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  2. Toxic virus

    i cant get the game to download on java or windows. i tried the extracting an all. it dosent open up to the game. acts like it cant find it. windows 10.
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  5. lukeashworth

    lol WTF
  6. supreme

    gz on 200m
  7. Blake

    Welcome back bro!
  8. lukeashworth

    its a pleasure to have you bro !!
  9. lukeashworth

    good luck bro
  10. Username: i brid v2 Time Played (full screen picture): on phone atm but i played beta so... Timezone: from Belgium so GMT +2 Any outstanding infractions on your account?: How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: Depends on gf but normaly everyday 2 hours ore more Any past experiences?: I am support atm Do you have Skype?: Yes What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: Strength: im honest ,loyal,friendly, helpfull,trustfull Weakness: my gf she's the Boss so i listen to her What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: .i have very interesting ideas for the server , en always wanne help ppl What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for mod/admin?: Friendly honest loyal en communicate with other ppl listen to there idea's What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: Just get the server more ppl en work out my ideas to make server better
  11. Toxic virus

    im having trouble downloadig either file. not doing anything
  12. Beautiful day to play scape war!

  13. Toxic virus

    I just wanted to say hi to everyone., an im glad to be back here on Scape war. This game is amazingly made.
  14. mrchaotic

    sick mate
  15. kensi

    Thanks guys!
  16. lukeashworth

    nice dude
  17. MannaLikeJ1

    wooow gg
  18. Hey guys! So maybe about a week or two ago I wanted to do an experiment. As the title says, i wanted to know how many randoms I would get, fish, pets and how long would it take. I'm going to share all those details with you. Of course some of the time I did with double xp, without double xp, with bonus and without. So first off we of course have the proof here of the 200m xp and with 10 prestige the total xp was 330m ish (: Secondly, I managed to catch 43404 fish (imagine about 1600 inventories), which most of course are manta rays. Also 6 Herons and 136 random events I also opened all of the 67 mystery boxes and managed to get some nice loot aswell like tent, fang, dfs, fury and defenders And lastly, here is how long it took me - 62 hours of gameplay WE ARE STILL NOT DONE YET!!!! I AM GOING TO GIVEAWAY MY 5 HERONS TO 5 FIRST PEOPLE WHO COMMENT ON THIS POST! - kensi -
  19. lukeashworth

    hahaha what a legend, ive applied for staff but not heard anything back dude.
  20. hello, i'm me. make me admin you wont.
  21. mrchaotic

  22. lukeashworth

    whats the update on this ?
  23. lukeashworth

    who would like to buy a rapier, if you do message on here or pm me ingame.. thanks lukeashworth
  24. lukeashworth

    that's a lot of updates hahaha
  25. lukeashworth

    some good suggestions dude hopefully they get listened to 😄
  26. noob smited

    +1 from me, always helping and giving advice to new players. He would definetly help the server.
  27. lukeashworth

    ive been saying this for a while dude, would be amazing.
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