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    • Hey Y'all Rampage is back! But I accidentally made Rampage an Ultimate Iron man so I will be playing on Rampage X as a regular Iron Man, hit me up in game! Peace, X 
    • Name: Joey Username: Maulmuch,Maulsironman Age: 22 Where are you from?: United Kingdom Timezone: GMT Ingame Time with picture:  How many hours can you spend daily in game?: 3-12 Depending on work. Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: I have been wanting to become a member of staff for a very long time as I've been on this server for a while, Im always helping and giving other players advice on how things work. i spent alot of time and effort on the server before the reset, which led me to quit as i thought the server was going down. Then i got a email from Steven saying its back up and soon after reading that i was straight back and as happy to play as i was when i first started. What are some Strengths/Weaknesses you have?: My strengths are i have alot of experience playing on the server which helps me help other players in game. I have alot of time for other players, any questions they have whether there aimed towards me or to anyone im more than happy to help. My weakness will most likely be i have to concentrate abit more on the players instead of the grind. :( :D Staff Experience: I have not had any past experience being apart of staff on another server but i believe and am willing to overcome any of the requirements to do so. What are the qualities you have: Just the experience in RS in general and all kinds of servers out there, i have played a whole bunch of different servers and not one comes close to how much fun i have playing scape-war. Five Quality's a Staff member should have: Time, passion, patience, leadership, Manners/Banter  What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted: I just want to have the chance to better myself and the server, i want to try and get the server to where i believe it should be and ill try my best to make that happen.   Thanks Maulmuch <3
    • Currently we got a few options already for afk training, but I guess, why not? o.o
    • Just wanted to throw out the suggestion on adding Desert Bandits to the Training Methods, They're a great afk method and would increase the ability to level for newer players or people going for prestige cape. 
    • @Blake are the hits of crawbow also fixed?  
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