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  2. Many people have been asked from me, how to delete Scape-War cache after Zulrah boss disappearing from boss teleport. 1st - Open your Files, search [Local Disk (C:)] 2nd - Click on 3rd - Click on the user you're logged into in computer. 4th - Find Folder, right click on folder and "Delete" + Delete it from your Trashcan too 5th - Reinstall and Enjoy.
  3. hi all, to achieve all achievements u need to be donor, since non donors cant acces to the bloodrune altar. so the hard achievement of craft 1500 bloods is imposible if you try to max out your account F2P i was wondering what your thoughts are about this :D M1llz
  4. welcome amigo
  5. Good Job updating!
  6. hi all! been playing for the last few days and i just wanted to say that i am really liking the cumunity! im m1llz im 22 years young and im from the Netherlands :D (so if u found some wrong words im not that good at english) i will be on most evenings since i work 5 days a week! that will be it for now :D
  7. I'd say Q C would be a great addition to the staff, he's friendly, helpful, and very easy to talk to. Thumbs up! Good luck man
  8. Thx for updating price list !!
  9. Scape-War Price List Guide. {ARMOR,AMULETS,RINGS} --------------------------- - Bandos Tassets 60-70m - Bandos Chestplate 55-60m - Bandos Boots 10-20m --------------------------- - Armadyl Helm 60m - Armadyl Body 60m - Armadyl Legs 60m --------------------------- - 3rd Age Full Helm 100m - 3rd Age Platebody 100m - 3rd Age Platelegs 100m - 3rd Age Kiteshield 100m - 3rd Age Mage Hat 100m - 3rd Age Mage Robe Top 100m - 3rd Age Mage Robe 100m - 3rd Age Range Coif 100m - 3rd Age Range Top 100m - 3rd Age Range Legs 100m - 3rd Age Amulet 100m - 3rd Age Cloak 100m ----------------------------- - Vesta's Chainbody 300-350m (DEPENDS ON THE SELLER) - Vesta's Plateskirt 300-350m (DEPENDS ON THE SELLER) ----------------------------- - Primordial Boots 60m - Pegasian Boots 60m - Eternal Boots 60m --------------------------- - Robin Hood Hat 15-20m - Ranger Boots 15-20m --------------------------- - Serpentine Helm 60-70m --------------------------- - Dragon Full Helm 40-45m - Dragon Chainbody 25-30m - Dragon Platelegs 5m - Dragon Boots 5-10m - Dragon Sq Shield 10m - Dragon Med Helm 5m - Dragon Plateskirt 5m ----------------------------- - Dragon Full Helm (g) 65-70m - Dragon Chainbody (g) 50-55m - Dragon Platelegs (g) 30m - Dragon Sq Shield (g) 35m - Dragon PlateSkirt (g) 30m --------------------------------------- - Dragon Full Helm Ornament Kit 20-25m - Dragon Chainbody Ornament Kit 20-25m - Dragon Legs/Skirt Ornament Kit 20-25m - Dragon Sq Shield Ornament Kit 20-25m - Dragon Defender Ornament Kit 20-25m --------------------------------------- - Dragonfire Shield 35-40m - Visage 30-35m --------------------------- - Ahrim's Hood 5m - Ahrim's Robetop 5m - Ahrim's Robeskirt 5m --------------------------- - Dharok's Helm 10m - Dharok's Platebody 10m - Dharok's Platelegs 10m --------------------------- - Guthan's Helm 5m - Guthan's Platebody 5m - Guthan's Chainskirt 5m --------------------------- - Karil's Coif 5m - Karil's leathertop 5m - Karil's Leatherskirt 5m --------------------------- - Torag's Helm 5m - Torag's Platebody 5m - Torag's Platelegs 5m --------------------------- - Verac's Helm 5m - Verac's Brassard 5m - Verac's Plateskirt 5m --------------------------- - Infinity Hat 15m - Infinity Top 15m - Infinity Bottoms 15m - Infinity Boots 10m - Infinity Gloves 5m --------------------------------- - Light Infinity Hat 35m - Light Infinity Top 35m - Light Infinity Bottom 35m - Light Infinity Colour Kit 105m (DEPENDS ON THE SELLER) --------------------------------------- - Dark Infinity Hat 35m - Dark Infinity Top 35m - Dark Infinity Bottom 35m - Dark Infinity Colour Kit 105m (DEPENDS ON THE SELLER) --------------------------------------- - Enchanted Hat 5-10m - Enchanted Top 5-10m - Enchanted Robe 5-10m --------------------------------- - Ancestral Hat 500m - Ancestral Robe Top 500m - Ancestral Robe Bottom 500m --------------------------- - Malediction Ward 100m - Malediction Shard (1) 30m - Malediction Shard (2) 30m - Malediction Shard (3) 30m --------------------------- - Odium Ward 100m - Odium Shard (1) 30m - Odium Shard (2) 30m - Odium Shard (3) 30m ------------------------------------- - Divine Spirit Shield/Sigil 5-7b (DEPENDS ON THE SELLER) - Elysian Spirit Shield/Sigil 1,5-2b - Arcane Spirit Shield/Sigil 700-750m - Spectral Spirit Shield/Sigil 500m - Blessed Spirit Shield 80-100m - Spirit Shield 15-20m - Holy Elixir 80m ------------------------------------- - Fury 15-20m - Fury Or 50m - Occult Necklace 50m - Amulet Of The Damned (Full) 50m - Fury Ornament Kit 25-30m - Amulet of Avarice 20m ---------------------------------- - Amulet Of Torture 200m - Necklace of Anguish 200m - Tormented Bracelet 200m - Ring Of Suffering 200m - Zenyte Shard 200m --------------------------- - Berserker Ring 30-35m - Bersrker Ring (i) 60-65m - Archer Ring 25-30m - Archer Ring (i) 50-60m - Seers Ring 20-25m - Seers Ring (i) 40-50m - Warrior Ring 20-25m - Warrior Ring (i) 45-55m --------------------------- - Ring Of The Gods 75m - Tyrannical Ring 10-15m - Ring of Wealth 2-5m --------------------------- {WEAPONS} ---------------------------- - Abyssal Bludgeon 300-450m - Abyssal Dagger 120-150m - Vesta's Longsword 500-550m (DEPENDS ON THE SELLER) - Elder Maul 300-400m (DEPENDS ON THE SELLER) - Lime Whip 400-500m - Abyssal Tentacle 70-85m - Abyssal Whip - 5 -10m - Fronze Abyssal Whip 500-600m (DEPENDS ON THE SELLER) - Dragon Claws 150-175m - Dragon WarHammer 300-350m - Barrelchest Anchor 25-30m - Granite Maul 5m - Ghrazi Rapier 3-5b (DEPENDS ON THE SELLER) - Avernic Defender 1-1.2b (DEPENDS ON THE SELLER) - Viggora's Chainmace 300m --------------------------------- - Zamorakian Spear/Hasta 80-110m - Armadyl Godsword 150m - Bandos Godsword 80-100m - Saradomin Godsword 120m - Zamorak Godsword 100m - Saradomin Sword 50-60m - Saradomin's Blessed Sword 110m --------------------------------- - Godsword Shard (1) 5m - Godsword Shard (2) 5m - Godsword Shard (3) 5m - Godsword Blade 10m - Armadyl hilt 135 - Saradomin Hilt 100m - Zamorak Hilt 90m - Bandos Hilt 85m --------------------------------- - Dharok's Greataxe 10m - Guthan's Warspear 5m - Karil's Crossbow 5m - Torag's Hammers 5m - Verac's Flail 5m - Ahrim's Staff 5m --------------------------- - 3rd Age Longsword 100m - 3rd Age Bow 100m - 3rd Age Wand 100m --------------------------- - Dragon Axe 20-25m - Dragon Pickaxe 20-25m --------------------------- - Twisted Bow 3-5b (DEPENDS ON THE SELLER) - Toxic Blowpipe 100-120m - Armadyl Crossbow 100m - Light Ballista 150-180m - Heavy Ballista 250-300m - Dark Bow 7-10m - Craw's bow 500-550m ------------------------------- - Ballista Limbs 25m - Ballista Spring 25m - Monkey Tail 50m - Light Frame 50m - Heavy Frame 200m ------------------------------- - Uncharged Trident 20-25m - Trident Of The Seas 25-30m - Trident Of The Swmap 75-85m - Staff Of The Dead 100m - Toxic Staff Of The Dead 150m - Master Wand 25m - Mud Wand 5m - Kodai Wand 500-600m - Thammaron's Sceptre 150m ------------------------------- - Ancient Crozier 5m - Armadyl Crozier 5m - Bandos Crozier 5m - Guthix Crozier 5m - Saradomin Crozier 5m - Zamorak Crozier 5m --------------------------- {BOLTS,ARROWS,DARTS, JAVELINS} ------------------------------ - Dragon Arrow 5k ea - Dragon Bolts 15k ea - Dragon Bolts (e) 30k ea - Ruby Bolts 10k ea - Ruby Bolts (e) 20k ea - Onyx Bolts 20k ea - Onyx Bolts (e) 40k ea - Diamond Bolts 5k ea - Diamond Bolts (e) 10k ea - Dragon Darts 5k ea - Dragon Javelin 100k ea - Dragon Arrowtips 4.5k ea - Dragon Dart Tip 4.5k ea --------------------------- {CUSTOM ITEMS} --------------------------- - White Partyhat 200m - Blue Partyhat 200m - Green Partyhat 200m - Purple Partyhat 200m - Red Partyhat 200m - Yellow Partyhat 200m - Black Partyhat 500m - Rainbow Partyhat 500m - Partyhat & Specs 1,5B - Cyan Partyhat 1,2-1.4B - Lava Partyhat 1,2-1.4B - Lime Partyhat 1,2-1.4B --------------------------- - Guthix Halo 50m - Zamorak Halo 50m - Saradomin Halo 50m --------------------------- - Red Halloween Mask 100m - Green Halloween Mask 100m - Blue Halloween Mask 100m - Black H'ween Mask 500m - Cyan H'ween Mask 750m - Lava H'ween Mask 750m - Lime H'ween Mask 750m --------------------------- - Santa Hat 100m - Inverted Santa Hat 200m - Black Santa Hat 500m - Cyan Santa Hat 750m - Lava Santa Hat 750m - Lime Santa Hat 750m --------------------------- - Sled 2,5B - Dice Bag 1B --------------------------- - Bunny Ears 20-25m - Bunny Feet 20-25m - Sagacious Spectacles 20-25m - Big Pirate Hat 20-25m - Musketeer Hat 25-30m - Musketeer Tabard 20-25m - Musketeer Pants 20-25m ----------------------------- - Black Elegant Shirt 10m - Black Elegant Legs 10m - White Elegant Blouse 10m - White Elegant Skirt 10m --------------------------- - Red Elegant Shirt 10m - Red Elegant Legs 10m - Red Elegant Blouse 10m - Red Elegant Skirt 10m --------------------------- - Blue Elegant Shirt 10m - Blue Elegant Legs 10m - Blue Elegant Blouse 10m - Blue Elegant Skirt 10m --------------------------- - Green Elegant Shirt 10m - Green Elegant Legs 10m - Green Elegant Blouse 10m - Green Elegant Skirt 10m --------------------------- - Purple Elegant Shirt 10m - Purple Elegant Legs 10m - Purple Elegant Blouse 10m - Purple Elegant Skirt 10m --------------------------- - Pink Elegant Shirt 10m - Pink Elegant Legs 10m - Pink Elegant Blouse 10m - Pink Elegant Skirt 10m --------------------------- - Gold Elegant Shirt 10m - Gold Elegant Legs 10m - Gold Elegant Blouse 10m - Gold Elegant Skirt 10m --------------------------- - White Unicorn Mask 40-50m - Black Unicorn Mask 40-50m --------------------------- - Gilded Full Helm 50-60m - Gilded Platebody 50-60m - Gilded Platelegs 50-60m - Gilded Boots 50-60m - Gilded Kiteshield 50-60m - Gilded Scimitar 50-60m --------------------------- - Saradomin Full Helm 5m - Saradomin Platebody 5m - Saradomin Platelegs 5m - Saradomin Plateskirt 5m - Saradomin Kiteshield 5m --------------------------- - Zamorak Full Helm 5m - Zamorak Platebody 5m - Zamorak Platelegs 5m - Zamorak Plateskirt 5m - Zamorak Kiteshield 5m --------------------------- - Guthix Full Helm 5m - Guthix Platebody 5m - Guthix Platelegs 5m - Guthix Plateskirt 5m - Guthix Kiteshield 5m --------------------------- - Bronze Full Helm (t) 5m - Bronze Platebody (t) 5m - Bronze Platelegs (t) 5m - Bronze Plateskirt (t) 5m - Bronze Kiteshield (t) 5m --------------------------- - Bronze Full Helm (g) 5m - Bronze Platebody (g) 5m - Bronze Platelegs (g) 5m - Bronze Plateskirt (g) 5m - Bronze Kiteshield (g) 5m --------------------------- - Iron Full Helm (t) 5m - Iron Platebody (t) 5m - Iron Platelegs (t) 5m - Iron Plateskirt (t) 5m - Iron Kiteshield (t) 5m --------------------------- - Iron Full Helm (g) 5m - Iron Platebody (g) 5m - Iron Platelegs (g) 5m - Iron Plateskirt (g) 5m - Iron Kiteshield (g) 5m --------------------------- - Black Full Helm (t) 5m - Black Platebody (t) 5m - Black Platelegs (t) 5m - Black Plateskirt (t) 5m - Black Kiteshield (t) 5m --------------------------- - Black Full Helm (g) 5m - Black Platebody (g) 5m - Black Platelegs (g) 5m - Black Plateskirt (g) 5m - Black Kiteshield (g) 5m --------------------------- - Mithril Full Helm (t) 5m - Mithril Platebody (t) 5m - Mithril Platelegs (t) 5m - Mithril Plateskirt (t) 5m - Mithril Kiteshield (t) 5m --------------------------- - Mithril Full Helm (g) 5m - Mithril Platebody (g) 5m - Mithril Platelegs (g) 5m - Mithril Plateskirt (g) 5m - Mithril Kiteshield (g) 5m --------------------------- - Adamant Full Helm (t) 5m - Adamant Platebody (t) 5m - Adamant Platelegs (t) 5m - Adamant Plateskirt (t) 5m - Adamant Kiteshield (t) 5m --------------------------- - Adamant Full Helm (g) 5m - Adamant Platebody (g) 5m - Adamant Platelegs (g) 5m - Adamant Plateskirt (g) 5m - Adamant Kiteshield (g) 5m ----------------------------------- - Rune Full Helm (t) 5m - Rune Platebody (t) 5m - Rune Platelegs (t) 5m - Rune Plateskirt (t) 5m - Rune Kiteshield (t) 5m --------------------------- - Rune Full Helm (g) 5m - Rune Platebody (g) 5m - Rune Platelegs (g) 5m - Rune Plateskirt (g) 5m - Rune Kiteshield (g) 5m --------------------------- - Guthix Coif 5m - Guthix Dragonhide 5m - Guthix Chaps 5m - Guthix Chaps 5m --------------------------- - Saradomin Coif 5m - Saradomin Dragonhide 5m - Saradomin Chaps 5m - Saradomin Bracers 5m --------------------------- - Zamorak Coif 5m - Zamorak Dragonhide 5m - Zamorak Chaps 5m - Zamorak Bracers 5m --------------------------- - Ancient Coif 5m - Ancient Dragonhide 5m - Ancient Chaps 5m - Ancient Bracers 5m --------------------------- - Armadyl Coif 5m - Armadyl Dragonhide 5m - Armadyl Chaps 5m - Armadyl Bracers 5m --------------------------- - Bandos Coif 5m - Bandos Dragonhide 5m - Bandos Chaps 5m - Bandos Bracers 5m --------------------------- {SUPPLIES} ---------------------------------- - Saradomin Brew(4) Potion 14k ea - Zamorak Brew(4) Potion 10k ea - Super Restore(4) Potion 10k ea - Super Combat Potion(4) 12k ea - Overload Potion(4) 500k ---------------------------------- - Shark 25k ea - Raw Shark 20k ea - Manta Ray 25k ea - Raw Manta Ray 20k ea - Dark Crab 30k ea - Raw Dark Crab 25k ea ---------------------------------- - Magic Logs 15-20k ea - Yew Logs 5k ea ---------------------------------- - Runite Ore 20-25k ea - Adamantite Ore 15k ea - Mithril Ore 10k ea - Gold Ore 5k ea - Coal 1-2k ea ---------------------------------- - Runite Bar 25-30k ea - Adamantite Bars 20k ea - Mithril Bar 15k ea - Gold Bar 10k ea ---------------------------------- - Uncut Onyx 20m - Uncut Dragonstone 500k ea - Uncut Diamond 20k ea - Uncut Ruby 15k ea - Uncut Emerald 10k ea - Uncut Sapphire 5k ea ---------------------------------- - Green Dragonhide 10k ea - Blue Dragonhide 15k ea - Red Dragonhide 20k ea - Black Dragonhide 25-30k ea ---------------------------------- - Dragon Bones 50-60k ea - Lava Dragon Bones 70-80k ea - Baby Dragon Bones 15k ea ---------------------------------- {Other Stuff} ---------------------------------- - Loop Half Of Key 500k - Tooth Half Of Key 500k - Crystal Key 1m - Lamp 7-10m - Mystery Box 5-10m - Ecumenical Key 10m - Zulrah's Scales 5k ea - Kraken Tentacle 70-90m - Magic Fang 50-60m - Tanzanite Fang 100-110m - Twisted Buckler 400-450m ---------------------------------- Big thanks to Dnite for helping with updating the price list! If you have any suggestions what should i add to price list let me know.
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  11. Username: candypandaHD real life name: Kenny Where are you from?: Belgium Ingame Time: 5 days 18 hours (real playing hours), no bankstanding :) How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: 4 hours at least, sometimes more depending on working hours. Staff Experience: I'm a teamlead in real life if that counts. I spend every day at work helping people and training them for the job. Why do you want to become staff member?: I feel like i'm already kind of doing the job, i'm not really a skiller nor pvp or pvm so i spend most of my time in edge helping people, talking and being social, and ofcourse showing of my fashionscape. :) I want that crown so all the new people (there's a lot coming with the ads now) know i'm there to help them in every way i can.
  12. Name: Quinn Username: Q C Elite Age: 20 Where are you from?: Canada Timezone: Est How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: 4-8+ Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: To provide my friends of the night with extra help and support. What are some Strengths/Weaknesses you have?: I am a very friendly guy, willing to lend anyone a hand, my weakness are only what I don't know, but I'm always willing to learn :) Staff Experience: I have been everything from helper to co-owner, managing\helping players has always come naturally for me What are the qualities you have: I will always be there to help the players, especially at times where no other staff are online. Five Quality's a Staff member should have: Honesty - Respect - Love for the server - Love for the community - A desire to watch and help server grow and thrive! What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted: I am hoping it will help me give back more, help more people out, and continue to be a good role model and friend for fellow players. Thanks for reading, Quinn :)
  13. Support it! Just from using vpn you would get alot of votes, and with 30min dxp, I don't think so. I like this idea if each "votebook" gives maximum of 5 minutes.
  14. Perhaps "Voting Tickets" could be given along with the cash reward, and the voting tickets could be tradeable. Would be a decent way for starter players to get some extra cash by voting.
  15. Heya :3 What ya think of changing voting system? Like add voting books, so people could buy/sell em and for example if u use ur vote book, then u get extra xp for 30 minutes?!?
  16. Welcome, i suggest someting about the slayer shop and rewards! because of some item that are too expensive or useless .. like infinity set (infernal mage drop them). ring of wealth at 300 points .. much too expensive. abyssal tent is at 700 point .. and the price is about 80m but the blud is at 1k point and is 600m + - 300 more point you make 500m its no pace. so I suggest maybe changing the shop and maybe add new item!! for the system of rewards I suggest to put some more slayer point when you accomplish a serie of task without having reset a task.
  17. Great work as always! :)))
  18. wellll a great new carpet with this!!! ?!! good job blake !! what is the drop for sinister key ?? :D
  19. I like the idea of global bosses, i think it'd really help bring wilderness activity up if they were in the wilderness.
  20. Well done, this is some very good updates and we thank you.
  21. Nice done :)
  22. Awesome work Blake, thanks!
  23. Good work! Thank you =)
  24. Scape-War Updates Added Magic Arena Shop. Did loads of optimization to fix server lag. Fixed starter spam clicking bug. Fixed many bugs in clan chat. Fixed Pegasian boots & Primordial boots rc requirement. Fixed Amulet of avarice price. Fixed the bug with Platinum tokens disappearing. The players online interface can now display more than 50 players. Rock cakes no longer disappear on eating. Fixed the spam clicking bug on confirmation dialogues (Mithril seeds etc). Added Amulet of avarice effect. Fixed Amulet of fury stats (were too high). Fixed a bug where possibly some of the npc drops were not showing up. Fixed Zamorak robe top. Fixed a bug where accounts would stay logged in after connection time out. Fixed Zamorak & Saradomin wizard stats. Fixed Trident of the swamp charging. Trident of the swamp/seas now tell you the required runes when attempting to charge. Fixed godsword's special attack animations. Fixed a rune pouch dupe. Fixed a few agility obstacles hotspots (no need to manually walk up to). Fixed the shortcuts in Revenant caves. Ensouled heads can now be offered at the Dark altar. (Biblia at home for teleport) Fixed a bug with projectile attacks stopping you from attacking the targets from far who couldn't attack you. (Magic/Ranged) Added a Sinister chest at home. Added global announcements. Thanks, - Blake
  25. The location of blood and soul rifts have been swapped I believe.
  26. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cdYJ4Gn9Tg

    Love me like u do nub! :D Gl m8 :D 

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