring without having any friends lol. I don't train combat skills, I haven't for years. All of the accounts I make are skillers, so good luck finding me in the wildy or at corp. I do have a fulltime job so I can't play all day everyday, but I do put in some gametime when my profession and the girlfriend lets me. I'm a pretty open book, if you have any questions you can ask me, or if you just want someone to chat with then go for it! Outside of Scape-War, I like to go fishing, hunting, do stuff to my Jeep, shoot guns, and pretty much anything outdoors. Revohlution
  6. Reee

    Jane, what do you think about the possibility of 1-28 grab bag? Like random items in your inventory, then players choose 1-28 and they get the corresponding item. Only other thing I can think of would Hide & Seek, which may be a disadvantage for newer players not yet familiar with the server.
  7. Last week
  8. toasted

    it might make people want to post guides or things like that.
  9. Reee

    You gonna lend me your tbow then? ;)
  10. never hot

    what about an event where we all lend each other high value items and kill cows together! 😛
  11. Plain Jane

    HELLO SCAPE-WAR! This Friday I would love to host an event for you, but I am stuck on what it should be. So I need your help to suggest any ideas of what kind of event we should have? If you got any suggestions, please post it, and I'll host whatever you guys want the most! 🙂 Hopefully I will see alot of people for this event! Best Regards, Plain Jane 🙂
  12. Plain Jane

    More forum activity is always nice
  13. Sora

    yeah would be great to see peoples progress/videos/guides etc.
  14. toasted

    that's a very good catch. I filled it out on my phone and must have auto corrected or some other issue. however I can assure you I am indeed 26. 😄
  15. toasted

    yeah currently that's true but it didn't used to be that way. I think by making a small post count maybe around 20 could be beneficial to the forum community. it would make people have to comment on things.
  16. LadderGoat

    LadderGoat's Apply Name: Jonas Username: LadderGoat Age: 22 Where are you from?: Belgium, Europe Time Zone: GMT +1 Ingame Time with picture: How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: In the week i got work, but after that i'm online at an average of 4 hours a day, in the weekends this could be some more around 6 or it could be less, depends on my schedule those days hours. Why do you want to be part of the Staff team?: I think i can help the server discovering bugs, as i already have been doing for some time which was helping steven out a lot. There are also so many suggestions floating in my mind, which are too many to remember them all. I also like to help new players and mess around in the wild, i'd like to see that part of the server some more active. What are some Strenghts/Weaknesses you have?: Strengths: Very experienced throughout the years Very Active imo English isn't the language i usually speak, but after playing so many years, you just learn it by yourself. I'd like to say that i can decently speak english. Weaknesses I'm poor in-game my weekends could ruin my activity Y'all might think i stole reee's apply form, but i only did it cause it though it was the most proper one between them all, sorry for that lol. Staff Experience: I've not really been experienced in being a staff member on rsps', but i used to have my own servers on cs 1.6 for years. I made my own plugins in pawn, tested them all and had a succesfull server back in the days. I've been admin on several other communities i've been with. Experience enough to know how to handle mature, and in a correct way. What are the qualities you have?: I started playing rs back in 05 as a little kid, not knowing what to do. After gaining some years and watching lots, lots of video's on youtube, i'd like to admit that i have learned a lot about runescape and i'm very wellknown with the game. Five Quality's a Staff member should have?: Stay neutral, don't pick sides just because someone is your friend, think, then act. Always stay calm, don't get aggresive or freak out. Communication, discuss topics with other staff members before taking serious actions against players. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: As i already mentioned, get the game bug-free, help finding interesting updates and get the server as active, as it actually appear to ever have been. Kind regards, LadderGoat. Cu around.
  17. Sora

    only a few people post/comment on forums so it is hard to keep post count without spamming posts 😕
  18. LadderGoat

    Thanks for the feed back, could be possible for me to add more content in the same post as it would be ridiculous to make seperate posts for each topic. EDIT: Added Slayer Task Reset part
  19. kevinvo

    i support the bolts and the open all. overall good post
  20. LadderGoat

    Why do you declare to be 26 at the part What are some "Strenghts/Weaknesses you have?:" while you first appear to be 18? Shouldn't be a big issue, just wondering though lol. Don't lie ffs xD
  21. Satanical

    Can i claim my Legendary Donotor and Support? 😛
  22. Satanical

    Honestly, The only suggestion I support is the Open-X or Open - All for the Rune packs and the Revenant Cave Teleports. Only support the Rev Cave Teleports though, if Bounty Hunter is fixed to not show what Level Wilderness your target is in though. As for the rest of the stuff, There are obtainable ways to get the items you need for crafting and fletching. Rogues Den has wall safes that work. And shilo Village has Gems for Gems. And black dragons drop the hides. I offered a suggestion to be able to use Looting Bag outside of Wilderness, in order for people to pick up more resources (such as bones, hides, and gems) and to hopefully get a nice economy going off of these items. Adding them to the shop, however, will destroy any chances of being able to make money with skilling.
  23. LadderGoat

    Hi all, As you all know, some of the supplies we need to level up our account aren't just there to grab for you. You either gotta go bossing, reving, skilling, etc... So with this topic i wanna suggest loads of new items in shops so it would be easier for everyone to achieve their levels as they are non-ironmans. I got the feeling even though we select a normal account to play on, we still need to get a lot of stuff ourselves. So here we go. First i wanna start with the ranging shop. Ranged Weapon Shop: As you all have noticed, the weapon shop only offer a small amount of ammo. Some ammo in it is even pointless in my eyes. What i would suggest is removing the javelins from the store, as they are rarely or even never used. In their place, you could add enchanted gem bolts (which players now need to make themselves in order to have them, cause honestly other players aren't selling them as they are pretty rare in the game). The next discussion would be if you add normal gem bolts or enchanted ones. in my eyes, regular gem bolts would be enough. enchanting them gives you some great magic xp, but enchanting should be updates as you can't spam click it now. Some bolts i would suggest: Dragonstone bolts / (e) Ruby bolts / (e) Saphire bolts / (e) Diamond bolts / (e) Onyx bolts / (e) - Could be discussable as this is a drop you get from corp, don't wanna make that drop completely useless though. As we've come to the next suggestion, i think you all know crafting is a difficult skill to train on this server, allthough cutting gems gives you a large amount of money. (Which are also to be gained by yourself, as is dragonhide.) Skilling Shop: Cutting gems and crafting d'hide gives you large amounts of xp, allthough you gotta collect these items yourself, and thtat might take some time. My suggestion is to add EITHER GEMS OR D'HIDE (NOT BOTH) to the skilling shop. Only doing this would allow you to drasticly get quick levels on crafting which would be insane. My suggestion is to lower the xp gained from gems or either dhide (depends on the item that gets added to the shop). I don't think i need to make a list of which items should be added to the shop, as it is crystal clear what i mean with this. You could give them a pretty high pricetag as the drops you get from pvming wouldn't totally suck anymore. Okay, next topic. I've already suggested this in a seperate thread, but i think i could just leave it here again anyways, as it might annoy a lot of players. Magic Weapon Shop: You might've already noticed that the mage weapon shop has rune packs to offer. You can all buy these packs 500 at a time, but you have to open them one by one. My suggestion is to either remove these packs from the store or either add an option to them that says "Open X" or "Open All". Final topic i want to discus for now, are teleports. Wildy Teleports: Rev caves are in-game, but now you have to walk there. I don't know if rev teleports are in-game and if they work, but if not, i would like to suggest a rev cave teleport which teleports you outside the cave at around lvl 20 wildy it is i think? Final topic i want to discus for now, Slayer task resets. Slayer Task Reset: I'm a super donator right now, while being a super donator, you can reset your tasks for 250k at the donator zone. While the slayer master at edgeville still charges you 1m. It would be awesome to reset tasks for 250k using him aswell. Also the right-click options on Nieve should be checked as they are not correct. Well that's it for now, couldn't find a way to save this topic for later so i'll have to post it right away. I'm sure there will be much more stuff that i come up with, which i will add later in this topic. Let me know what you all think about this Kind regards.
  24. LadderGoat

    @Steven, Can i also claim my donor status on forums please?
  25. LadderGoat

    Aight i like this suggestion, should definitly be updated imo.
  26. toasted

    currently they don't upgrade upon a kill. How they work in osrs is each target kill they upgrade a tier. Max of tier 10. They are always dropped on death. When you die with a tier 7 for example it would downgrade to a tier 6. This makes it impossible to pk a tier 10. Trying to get a rune pouch with base level emblems is ridiculously time consuming with the wilderness activities current level. I'ma at 30 emblems and no where near what I'd need. I'll edit this as I think of anything else. Working right now so kinda threw this together sorry!
  27. toasted

    I think a lot of this is good except mboxes. Not sure how I feel about that. Good job.
  28. Soul Evoker

    I think making an Ironman account is totally viable for those who want a bigger challenge. I think its bizarre however that some aspects of the game that are donator only are completely inaccessible to Ironmen. The blood rune altar is donator only and, although I am a donator myself, I don't have access to it because my in-game rank is "Ironman." I understand that the D-zone should not be for Ironmen, but I think its unreasonable that I don't have access to all of the content available even though I have donated. We also don't have access to the Donator Stores or Vote Stores. This is intended to make it more of a challenge, but you could make Ironman specific Vote and Donator Stores as a middle ground. I don't want to be able to buy drops from bosses, but maybe xp lamps, cosmetics, or m-boxes wouldn't be a ridiculous inclusion to the game. Soul Evoker
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