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    • They don't work either   Unless it doesn't work the same as the accumulator idk. It doesn't save anything you fire.
    • Hello this is a simple guide on how to vote on the server lets get started by heading to the vote page https://scape-war.com/vote/ you can also get to that site by type ::vote in game How to vote Once you get on the site you will see this screen type in your username then press enter Now you will see the above screen there is two ways of doing this either by opening up 1 link at a time or by holding the ctrl key and clicking on all 4 links you can move between the pages by pressing ctrl+tab https://gyazo.com/0f99074e11f548f22139b02d3db7b95d This is the method I use for voting but feel free to do it however you like to you will need to click the link due to this site not allowing gifs to be played Once you have voted on all the sites go back into the game and type ::voted Once you have typed that in it will check if you have voted then give you either 500k and 1 vote point per vote you do or it will give you double that if you do it on a weekend with double votes enabled. Vote Shop Once you have received your vote points you can go to almost any bank to find a 'Vote Toll' Right click on the 'Vote Toll' and click open store Inside you can find all of the current rewards from voting the best reward in my opinion would be the mystery boxes because it can get you some really nice rewards. Although other notable mentions would be the barrows gloves for only 5 vote points and assembler only 15 vote points.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   I hope this guide helped you and if it did make sure you like the thread and comment down below if you think I did anything wrong or could have explained it better make sure you let me know! Thank you for reading and I'll see you in the next guide!
    • Going to be uploading guides for leveling skills and killing bosses. Any suggestions on which ones you want to see first? 
    • I have the only viggoras mace so that part only effects me haha
    • Not a big problem at all, but bandos on the server requires 70 defence to wear, on osrs its 65. Unsure if this was intentional.
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