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  2. Just created a forum post on this. I agree that something needs changing with the prestige system. ~Andrew~ ~Coeus~ ~Jaeger~
  3. SPACESHIP brought up the suggestion of having a mode, like an ironman, where you don't need to prestige so you can just gain the 200m total exp. However, from actually looking into the prestige system I found the following: The majority of items you can buy with prestige points are cosmetics. Mystery boxes have the best rewards of a Dragonfire shield or Abyssal Tentacle. The effort/reward system of prestiging doesn't really pay off. The problem wasn't with the prestige system itself, but the rewards it offers. My solution: Other suggestions to the prestige shop: Make new boxes you can only buy through using prestige points: Herb boxes *New* Bone Boxes - These could give random amounts of Dragon, Daggonath, and lava dragon bones. *New* Crafting Boxes - These could give random amounts of green, blue, red and black dragonhide. (For new players) *New* Armour boxes that can give anywhere from rune to barrows items. The 'resource' boxes would cost around 2-3 prestige points per purchase. The armour box would cost around 5-10 prestige points per purchase. Implementation of new mystery boxes: We could introduce a new type of mystery box, 'Mystery Box +', which would require 10+ prestige points to purchase. These could drop the elite and master clue rewards which are not fully implemented within the game: 3rd aged tools Demon masks Bucket helms Samurai armour pieces Mummy armour pieces Ankou armour pieces Dark and light tuxedo outfit pieces As a very rare chance they could also drop: Bloodhound pet Heavy Casket Spade Ale of the gods Ring of coins ring of nature Benefit of mystery boxes +: This would bring new items into the game. More players would have to prestige skills, therefore becoming active with the game again. Prestiging combat stats or slayer would significantly bring in more lower level tier items into the economy. This would make it easier for new players to obtain abyssal whips, dragon items and certain staffs, while also rewarding the long term players by allowing them to purchase 'mystery boxes +'. This would generally improve the entirety and longevity of the server. ~Andrew~ ~Coeus~ ~Jaeger~
  4. Last week
  5. hello everyone, I want to make one suggestion for this. why not add OSRS MODE / NO PRESTIGE. exp same as normal/Ironman/UIM why? cus, if you have the normal mode. so you cant have 200M exp "MAX" with 0 prestige. you have to get 10/5 prestige and max exp. that's why I posted here. :D I guess that's all. lol
  6. Damn dude looks like you spent some time on these ideas really like them good job :)
  7. Nice work dude i wish you the best of luck :)
  8. Nice work on Application, i see you alot ingame. I support your application. Best of luck!
  9. Amazing! Good job, Coeus! Again very great suggestions! I like them a lot! Got my vote for these, well done!
  10. Good job once again on these suggestions, i kinda agree all of them.
  11. Further suggestions: I have recently noticed that the rate in which prayer depletes is extremely fast. Currently, 1 prayer point is decreased every 2 seconds (With 1 protect prayer active.) Could we change this to 1 prayer point every 4-6 seconds? Add the rune pouch into the game. Add a revenant boss into the game (Dragon) that drops the vesta pieces at a 'very rare' chance. It also requires 99 slayer to kill. I know this is very touchy but I've always been against players being able to buy items not available as drops or other means. Vestas is one of the best armours and weapon in the game so I feel that this shouldn't be locked behind a donation. In my opinion, now the emphasis on my opinion, donations should only be rewarded with cosmetics and 'quick-get items', items that you can obtain by monster drops or clues but donating just unlocks them quicker. E.g. Third aged and dragon claws etc. A number of minigames are not in the game or are lacking content such as the mage training arena and pest control. This is the only way for Ironmen to obtain Mage's books and Master Wands. Could we reintroduce this? With regards to Pest control, could we reinvent the reward system to give more exp or other possible rewards such as possible lower tier rares or cosmetics. This would not only mean new players could achieve void, but older players could also play to receive new cosmetic items to add to their collection. These cosmetic items could include: Royal cosmetic armour Tuxedo set Demon Masks **Although these are both elite and master clue rewards, these clues are not in the game so viable to be obtainable through pest control. Notice board - A place for players to post up information or notices to the rest of the community. These could be used to read certain forum posts or advertise certain items for sale or if you wished to buy an item. This would help players search for items while they are office. Notices would cost a certain amount of gold (gp) to post, possibly 1M-5M. Here is an example of what it would look like when you access the interface: __________________________________________________________________ Selling D claws - 150m - Berserx (pm me ingame!) !!! need gps __________________________________________________________________ Reiks - Buying amulet of furys 13m ea - Onyx 12.5m __________________________________________________________________ Read my forum post for future suggestions! ~Coeus~ __________________________________________________________________ Anyone hosting 55x2? - pm me in game - Berserx __________________________________________________________________ ** Notices would last for 3 days before a payment has to be made to continue the advertisement. If it is not paid, the advertisement is deleted. Home improvements: More things to do at "Home". Currently we find ourselves using home as a base to stand around, buy basic gear and re-bank when needed. For the benefit of new players, could we have fighting dummies (That give reduced exp) near the home area, possibly near the death NPC. This would mean that new players could train combat skills, but instead of players 'standing around' they could use the dummies to make the server look more active and that people were 'doing something' even if they are afk. Talking NPCs - A really simple concept but could we not introduce NPCs that give information to new players? "Welcome to Scape-War!" "To vote to receive rewards type ::vote" "To receive voting points and buy exclusive items, type ::voted" "Don't be afraid to ask other players for help!" Additionally, could we have a 'Player of the week.' Staff members, donators and owners of the server could vote for a player of the week. This could be based on how lucky they have been at bosses, a funny moment or helping new players. Once someone has been granted player of the week, an NPC could exclaim the players name at home. The player could receive a bonus reward such as 5 mystery boxes or 1-2 clue scroll caskets (Possibly) This will keep new players involved and returning and older players to grind out bosses for loot or generally become more involved in the game. General improvements for ironmen: Access to the voting shop. I sometimes forget to vote as I play on my ironman and we don't get bonuses to the shop. Access to wilderness shop. To say Ironmen can pick up blood money, it seems silly that we can't access the shop. However, we can access the emblem shop. Not sure if my sources are correct - Ironmen to get donator status. Final and most improvement suggestion: Steven to let me change my in-game name :D ~Coeus~
  12. Name: Andrew Username: Coeus / Tangy_Cheese Age: 24 Where are you from?: United Kingdom Timezone: GMT +/- 0 Ingame Time with picture: Don't know how to attach an image. But current uptime: 148 hours 51 minutes. How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: Currently, 1-10 hours. Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: To feel like a part of the community. I want this server to grow and I want to play a key part in that. What are some Strengths/Weaknesses you have?: Key strengths: Patience - I always give people a chance and I take everything into consideration before making a decision. An active player - I'm on most days and I engage with the majority of people on the server. Greeting new players when they arrive. Easy to get along with - Think I've made a god rapport with the server since I started. Studied law at college so I can be the judge, jury and executioner. Nothing getting past me. I'll engage with the community to take suggestions and keep them for future purposes. I will most likely respond to any questions people may have about the server. Weaknesses: We all have weaknesses, just being real. Start my full time job in September so may become less active but will still engage with the server. I like to think sometimes, I can be very opinionated. When something bothers me, I'll fight for it until it's fixed. (Although this can be deemed as a strength.) Staff Experience: None. - Although my real life experiences of being a teacher outweigh staff experiences on RSPS I may have had. What are the qualities you have: Refer to "Key Strengths". Five Quality's a Staff member should have: Patience, Outstanding communication skills, A clear vision for the future, Understanding of different situations, Being friendly or caring. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted: I hope to excel the server to a steady 40+ members active at any time during the day. This can be achieved by comparing different servers and keeping up to date with updates, maintaining a professional relationship with players and listening to suggestions from the community. ~Coeus~ ~Tangy Cheese~ ~Andrew~
  13. i knew you were a toxic moron
  14. Mystery Box: We should just add 5 mbox's to players inventory who joins the game for the first time.. Simple is that.
  15. Name: Username: Age: Where are you from?: Timezone: Ingame Time with picture: How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: What are some Strengths/Weaknesses you have?: Staff Experience: What are the qualities you have: Five Quality's a Staff member should have: What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted:
  16. Some of these suggestions are really great dude :)
  17. hope you get your stuff sorted
  18. Mystery Box: Yes, i agree with the shop or command. Since Steven yes isn't online all the time, this would be great! Other suggestions: Small bug fixes (deposit bank glitch etc). I agree! Don't know about the gambling system. To my memory, we once had NPC, who did all the gamblings. Didn't end well i guess, it got removed. PvM: I'm down with PvM events. I like your idea, i'm rooting for it. Maybe like for example: "In the next hour, Corporeal Beast's drop rate will be increased!" (by 10% or so) PvP: Suggestion(1) may be the future, haha. I like it though. Suggestion(2) and (3). Increase blood money drop to like 75+, yes then we might be able to buy things from the store. As for (3), i'm down with your opinion. All in all, very nice suggestion, you have my reputation and my support for this. Thanks! =)
  19. Good guy, has helped me out previously. Definitely deserves a chance. Vouch.
  20. I've played on this server for a while now and I see lots of people come and go. My first suggestion is small but I think it will make people stay. Mystery boxes - I've seen a few people join from seeing advertisements on facebook etc and asking for their 5 mystery boxes. Steven isn't on all the time so I'd suggest a shop or command that new players can access to get their free mystery boxes. I know Steven can see if they have made previous accounts before so maybe use this coding for the shop also? Doesn't make a great picture for the server when there's 10 people online and they don't receive the boxes. On the note of mystery boxes, can we add a list of things you can receive from a mystery box? I've always been curious to see what you can get. Other suggestions: Fix small bugs - The drop table for corp doesn't work unless that's intended. Gambling - We all like to do it, it's addictive and fun. But I know some people are always cautious of gambling with players. (Especially after what's happened.) Could we add an NPC who opens an interface and rolls the dice. This would avoid: 1) People being scammed. 2) People trusting the system more. PvP and PvM suggestion: We need a server event. I understand that people do their own thing, Pvm, grinding that exp etc. But we need something to bring the server together. With PvM and PvP being the 2 main sections of this game, could we implement that somehow? PvM: We all love group PvMing, and quite honestly. Bosses in this game are a joke. Easy to kill, no challenge. Group boss events. Similar to raids, every day for 1-2 hours can there be a chosen boss in an arena that drops bonus loot. Maybe double loot. You have to have a certain number of people 'ready' to accept the challenge. The boss needs to be hard, all 3 attack phases, 10x the normal Hp and double damage for the potential to 1 hit players. This would bring new and old players together, for a bit of fun, challenge and a good reward at the end of it. Drops will be awarded at random between the 5 players, so it's about group work to kill it fast and not to be the one in max gear doing the most damage. PvP: This is the main issue with the server in my opinion, lack of PvP and this is due to lack of players. We need a bigger emphasis on PvP. Suggestion 1: Clan battles. Can't we set up 2 clans. (Red and Blue) Each clan has a clan leader and every month or even week, players are teleported into a PvP arena or area of the wilderness. Each team fights 3 rounds and players in that team get tokens depending if they win or not. These tokens can be exchanged for various items, possibly rares or random weapons and armour. The items wouldn't be priced at considerable amounts, possibly 10-30 tokens depending on the item. **This would take a lot of time and effort to set up** However, having this possibly safe aspect of PvP wold mean pkers get to kill players, yet PvMers don't lose their gear and still see it as fun. Suggestion 2(3): More blood money for killing players. Blood money is useful, but the shop is almost useless because there is a lack of pking on the server. Increase the blood money to 50-100 per kill. (3) Remove bounty targets! (Or the level of wilderness they are in!) This is so frustrating for me, I understand it's apart of the mysterious emblem upgrading but there have been so many times I've been at lava dragons, I get a target and it's tells me they're at 40-46 wilderness. To me that tells me they're either at callisto or at lava dragons. I simply log off. This is so annoying for pkers as it gives their position away before they have chance to attack! Suggestion 4: Selling items that nobody wants. We all have them, items that nobody wants to buy. In my case infinity items. If nobody wants them, they're useless. We need a shop to sell items to based on their street value or possibly at 60-75% of their street value. So many new players have asked me where they can sell items to: Rune items. Dragon weapons. Various robes. Barrow's items. I simply have to reply with. "Well, unless someone wants them, you can't do anything with them." Edit the general shop at home. Allow him to buy our items for a higher value. With the current economy, the only way to get high levels of money is to be lucky that someone wants to buy your visage or onyx, or kill monsters for 100k-500k gp at a time. If we could sell items to a shop it would spread the wealth out. We wouldn't have 1-5 people controlling the market by buying high level items and hoarding them in their banks. Everyone would start to bring in a considerable amount of gp to combat this. If someone was selling a third aged item or weapon. The whole server would be putting offers in, not just a single person buying it straight away because nobody else has that amount of gp. Side note: Having this in place would also increase the account variety in the game. Pures and specific account builds. I know I'd create a pure or focus more on my zerker if I had the means to obtain more gp. I could buy weapons or clue rewards that only require 1 defence to use or invest more time in killing 'small monsters' as it would still be beneficial since I could sell items to a shop for additional profit. Not only would this help individual players, but it would help new players too. People ask to buy dragon items, whips or barrows items. But because the current player base are maxed and gamble/kill higher level bosses for money. The new player base starts to fall behind. They get frustrated that they can't buy a basic item because there are none in the game. This leads to them simply leaving. All it takes is for someone to fail to buy a set of dragon platelegs and they'll move on. There are plenty of other servers out there they can try. ~Coeus~
  21. Vouch for this guy, talk to him alot as we are the elite 'Ironman btw' people. Respect him and is always kind to everyone. Greetings, Air
  22. Do not understand this, you post this. I ask for the items and you say you do not want to give them to me. Greetings, AirMax
  23. Lel
  24. & Banned. PM me ING. I'll give you the items. Peace
  25. It's not a weakness to be "poor" ingame :P
  26. Coeus staff application. About me: My name's Andrew, I'm 24 years old and I'm a primary (elementary) school teacher. I'm an advanced scuba-diver and I'm a part of a paintball team in the UK. Pretty much sums me up. Key strengths: Patience - I always give people a chance and I take everything into consideration before making a decision. An active player - I'm on most days and I engage with the majority of people on the server. Greeting new players when they arrive. Easy to get along with - Think I've made a god rapport with the server since I started. Studied law at college so I can be the judge, jury and executioner. Nothing getting past me. I'll engage with the community to take suggestions and keep them for future purposes. Weaknesses: We all have weaknesses, just being real. Start my full time job in September so may become less active but will still engage with the server. I'm quite poor on the server, so can't gamble like berserx. Thanks for reading my application :D EDIT: Play a lot on my ironman: Tangy Cheese.
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