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  2. darkmessiah

    Hello, for those of you who prefer to use forums over discord. Please post any "i need help" related subjects here with screenshots if need be 🙂 We hope to see you all In-Game and getting any assistance that you may need! Don't hesitate to ask we are a friendly community and are here to help you have a great time! Best of luck,
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  5. darkmessiah

    Welcome back Fury, i missed you! its good to play with you again 😄
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  7. darkmessiah

    I was thinking of making a PVM clan if anyone was interested. it can also be PVM/PVP the purpose of this will be so when the community builds up People won't be struggling to read through the "help" chat if they are trying to group up to fight a boss, meet up to PVP, or discuss exchanging/buying/selling drops amongst themselves. Feel free to provide your input as it is just a thought and i'd like others opinions. Best Regards, DarkMessiah
  8. darkmessiah

    My goal is to max out within the next two weeks, to introduce people to Scape-War to help build back the community we all loved. I also am aiming to prestige my cb to the highest tier available while going for the capes in the slayer shop! i hope to see you all online and grinding out stuff too
  9. darkmessiah

    Thank you! glad to be back!
  10. v6_

    Welcome back DarkMessiah!
  11. v6_

    Welcome Back Fury!
  12. dead fury

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to hop on here and commence my return to this great server. Some of you may know me from earlier years. I was once previously an admin back in 2018. I was here for a good time and have been on and off since that time. But now I will be around far more often as I am once again back in my former title of admin. I will be working hard to get back up to date with everything and do my best to help this server grow and be one of the best. Lets make 2022 a great year for scape-war! Thank you, Dead Fury.
  13. darkmessiah

    Just wanted to say good luck to everyone applying, i know the new staff team will be great 🙂
  14. darkmessiah

    Hello, I'm DarkMessiah (aka) Nick. Some of you may know me from back in 2017 and when i had time to pop in after everything that happened in my life, i'm proud to announce that i am in fact back playing scape-war and i'd like to welcome all the new faces ive seen so far! i hope you all enjoy your time here on the server as i will be doing so, good luck on your grinds and have fun!
  15. Reiks

    Awesome! 🥰
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  17. Seers

    There are currently no deals available.
  18. v6_

    Back to Back clue rewards!
  19. 4/01/2021 Dark Lord The Dark Lord is the hardest boss to kill, however he is in a multi area so it would be wise to team up against him. He has 15,000 Hitpoints and 4 different attacks. Notable drops: Sniper, Purple Moon Set, $50 Mystery box Purple Moon Set This is the best custom magic armour set in the game. The set has an effect that boosts your magic accuracy by 250% and damage by a whole 300%. The staff alone boosts your damage by 150%. Twisted Daggers This is a true psycho weapon. It is one of the fastest weapons in the game and it deals damage each game tick. https://i.gyazo.com/fee05380a23123f8b9f0c456d0104ca8.mp4 Gambling Zone Update The gambling area now has designated zones for FP & Dicing. You need to have a Dice bag in bank/inventory to be able to roll. Fixes: Fixed some areas causing the client to freeze. The item amounts in drop tables have been properly formatted. Fixed an issue with some models rendering partly invisible. Thanks, Development Team
  20. порно мамки
  21. Reiks

    Brilliant 🤑
  22. v6_

    Very nice!
  23. Seers

    17/12/2021 Crypto Trading You can now invest in cryptocurrencies using in-game currency. It's using actual, real-world market data and is updated often. 1 USD is equal to 1M coins. Main view The main view shows an overview of the available cryptocurrencies and their statistics. Wallet The wallet shows an overview of your balances. Coins can be deposited and withdrawn from your pouch. Trade The trade view is where you can buy and sell your selected cryptocurrency. You only have to modify the amount you wish to buy/sell. Transaction history is kept on the bottom. NEW Pets The pets below are all available from a new Donator Shop called Pet Shop. They are purely cosmetic, cool looking followers. Pet Lambo Where lambo? See below Pet sonic Doesn't need to be introduced. Pet hopeless creature He is hopeless and tired. Pet Guard dog A true best friend. Pet Imp This one doesn't run away from you. Pet Broom This one cleans up for you. Thanks, Development Team
  24. 10/12/2021 🎅🎅🎅Christmas Event A wandering Santa has arrived at the home of Scape-War. Why is he wearing a Fire cape and what is he up to? Larran's Chest Larran's key & chest has been added. It's located in Level 55 wilderness. Larran's keys are dropped in the wilderness by slayer monsters on a task assigned by Krystilia. (Warning: A global message appears once someone opens the chest). Notable chest rewards: 100M Coins 5x Scratch cards Black mushroom Experience boost lamp Double drop lamp Tweaks, Fixes and Misc: Added Archaic emblem drops for Krystilia's assignments. Crystal key drops are now banked when Collector's necklace is equipped. Fixed an issue where items such as the drop and experience lamps stop working. Chaos elemental no longer teleports you that often. Crystal key drops are now doubled when the drop boost is active. Devil cape's price has been increased in Slayer shop. Most ladders should now work such as the Edgeville dungeon one. Vet'ion slayer task has been temporarily disabled. Scorpia's offspring no longer counts towards Scorpia's task. Added Chaos druids to Edgeville dungeon. Added a few utility commands for staff to move stuck players. Fixed Dragon boots drop rate. Fixed Great Olm task. Added a dialogue for Master Crafter in crafting guild. Fixed spell highlighting in spellbook with Rune pouch & Kodai wand. Random events no longer appear whilst afking at barrels. Fixed a bug where textures would look odd on some npcs. Thanks, Development Team
  25. v6_

    Very nice!
  26. Demon

    👆 stonks
  27. 7/12/2021 Slayer Rework - Added wilderness slayer (Krystilia). - Fixed the issue where players couldn't always get assignments. - All slayer masters now use the same dialogue. - Rewritten slayer dialogues. - You can now set co-op partners/reset task across all slayer masters. - Nieve is now available in Edgeville (Free!) - Added task streaks with bonus points. Wilderness and regular slayer streaks are separated. Resetting a task won't cause you to lose streak on the other one. Streak rewards: Vannaka Nieve Krystilia Donator Bonus (Added to base points): Standard: +1 Super: +2 Vip: +3 Investor: +4 NEW Customs Werewolf claws These are the best claws in the game. They use the Dragon claws special attack yet it's much more powerful. (Available as a drop from Great olm & Lava dragons.) Bandos cape Grants free entrance into the Bandos room and offers 5x Infernal cape stats. (Available as a drop from General graardor.) Tweaks, Fixes and Misc: Content system improved by adding object & npc listeners. Added ::deals command. Fixed an issue with Great olm han animations. Fixed an issue where the Double drop lamp would be discarded on logout. Fixed a bug where Great olm was unattackable after killing the hands. Fixed Fiery/Dark bow dc when running out of ammo. Raid rewards are now doubled when the drop boost is active. Fixed player dialogue heads. Magic axes added north of Resource area. Skeletons added to Edgeville wilderness mine. Ankous, Ghosts, Skeletons and Zombies added to Forgotten Cemetery. Experience & Drop rate boost lamps now available from Slayer shop. Thanks, Development Team
  28. I brid v2

    I see still great guude
  29. Yami

    Steven Gib me zily pet please, also I cant do it in the correct place Username:Yami Time Played (full screen picture): 9 days 17 hours Timezone: BST Any outstanding infractions on your account?: None How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: 4-8 hours a day Any past experiences?: Do you have Discord?: YES What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: Strength: I'm a calm and relaxed person. Weakness: I'm persistent. What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: . I'm Super helpful and have great game knowledge What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: A good manor of understanding. Being able to listen to players needs and wants. The to help the community and server grow. Patience. Respect. What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: B0nk! Extra information: I love ScapeWar and Kensi
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