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  2. Plain Jane

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  4. M1llz

    sick gz!!
  5. Dominate

    My ironman got an arcane in 6kc at corps
  6. M1llz

    Will be more active when im done with this job, hard to combine your business with some free time and playtime but thanks for the reply @iffolen
  7. iffolen

    U neeed more activity but i say u are friendly with other players. +1
  8. Jermaine

    putting wilderness bosss that have their drop rate cut in half. keeping the wild occupied.
  9. Jermaine

    A portal at home will be put in place. an anouncment will notify the game players. when the game will start. 5 minute heads up. iv looked into the location n ifound a suitable one. varrock dungeon. players that enter in early can look for advantage points. no time limit just a wait for a winner. iv made a mad. but it is a too much big of a picture to upload.
  10. M1llz

    Thanks @Jermaine 💪🏻
  11. Jermaine

    woooooohhh ! 100%
  12. M1llz

    Name: Wessel Username: M1llz Age: 22 Where are you from?: The Netherlands Timezone: UTC +1 Ingame Time with picture: Time playing everyday?: between 2 to 4 hours depents on work. Progress: currently working on 200m Fishing xp. Well I am M1llz as most of the people playing know me. Instead of everyone getting maxed M1llz is made to become the first combat 3 in first page highscores. I like to help new players in game and trying to make them feel home like I did from the beginning. teamed up with @nathanial we shared some ideas and buggs. and I hope when the adds are up en some new players will join to be an effort to the team. help out those new players and give them tips and trick. i know every clue spot. nearly every overhead protection for bosses since these are the most asked questions in the clanchat. See You all ingame Greetz M1llz
  13. Jermaine

    well too use once the point is people voting to get it. gets the votes up. or training harder to try get it in a m box. or prestigeing. and idk why I said the dev. thought community managers were suppose to be useful. instead of staying on for an hour and that's it.
  14. Plain Jane

    When you suggest something, people are gonna support you or not. I do not like the idea about adding a insta kill dart. Just takes away the "challenge" in PvMing. And when did I say I could dev? "Hahaha", you alright sir?
  15. Jermaine

    I wasn't asking you. it says if you have suggestions. so keep your reply to yourself. probably cant even dev. hahaha
  16. Plain Jane

  17. Jermaine

    Item ID: 7685 Examine: ? Members only? false Lendable? false Stackable? true Shop value 0 Equipment slot -1 Remove beard false Remove hair false Remove sleeves false Weapon type N/A Interface model: 2429 Male model 1: -1 Male model 2: -1 Male model 3: -1 Male model 4: -1 Male model 5: -1 Female model 1: -1 Female model 2: -1 Female model 3: -1 Female model 4: -1 Female model 5: -1 Model position X: 0 Model position Y: 2 Model rotation X: 28 Model rotation Y: 552 Model rotation Z: 0 Model zoom: 760 Interface options: [null, null, null, null, null] Ground options: [null, null, null, null, null] Tradeable: ? High alch: ? Low alch: ? Destroy: ? Exchange: ? Weight: ? Quest: ? INSTA KILL DAR. ONLY EFFECTS MONSTER. NON PLAYER EFFECT. ONE KILL HIT ONLY USE ONCE. CAN GET FROM BOX OR PRESTIGE POINTS OR VOTE POINTS.
  18. Plain Jane

    nice! I support this,
  19. iffolen

    nice work m1llz
  20. M1llz

    #flippers? :D
  21. Badyz

    should be nice add new swagg item in vote shop !!!
  22. M1llz

    alright, im not as profesional as other polls or topics i have seen around but i will give it a go :D 1) A upgrade on the vote shop would people be more content on voting, since u can get al items in vote shop whitin weeks. 2) skill boost outfit, an skillerstore where u can buy these outfids with skiller points. u can gather skilling points like an random event or get points on a prestige. the outfid will boost for 10% 2,5% hat 2.5% top 2.5% legs 2.5% boots (will be diffrent on runecrafting since there are no boots. u can ad staffs*) 3) clue scroll bottles, can be obtained with fishing. this wil make it posible for skillers to get cluescrolls for an easy money and fashionscape outfits This will be in for now :D let me know what you think and feel free to add ideas under this topic :D M1LLZ
  23. Badyz

    to be honest we need more fashion scape gear xD
  24. user: m1llz online around 0900 pm Amsterdam +1 UTC
  25. M1llz

    and runecrafter outfid for rc! staffs would be nice too give rc a little boost :D
  26. M1llz

    voted! seriously liking this post. i think it would be nice if the votestore would get an update ( u can remove the rogue but the rest would be sick and we should get lumberjack or mining outfid to boost xp an hour, like when u wear full u get 10% more xp when u wear 1 piece u get 2.5% etc
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