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    • Just created a forum post on this. I agree that something needs changing with the prestige system. ~Andrew~ ~Coeus~ ~Jaeger~
    • SPACESHIP brought up the suggestion of having a mode, like an ironman, where you don't need to prestige so you can just gain the 200m total exp.  However, from actually looking into the prestige system I found the following:  The majority of items you can buy with prestige points are cosmetics. Mystery boxes have the best rewards of a Dragonfire shield or Abyssal Tentacle.  The effort/reward system of prestiging doesn't really pay off.  The problem wasn't with the prestige system itself, but the rewards it offers.    My solution: Other suggestions to the prestige shop: Make new boxes you can only buy through using prestige points: Herb boxes *New* Bone Boxes - These could give random amounts of Dragon, Daggonath, and lava dragon bones.  *New* Crafting Boxes - These could give random amounts of green, blue, red and black dragonhide. (For new players) *New* Armour boxes that can give anywhere from rune to barrows items.  The 'resource' boxes would cost around 2-3 prestige points per purchase. The armour box would cost around 5-10 prestige points per purchase.    Implementation of new mystery boxes: We could introduce a new type of mystery box, 'Mystery Box +', which would require 10+ prestige points to purchase. These could drop the elite and master clue rewards which are not fully implemented within the game: 3rd aged tools Demon masks Bucket helms Samurai armour pieces Mummy armour pieces Ankou armour pieces Dark and light tuxedo outfit pieces  As a very rare chance they could also drop: Bloodhound pet Heavy Casket Spade Ale of the gods Ring of coins ring of nature   Benefit of mystery boxes +: This would bring new items into the game. More players would have to prestige skills, therefore becoming active with the game again.  Prestiging combat stats or slayer would significantly bring in more lower level tier items into the economy. This would make it easier for new players to obtain abyssal whips, dragon items and certain staffs, while also rewarding the long term players by allowing them to purchase 'mystery boxes +'. This would generally improve the entirety and longevity of the server.    ~Andrew~ ~Coeus~ ~Jaeger~      
    • hello everyone,  I want to make one suggestion for this. why not add OSRS MODE / NO PRESTIGE. exp same as normal/Ironman/UIM why? cus, if you have the normal mode. so you cant have 200M exp "MAX" with 0 prestige. you have to get 10/5 prestige and max exp. that's why I posted here. :D I guess that's all. lol 
    • Damn dude looks like you spent some time on these ideas really like them good job :)
    • Nice work dude i wish you the best of luck :)
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