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Welcome to Scape-War!

Scape-War is a content-packed OSRS-based private server with tons of unique features. It is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best experience around. Our team creates and maintain everyday features for the players. Register today!

Scape-War features a competitive in-game economy that promotes capitalism and trading with other players. Item prices are determined by supply/demand of the good, payable with our two currencies: coins and blood money. Coins are obtained through quests and skilling while Blood Money is rewarded from killing players. The currencies can be converted to one another at a fixed rate.

Latest News


12.06.2020 Updates


  1. Fixed the West room at Cerberus.
  2. Changed adamant scimitar stats requirements from 1 to 30 attack level. 
  3. Fixed the bug when players equipped pickaxe was ignored due better pickaxe in inventory.
  4. Fixed the stairs on bottom floor of the Slayer Tower.
  5. Fixed 3rd age pickaxe animation.
  6. Community Manager rank does not have unlimited special attack anymore.
  7. The "Recent Listings" button in the GE is not delayed anymore.
  8. Changed the crafting teleport to the Crafting Guild.
  9. Added the cash reward to 1M gp per Pest Control game. During the 30 mins of 1.5x Pest Control points event the reward is increased to 2-5m gp per game. 
  10. Coins received from slayer tasks (normal monsters, NOT boss tasks) are 5x the normal amount.
  11. Updated the slayer helm (i):   - added 15% range and...
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29.05.2020 Updates


  1. Fixed "Abyssal tentacle" protecting over alot of items for example. zenyte items/ags/toxic staff of dead/armadyl crossbow. 
  2. Fixed the client fullscreen for MAC OS.
  3. Fixed Zul-andra teleport (allowed to spawn multiple Zulrah instances).
  4. Fixed POS history action not opening the window.
  5. Added a Grand Exchange Clerk to the ::dzone.
  6. Added "Quickprayer" detector if you disable prayers manually. Fixed the situation when you disabled prayers manually while they were activated by clicking Quickprayer icon- the system thought that the quickprayers were on.
  7. Fixed the Quick prayer sprite icon not changing when enabling/disabling it.
  8. Added use of Certain ladders, staircases, trapdoors. It gives players a chance to escape from pkers.
  9. Added Lava Dragons jump over obstacle (shortcut) that requires 74 agility.
  10. ...
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22.05.2020 Updates


  1. Added ironman logos to the clan chat.
  2. Added client confirmation on close.
  3. Added bank to Shilo Village and fixed the entering. Also Added working furnace to Shilo Village.
  4. Magic barrage multidamage autocast is now fixed.
  5. Fixed the Revenants pillars, where people could abuse the bug not to get killed. Also added animation of teleport. 
  6. Added each obstacle use delay in wilderness. 
  7. Potions that boost magic allow us now to use higher spells. 
  8. Fixed the infernal pickaxe not giving smithing xp on runite ores.
  9. Fixed the bug that you could spam fishing. Fixed the fishing animations that now showing every time. 
  10. Fixed the Inferno minigame pillars. Pillars are useful now. Mobs and player can not attack through it. Added pillar death animation. Added wave completion message. Added dialogue at last boss level. Jal Nib's are attacking ...
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16.05.2020 Updates


  1. Infernal minigame NPC's "the pillars" are fixed.
  2. Infernal pet is counting as achievment. 
  3. Fixed the Corporeal Beast passing wall. 
  4. Added the rocks prospecting feature.
  5. Amethyst ores are mineable now. 
  6. You can consume ores and logs when using infernal axe and pickaxe.
  7. Infernal pickaxe gives smithing xp '
  8. Added new woodcutting teleport to the WC guild in Kourend.
  9. The invisible object at shop area got removed.
  10. Fixed the bug when the random goes away it closes all the interfaces.
  11. Fixed the bug when noting "tome of fire".
  12. Fixed the POS.
  13. Fixed the platinum token exchange. 
  14. Added client close confirmation. (will be on live after client update)
  15. After killing inferno there is chance to get pet.
- Steven ...
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Pet Insurance, Ease of Access & Some Bug Fixes!


  1. Added WASD camera movement (Available via toggles).The following actions will disable WASD-camera (if WASD toggled):  - Pressing the enter key on the keyboard.  - Clicking on the chatbox.  - Opening up any prompt dialogue such as add friend/ignore etc.The following actions will enable WASD-camera (if WASD toggled):  - Clicking anywhere else than the chatbox.  - Using middle-mouse button camera.  - Zooming on the game screen.
  2. Fishing spots now display more information on right click:
  3. Fixed Cerberus west teleport.
  4. Added ::switch command (dev+).
Thanks, ...
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